These Jobs Will Get You the Most Action on Tinder

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The Best Tinder Jobs to Say You Have

Back in November, mobile dating/hookup app Tinder added the ability to put your job in your profile.

While we’re still working on our massive Tinder playbook, which should be out in the next few weeks, I thought the results (in this piece by Quartz) might raise an eyebrow:

According to data from Tinder provided to Quartz and compiled over the last 3 months, some of the 15 most “right-swiped” jobs for both genders include entrepreneurs, teachers, models, personal trainers and college students. Tinder users swipe right on a profile if they’re interested in someone. Pilots and physical therapists were the most popular professions for men and women, respectively.”

It’s not surprising that ladies dig pilots, though I have to imagine fighter pilots do quite a bit better than some guy getting the midnight puddle-jumper from Cleveland to Buffalo.

Here’s the complete list:

tinder jobs list
Courtesy Quartz

There are a few key takeaways here. Quartz has the first one:

The data certainly fits traditional stereotypes. It implies that women are more interested in men with higher paying jobs (doctors, lawyers, financial advisor, engineer) while men are interested in women with supportive roles that pay less (interior designer, PR, nurse).”

That’s only somewhat true. Yes, those jobs are in the top 15. But pilots don’t make a ton of money these days unless they have 20+ years of service, and neither do firefighters, teachers, personal trainers, or cops. So it’s a little bit of Quartz seeing what they want to see.

I think a lot of these jobs involve being active, and thus some level of physical fitness. They also show that a guy has a sense of duty and service, and some sense that they’re taking care of (or responsible for ) others, too, but maybe in more of a “providing for” manner than the “nurturing” jobs women have on the list.

A Cool Trick to Beat the System…

More from Quartz:

Similarly, jobs on Tinder aren’t verified—the information is added from a user’s Facebook account instead of their LinkedIn.”

A strategy emerges from the chaos!

One of Craig’s favorite tips is to create a fake or funny job as a conversation starter. It accomplishes a few things–it shows off your sense of humor, demonstrates that you don’t take the site too seriously, and can get girls talking about it.

Because your job is linked to your Facebook profile in this case, that means that you’ll have to change your job on Facebook to something like “bullfighter,” “barge captain,” or “tiger preserve dentist.”

You might not want to do that for reasons having to do with your real job, and I get that. But if the only thing holding you back is that you’re worried that “I’ll look foolish,” or “People will laugh at me,” I’d argue that it’s the exact opposite–it’s a great first step outside of your comfort zone to realize that most people won’t laugh at you, but with you.

More importantly, the vast majority of people simply won’t care. Once you realize that and internalize it, it’ll be a lot easier to make a bunch of other changes going forward that will make you much more successful with women.

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