3 Tinder Fails to Avoid in 2017 (& How to Crush Your Competition)

3 Tinder Fails to Avoid in 2017 (& How to Crush Your Competition)

How to Easily Avoid These 3 Tinder Fails–Will You Meet Your Match?

Up until this point, most of the videos in this Tinder Mastery Series have focused on exactly what to do to get more matches on Tinder with hotter girls in 2017.

For example, by now you already know that to have success on Tinder in 2017, you have to:

  • Have great pictures,
  • Develop a fun, interesting profile, and
  • Craft a fantastic opening message.

But even if you do everything absolutely right through the first message, there are still a bunch of mistakes, pitfalls, and flat-out Tinder fails that will derail a lot of promising matches with hot girls.

So for the next entry in our Tinder Mastery Series, my mentor Race duPlessis and I wanted to focus on some of the big Tinder fails that a lot of guys make.

Specifically, there are 3 that we've made a lot that other guys make that can really decrease their chances of getting a Tinder girl out on a date in 2017:

In this video, we discuss these 3 key Tinder fails in 2017 and more, including…

  • The absolute biggest “shot in the foot” that most guys still can't help but use, and why it leads to such miserable results…
  • The two big reasons why a guy can't come off as “boring” to a girl, or waste time, even for a second on Tinder…
  • Why trying to do this one key thing too fast can lead to big problems with girls that would otherwise be down to hook up with you!
  • The step-by-step strategy to prevent her from “ghosting” or otherwise not replying any more…
  • Your two biggest enemies on Tinder, and how they conspire to form the most common problem that guys have with both Tinder and online dating more broadly…
  • Race's 3 step playbook to get a girl from Tinder to out on a date really quickly and effortlessly…

Once you know how to deftly sidestep these pitfalls, you'll be practically unstoppable on Tinder… which reminds me…

How I Turned a Bad Tinder Date Into Same-Night Sex

Was I crazy for wanting Alicia to throw her drink in my face?

At least that way, she'd take her eyes off her phone for a second.

I had tried a bunch of “safe” conversation starters… but she wasn't responding to ANY of them…

Then I remembered something my mentor Magic had taught me….

It's this simple “touch trick”… he teaches it to his “shy” or “quiet” students… it's really easy to use… and kinda discreet… though it works to turn most girls on pretty quickly

I'll admit I wasn't sure what to expect when I used it on Alicia… though a few seconds after I tried it, she perked up in her seat… slid her phone back in her pocket… and looked at me with a coy smile…

And at the end of the night, when I was about to say goodbye, she whispered in my ear: “I live right around the corner… why don't you come back with me for another drink?”

Nice. Check this out to see why the “touch trick” works so well, and how to use it on the next girl you meet:

The “Touch Trick” That Takes Her From “No Interest” to “Same Night Sex” Really Quickly

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