I’m “The Best She’s Ever Had” to Dozens of Women — Here’s My Secret

Revealed: The Secrets to Female Orgasm


During sex, men basically finish every time. But women have a harder time getting to the big explosion. 

In fact, according to many studies, women report hitting the finish line as infrequently as 50% of the time during sexual intercourse.

However, while men orgasm more often, female orgasms are known to be far more powerful

When us guys come, sure it feels great. 

But when a woman has an orgasm, it looks like she’s been teleported to another universe and is experiencing uncontrollable sensations of euphoria that she just can’t get enough of.

So if you can make a woman come every single time, she’ll probably become obsessed with you.

No joke.

I’ve had dozens of my sex partners and friends-with-benefits practically (and sometimes literally) beg me to f*ck them when they’re feeling horny.

I’ll randomly get texts from attractive women like, “plz come over, I need your c*ck inside me right now.”

That’s because they know they’ll get what they’re craving: an amazing climax.

Here’s my secret.


Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science.

The secret to making a woman come back begging for more (no pun intended) isn’t something out of reach to normal guys, like a giant dick or being able to last hours in bed, or the body of a Greek god.

It’s much easier than that.

In short, certain sex positions are virtually guaranteed to make women come. 

In this short article, you’re going to learn the top five sex positions for making a girl orgasm (and one to avoid if you’re trying to please her).

Read on to discover all five.


Why Certain Sex Positions Work

I would be lying to you if I said that I actually understood why these sex positions are so effective until recently. All I knew is that they worked. 

After doing some research, I learned that the best sex positions for women are ones where her clit is getting accidental stimulation. 

As Maxim describes, it all has something to do with what eggheads call “the migration of the clitoris” or when her clit is pushed closer to her vaginal wall.

Certain positions are better suited for stimulating and pressing against the clit (like missionary). 

While others don’t at all (like doggy style).

But don’t fret: women still love every guy’s favorite position doggy style even if it doesn’t make them come. That’s because doggy makes them feel somewhat submissive and like you’re in control (and vaginal stimulation alone still feels great for her too).


The Top 3 Sex Positions to Blow Her Mind Tonight

For all three of these positions, the secret isn’t simply being in the position itself. 

You want to try to focus on that accidental stimulation of her clit while you’re in these positions by rubbing your body against hers. 

It takes a little practice, but not much.

Position #1: Cowgirl

The top position on our list is the girl on top, or cowgirl. This position allows her to grind on top of you and control the pleasure, which will maximize the orgasm potential. 

This position also allows the perfect angle for you to pleasure her breasts and nipples with your hands and mouth. 

I recommend being a little extra handsy during cowgirl because it’s one of the few positions where you have the use of both your hands and basically her entire body is within reach. So take advantage of that. 

And not just of her t*ts, either. Hold her hips to guide her. Grab her ass. Spank her. 

Did you know that there’s tons of sexual sensory nerves that are stimulated when you grip a woman’s rear end? Now you do.

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Position #2: Missionary

Missionary gets a bad reputation because it’s considered basic and boring. But missionary is also an ideal position for clitoral stimulation because your skin above your member is rubbing against her clit while you’re inside her. 

You can switch up missionary into about three different positions too. 

There’s the pure form of missionary, where you’re on top of her and the length of your body is rubbing against the length of hers with your head probably near the crook of her neck or kissing her lips.

There’s also the propped up position where you extend your arms to allow a little breathing room if things get too hot. Plus, this gives you both a great view of the action down there. Watching themselves get penetrated turns a lot of women on.

And last, you can go at a 90 degree angle with your torso upright while she lays down flat just like in normal missionary. This allows you to play with her clit with your fingers to give you more control over her pleasure.


Position #3: Oral

When vaginal penetration isn’t doing the trick, some good oral can get just about any woman across the finish line.

This also gives you time to settle down if you feel like you’re going to come too quickly.

The best method for giving a woman oral sex is to wrap your lips around her clit while allowing your tongue to flick her bean at alternating speeds. 

Go buck wild and flick it as fast as you can for a short while. 

Then change things up by softening your tongue and going in a soft and sensual motion. 

As soon as she says, “Don’t Stop!” all you have to do is continue whatever it is you’re doing until she finishes. 

Then you can get back to business inside her.

Don’t Forget to Change Things Up

While these are proven to be the best sex positions to make a woman orgasm, you don’t want to simply do the same routine every time you have sex with a woman.

That will make you booooring. Change things up and incorporate different sex positions that might turn you on more, like doggy style or whatever your personal favorite is. 

While you want to aim to please her, you want sex to be fulfilling and finish you off, too. So mix it up. Do things you like. And don’t be afraid to experiment from time to time. 

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