2000 Women Confirm…Their #1 Dirtiest Fantasy They’re Too Scared to Ask For

How To Act Out Your Kinkiest Desires in The Bedroom–Which Wild Sexual Fantasies Go Too Far?

Click Here to Discover the Magic Formula to Trigger Her “Domination Fantasy”…

When it comes to a woman’s biggest bedroom turn-ons… every woman is just a little different.

Some women are into super “vanilla” sex…

Other girls like roleplay & spanking…

And still other girls are into some super kinky shit…

But when it comes to sexual fantasies, how kinky is “too kinky”?

Are there any sexual fantasies that cross the line?

And if you’re with a woman who’s into that, what can you do?

Today, I’m going to tell you about all the fantasies I’ve experienced with women, including the ones that nearly went “too far.”

But before I do, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Glenn Pearce–and as part of my new series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering all of your most difficult, burning questions that keep you up at night.

And today, I’m answering this one:

“Are there any sexual fantasies that go ‘too far’?”

2000 Women Confirm…Their #1 Dirtiest Fantasy They’re Too Scared to Ask For

In this video, I’ll reveal which wild sexual fantasies are “too wild,” PLUS:

  • The wildest sex fantasy I’ve acted out with a woman (and how it almost got me in trouble)…
  • How acting out your sexual fantasies like THIS can be very healthy
  • The #1 sex act that I will NOT do (and you probably won’t either)…
  • Why keeping this kind of “tension” inside can ruin your sex life
  • My personal favorite fantasy to act out in the bedroom (single guys will LOVE this)…

The #1 Sexual Fantasy She’s Dying to Act Out With You (But Won’t Admit)…

So these sexologists asked 2,000 women:

“What sexual fantasy do you wish you could experience… but haven’t tried before?”

And by far the most popular answer was this:

“To be dominated by a man sexually.”

Think “50 Shades of Grey” and the millions of women worldwide who soaked their panties over the books.

Some women went into explicit detail too… about wanting to be tied up… getting blindfolded & spanked…some women even used the phrase “sex slave” (lol WTF)… but here’s what’s crazy…

The women in the survey… well, they were all “young professionals”… like normal girls in their 20’s & 30’s… NOT crazy dominatrix types.

How can this be???

We did a little digging… and discovered that there’s ONE big reason why women have these explicit sexual fantasies… and it dates right back to caveman days!

…and if you know what it is, then you can trigger this secret domination fantasy in her on command.

When you do this right, she’s hardwired to see you as the lead in her filthy fantasy, and she’ll be dragging you to the bedroom…even if she didn’t see you that way before!

So I made this video… which shows you how to tell if a woman is hiding this secret “domination fantasy” from you… how to trigger it in < 2 minutes… and you can check it out right here:

Why So Many Women Have Dark Sexual Fantasies (& How to Unleash Them Whenever You Want)

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