3 “Instant Fixes” If You’re Short, Fat Or Bald (Plus How to Get Laid Tonight!)

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So there are a few things that guys have as limiting beliefs.

They use use these as either excuses (because) or procrastination (if/when).

The main ones that come to mind are height, hair and weight.

Money and looks are more general, and we’ll discuss them another time.

But today I want to show you why your height, your weight and your hair are less important than you realize…

And how to present the most attractive version of yourself to women, always, using almost no effort.

Basically, if you do these things then you are going to get laid more, point blank.

1) Your Height

Even though it’s not real, I know that most short guys look at this excuse as real, since it’s permanent and unchangeable.

So although I’ve told you it’s not real, I AM ging to show you how to fix it–literally fix it–so you can stop leaning on it.

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a) Stand Straight.

Please find photographs of male dancers–ballet or otherwise–and notice that they look tall.

Usually, at least they look taller than you… though they are generally not.

Ricardo Montalban, the former dancer who, plagued with back trouble, became an actor and your host, Mr. Roarke…

Who welcomed seven generations to Fantasy Island (and more in syndication)…

He was only 5’11” and looked like a neat tower.

And even if you’re shorter than 5’11”, and I know many men who are, you can easily look like a tower too.

Standing straight can help with this.

b) Stand fearlessly.

Move your eyes and body slowly.

Your perceived height is largely a function of your eyes.

Humphrey Bogart and Tom Cruise–who’ve played several tough guys–are both 5’ 8” or shorter.

Both have played characters particularly noted for their height.

Bogart playing Phillip Marlowe in Raymond Chandler’s (well, William Faulkner’s) The Big Sleep, where a woman’s line “You’re very tall, aren’t you?” Was changed to “You’re not very tall, are you?”…

Cruise, recently taking the role of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher left unchanged a hotel receptionist’s response to, “What am I looking for? Someone who could kill that girl with one punch.”

“You want the guy in 1109. Ernie Johnson… you'll see..”

Steve McQueen was only 5’10”.

c) Lengthen Your Stride.

By waiting as little as two additional seconds before your foot hits the ground (you’ll understand this better when you’re walking), your stride increases by 4 or 5 inches.

This “taller” gait makes you look (and, oddly, feel) taller.

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d) Dress Accordingly

If you’re short (as opposed to “NOT tall”) please get rid of the misguided habit of wearing larger clothes.

Big clothes don’t make a small person look bigger. They make you look smaller.

Vertical lines make the eyes and mind scan up and down and make people look taller.

Clothes that fit your body always makes you look proportionate.

One instant fix for height is to hem your pants just at your shoes.

2) Your Weight

Here’s another little neighborhood in excuse-ville.

Although most guys don’t see this as permanent, they usually do see it as “beyond their control”

Or “genetic”

Way too hard to fix “now”

Or in any time frame relevant to not being lonely.

I’ll leave you with the basic weight loss instructions to:

1) Focus on direction of weight, not the amount of loss. i.e. worry that you only lose and don’t gain, and…

2) Recognize that 2lbs a month is the best goal and it is sufficient.

Let’s give you some tips to instantly fix this problem.

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a) Straighten Your Back.


Posture also affects the way your weight looks on your body. Stand up straight and you will immediately see this–and feel it.

This is the difference between looking successful and looking slovenly.

Notice that children–who usually have what in an adult looks like paunch in their bell–usually stand correctly:

Shoulders a bit back and head up.

b) Dress Better.

Find a gay guy who looks like you as your model.

Quality clothing makes your weight look like the rewards of success rather than the cost of inactivity.

In addition, wear clothes that FIT your body. Smaller clothing does NOT make you look less fat. It makes you look MORE fat.

Clothes that fit always make you look proportionate.

Also, avoid horizontal stripes, as they make anything look wider, by making the mind and eye scan side to side.

Vertical stripes, conversely, may help.

3) Your Hair

Hair IS a symbol of virility. And you are not imagining things if you think women prefer a full head of hair to a bald dude… if it’s the same dude.

Note that though hair is a symbol of virility, baldness is a sign of testosterone.

Because only men go bald, and only men with higher testosterone for that matter.

Please look at bald sex symbols like Jason Statham, Jack Nicholson, Duane Johnson, Mark Strong, Arnold Vosloo, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Yul Brenner…

(If you instantly responded, “Jack Nicholson is 65, man!” then you are negatively looking for problems, rather than solutions.)

Instant Fix:

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a) Let it Show.


The reason women snatch your hat off is because they think you are ASHAMED of your baldness. This shows a lack of BOTH self-acceptance (“I don’t like me”) AND self-confidence (“you don’t like me”).

b) Treat it well.

Moisturize, groom, suntan lotion, etc.

c) Straighten your back.

Stand up straight and it looks as though you are happy with your life and the way you look. (You can lean back, but not forward.)

d) Dress well.

Your outfit says (by association) that your baldness is either the look you are going for or an unfortunate tragedy.

When you look like you mean it with the rest of your clothing, your head goes along.

Ultimately, all of these little tricks may not seem like a lot… but if you use them, I promise you WILL get a lot more female attention than you probably are right now.

Here's proof:

attract women instantly

Here’s How To Get Laid No Matter What…

And no… I’m not talking about prostitutes, or women you find unattractive.

Believe it or not, there are PLENTY of attractive women out there who are already attracted to you… (even if you are bald, fat, and/or short).

Despite what you may think… there are lots of women out there who prefer short men (especially if they’re short themselves).

There are women who like huskier or even fat guys… because bigger men make them feel safe and protected (dad bods are, and have been in, for a LONG time).

And some women just like bald guys!

They think bald guys look more masculine, and even sexier than a guy with a head full of hair… (actually there are a few polls out there that show most women are either OK with bald men, or prefer them).

Of course… it’s not like women wear signs advertising the kinds of guys they’re into…

But that’s OK… IF you know how to read nonverbal cues.

Women are constantly giving off nonverbal signals to communicate what they’re feeling, without even realizing it… because it’s all done on a subconscious level.

Now… these nonverbal cues go over most guys' heads…

They’re not easy to spot to the untrained eye…

HOWEVER… once you know what to look for, I'd bet my life you'll notice more women want to talk to you (and possibly more) than you think right now:

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