Groundbreaking Study of 220,000+ Men Finds New Underlying Cause of ED (And It’s Way More Common Than You Think)

causes of ed

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So, guys, let’s be real.

It’s a wonderful world, full of beaches, sunsets, and beautiful women.

But there are also some less-than-perfect parts to life.

A lot of these come with age, of course. Along with wisdom, you might find that you’re encountering…a little trouble down there.

Just like any gorgeous mansion up on a hill, the plumbing of every work of art can get a little rusty.

Sometimes, this is just a part of getting older, and luckily there are lots of things you can do about it.

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But sometimes, other factors can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction.

These surprise causes can really gum up your love life.

So what are they?

What are the sneaky culprits of a low mast in the bedroom?

A Massive UK Study Reveals How ED May Be Hiding in Your DNA…

Believe it or not, Type 2 Diabetes is likely to be one of them.  

In fact, in the UK, a massive study revealed that Type 2 Diabetes can be a cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

Two prestigious universities lead the study. They looked at medical information from more than 220,000 men.

That’s enough dudes to fill a small city!

Of the men studied, 6,000 had Erectile Dysfunction. If you suffer from this problem, that’s evidence that you are not alone.

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This study confirmed that Erectile Dysfunction can have a genetic link.

Now, this information might not seem all that helpful to you—because I’m guessing Grandpa and Dad didn’t come complaining to you that their man parts weren’t totally on track.

Then again, maybe your family is close like that—in which case, cool.

Either way, understanding the relationship between Erectile Dysfunction and genetic diseases can help scientists come up with better treatments.

But there’s something even more interesting about this study…

Apparently, if you have a genetic predisposition for Type 2 Diabetes, you are more likely to develop Erectile Dysfunction.

Does That Mean You Can Predict Whether Or Not You’ll Get ED?

What does that mean?

It means that even before you develop Type 2 Diabetes, your genes can tell you whether you’re likely to get it in the future.

If that’s the case, it means you’re also more likely to develop Erectile Dysfunction.

What’s a guy to do if his genes are dooming him?

Well, luckily, there are things you can do to prevent Erectile Dysfunction, even if your genes are working against you.

You might not know whether Pappy and Grandpappy had Erectile Dysfunction. But you probably know whether they had diabetes.

That knowledge is your magic ticket to preventing (or fixing) both Type 2 Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction.  

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The changes are simple—all you have to do to decrease your risk of diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction is…

… live a healthy life!

Ugh, that old advice again.

Yep, but this time there’s concrete, scientific evidence linking Type 2 Diabetes with Erectile Dysfunction.

How To Lower Your Likelihood of Getting Type 2 Diabetes (& ED)…

This means that if you can prevent yourself from developing Type 2 Diabetes, you’re more likely to stave off sexual issues and keep going strong, even if you’re a little bit… well, older.

If you know your genes make you more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes, you can rest assured living a healthy life will help you escape Erectile Dysfunction.

Plus eating well is a lot less painful than a penis pump, let me tell you.

(I mean, I don’t know that from experience. But it’s a pretty safe guess.)

The science is on the table. Type 2 Diabetes has a direct relationship to your health, especially your weight.

Doctors say:

Exercise, eat well, and spend time relaxing and reducing stress, while avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

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Finally, just remember, you aren’t alone.

One in five men over the age of 60 suffers from Erectile Dysfunction. And more and more guys in their 50’s, 40’s, 30’s, and even 20’s are suffering from the same problems too.

Science is always hard at work creating new treatments for this condition, and other conditions like it.

Like this experimental all-natural solution, for example:

causes of ed

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