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Hey, what's up? It’s Ruwando here on behalf of Gotham Club, and today we're going to answer some questions. 

This one is from Duane. He says:

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“What is the best secret hotspot of hot available girls that few guys know about?”

Alright. I'm a little hesitant to share this, because I don't want these communities to get messed up by guys who are creepy or whatever. 

But if you're watching this, I hope that you are using this for good…

And that you're someone who actually wants to connect and experience pleasure with women–and in a healthy way. 

I’ll show you the what I mean below:

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

The places where I learned and got a lot of practice, are sex positive communities like the Tantra community. 

There are other communities you can choose from too–there are a lot out there.

There are sex positive sub-communitites within the Burning Man community, and stuff like that.

And these are great places, because unlike conventional places like bars or whatever kind of thing, it's a place where everyone's kind of on the same page.

Eeryone has a an assumption that sex is okay. 

It's okay to put yourself out there. 

And what a lot of these communities do for women specifically, is they make it safe enough that they can express their desires. 

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So the conventional setting like a bar or a club or something, most women won't feel safe in expressing their sexuality.

Because even if she genuinely feels desire, a lot of guys will just try to take that from her. 

She's not gonna feel safe. 

But in Tantra communitites and Burner communities, there's a strong culture of consent and safety.

It's not about slut-shaming, and these women are not shamed for their desires.

They make women feel safe, where they can be like, “Oh, I'm interested in you.”

And they don't have to worry about the guy trying to expect sex right away. 

These places are great, because they actually teach you how to communicate really well and make women feel safe also. 

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But more immediately, as a guy in those places, if you can learn how to meet women at their level, you'll probably find a lot of women who are willing to explore and play.

And that's the thing that so many guys are missing out on. 

(By the way, even most “normal” girls have some kinky fantasies, and are willing to try some unexpected things in bed… like these 3 rough sex moves for example.)

Especially for those of us who aren't naturals, and who didn't get those socialization experiences when we were kids with girls.

And while it's true that you can watch videos, and read books, and learn all that information…

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… to internalize something, you need real life interactions.

And that's why I highly recommend checking these communitites out–even if Tantra isn't your thing.

Just dabbling in these communities will give you experiences with women who can possibly give you clear feedback.

They can let you know whether or not you're doing well.

I mean, in those communitites, if you're coming off as creepy… they'll tell you.

And they'll say exactly what you're doing that's creepy.

Then you can adjust and change things that you perhaps didn't know you were doing.

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One More Secret “Hotspot” Of Kinky Women That Almost No Men Know About…

So I was initially hesitant to share this because if you're going into these communities just to hook up, you know that's kind of not the point.

It's going to take away from the women's feeling of safety. 

But one reason I'm encouraging you to try this is that if you go at it the right way, you'll meet a lot of women who don't have their walls up.

She'll feel safe, and when women feel safe, guys get laid more.

It's not about being moral or trying to create some kind of utopia.

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So as far as secret hotspots to meet available girls, check out spiritual communities, Tantra communities, and the entire island of Bali.

Bali is full of women who are down to explore, and who are typically better at communicating and expressing their boundaries and desires.

Which is great because it skips a lot of the gamesmanship that you need to do when you're in the club.

And especially for younger guys, this is great because it gives you all those references of what to do and what not to do.

So that's my little secret about the best places to meet available women…

Though I do have one more technique to share with you, and it'll make hooking up with women in these communities much, MUCH easier:

best spots to meet women
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This works really well in places like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, and anywhere women don’t really speak English.

And they work really well at sex parties too!

There’s a common misconception that you go to a sex party, and it’s literally a “f*ck fest” where you can go up to any girl and bang her.

But that’s never the case…

I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve seen at sex parties just stand in the corner with their drinks to their chest while a bunch of people screw around them.

You still need to get her consent… and she can still reject you if she’s not turned on enough.

So these touches are an easy way to get an enthusiastic “Yes!” from ANY woman without having to say much…

No prattling on about chit chat or small talk…

She’ll just want your D right away:

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