Ex-FBI Agent Taught Me How to Know Which Women Are DTF….(& When They’re Lying to You)

Ex-FBI Agent Taught Me How to Know Which Women Are DTF….(& When They’re Lying to You)

Discover How the Body Language of Women Will Let You Know Which Women Want YOU… So You’ll Never Miss Out on Sex Again

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Did you know that women lie much more than men? 

In fact, according to a study by an insurance company, women lie twice as often as men.

So in order to know what’s really going on in a woman’s head — if she’s lying, cheating, or totally wants you in her bed ASAP — guys need to be able to understand their “tells.”

Those subtle cues that let us know what’s really going on behind the scenes of her mind.

That’s what we’re going to discuss today…starting with how I first got interested in the topic…

I started playing poker on the Vegas Strip about six years ago.

At these huge casinos, I slowly became a pretty solid player.

At first I had no clue what I was doing. I just went to Vegas to party.

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But then I started learning how to spot poker tells, and everything changed.

It was on the poker floors and nightclubs of Las Vegas that I realized that poker players and women have a ton in common.

Both try to “hide their hand.”

Both have something you want.

And both of them — maybe women even more than poker players — have tells.

I began to take note of what these tells are, do a little research, and eventually I confirmed my findings with an expert, an Ex-FBI agent.

And he taught me how to know what a woman is thinking, how to read women like a book, and how to use that knowledge to get hot women into your bed, EASILY.

So, let’s start, like I did, at the poker table:

Tell #1: Suddenly Sitting Upright

If someone abruptly straightens up, expert poker player Richard Jenkins says, this probably means that they have suddenly become interested in the hand.

In other words, they have a good pair of cards or that something on the flop, river, or turn created a good hand for them.

Straightening up is a signal of interest.

Not just in poker players, but in women, too.

Similarly, if when you’re speaking to a hot woman, her body language makes her appear interested in what you’re saying, that probably means she wants you. 

If her posture is upright and accentuating her figure (shoulders back, ass out, head up) and her eyes are wide open… 

That’s a great sign she’s into you and is hanging on your every word. 

Ex-FBI Agent Taught Me How to Know Which Women Are DTF….(& When They’re Lying to You)

Tell #2: Hiding, Or Handling Things “Delicately…”

Another tell is that if a player treats their cards very “delicately,” that probably means that they have a good hand. 

The reason is that the player is treating the cards like a valuable commodity.

While tossing cards down or acting careless with them likely means a poor hand for the same reasons (we’re careless with crap we don’t care about).

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In a similar fashion, the way a woman treats her phone is a lot like how a poker player treats his cards.

Unfortunately, if a woman is deliberately hiding her phone from you then this is a common sign she may be cheating on you. 

Examples include: sleeping with it under her pillow, always turning it face down, shutting off the screen suddenly when you come near her after she’s been on it for 5 minutes straight and never letting you hold it even if she’s showing you something.

She’s treating her cards delicately — and you’re not the “good hand” to her anymore.

body language of women
Unlock the body language of women below…

Tell #3: Dilated Pupils

Pupil dilation has been used to determine mental states for a long time.

That’s because it’s totally automatic, unlike our body language and other actions that we can learn to control.

As noted in Psychology Today, our pupil size is regulated by our autonomic nervous system.

We have no conscious control over this system.

What dilating (expanding) pupils typically mean in poker is that the player is seeing something they like, such as a good hand. 

While contracting pupils typically mean seeing a bad hand.

This is because our mind automatically wants to experience more of things we like and tries to lessen the effects of things we don’t like.

For women, the same holds true.

If she wants you and you excite her, this will probably result in pupil dilation.

My favorite thing about this tell is that there is NO physical way a woman can try to cover this up.  

You just have to be close enough to see her pupils…

body language of women

Tell #4: Showing Cards to a Friend

If a player at the table shows his or her cards to a friend, you can bet they have a good hand.

They’re basically showing off, Jenkins explains. 

The same rule applies if you’re talking to a girl at a bar and she seems excited for you to meet her friends.

If she’s yelling, “OMG Becky, come here! You have to meet this guy.”

She’s showing you off.

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She doesn’t actually care if you and her friend meet.

She wants her friend to know that she knows you, because women are constantly comparing themselves to other women.

Trust me, if you’re a status symbol to her — she really wants you.

But as a word of warning, if she wants her friends around but seems nervous or serious, that means she doesn’t trust you and is actually worried about being alone with you.

It’s a subtle difference, but it means she’s the exact opposite of interested. 

So pay attention to WHY she wants her friend nearby – is she showing you off, or trying to place her friend between you?

That makes all the difference.

But that’s not all…

body language of women
Keep reading for more body language of women secrets…

This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg…

There are literally dozens more of these “poker” style subtle signs that a hot girl wants to tear your clothes off and ride you hard.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t know these kinds of “hidden signs” exist…let alone how to spot them.

In fact, I bet you’ve missed out on sex because you didn’t realize a girl was trying to show you these subtle signs.

I even checked with an Ex-FBI profiler friend of mine…to verify I was reading these signs correctly. As a profiler for the FBI…you have to be a shit hot expert in body language, micro expressions, and how to notice the tiniest signals humans communicate.

He confirmed my findings were correct…but then he took my abilities to the next level and spilled all the insider secrets agents learn in training.

Once you know the signals he taught me, they’re really easy to spot.

The experts like to say “your target is more important than the tactics.”

Because when you know how to spot these interested women, with pinpoint accuracy… your odds of rejection go WAY down, and your odds of getting laid go WAY up… regardless of what “opener” you use… or what you say to her at all really.

In my experience, knowing this is the key to sleeping with the women you want… when you want to…

… and without jumping through any of the hoops most men have to to get laid:

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