The Science of Attraction: How to Become Irresistible and Get Laid More Often!

The Science of Attraction: How to Become Irresistible and Get Laid More Often!

Discover the facts behind sexual chemistry and tap into it to your own advantage

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Whether it’s lust or love that you’re after, the key ingredient is the same: sexual chemistry.

Sexual chemistry is a broad term that attempts to describe why we feel that inexplicable instant connection with someone.  

Why just thinking of them gets us excited. 



Why it feels like there’s a magnet pulling us in, and it doesn’t matter that we can’t escape, because we don’t want to.  

It makes us long for the presence of someone else, and makes us feel the electricity of their touch.

Understanding the key components of sexual chemistry is an important step in understanding why people are drawn to one another. 

Ultimately, it can teach you how to make yourself more appealing to potential partners.

In this article, I’m going to highlight for you some of the key biological processes at work in our minds and bodies that spark sexual attraction.

Plus, how to maximize our chances of finding and maintaining a healthy level of sexual chemistry with our partners.

The 3 Stages of Chemistry from a Scientific Perspective

Let’s start by looking at the biology of sexual chemistry.

This can most effectively be broken down into three distinct parts: 

  • Lust
  • Attraction
  • And Attachment

So let’s break down each one by one.

The Initial Spark: Lust

The first stage of the mating process is what is often referred to as the sex drive, or more simply, lust. 

Lust at its most basic, is defined as the desire for sexual gratification.  

This is the initial phase of attraction, where we feel we want someone on a basic and primal level.  

We find them attractive.

We want to be around them.

And more importantly, we want to be intimate with them.  

Humans — just like all living creatures — feel the need to reproduce and pass on our genes. 

And it’s the sex drive that propels us to fulfill our basic needs in the same way we seek out food when we’re hungry.  

Chemically, our brains stimulate the production of sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen, both of which increase the libido in men and women.  

It’s worth noting that at this stage, the desire to reproduce is very general, and not very specific.  

We may not want a specific mate, we just know that we want a mate.

The Science of Attraction: How to Become Irresistible and Get Laid More Often!

Attraction: The Bridge Between Lust and Love

Attraction is the second phase of the mating process.

It is during this phase that we hone in on a specific partner, singling them out of a larger pool of potential mates, and begin to develop a more solid relationship.

This stage is characterized by “increased energy and focused attention… as well as by exhilaration, ‘intrusive thinking,’ and the craving for emotional union in humans.”

The attraction phase is characterized by different set of hormones.

In this phase, dopamine and norepinephrine, our body’s feel good chemicals, run the show.

These make us feel happy and euphoric.

These chemicals are released in high levels when we spend time with, touch, talk to, and of course, have sex with those we are attracted to.

And Finally, Attachment

Chemically speaking, this is the final stage of human relationships.

This is the brain state where the fleeting feelings of lust and attraction can turn into something more meaningful and lasting.

This is the emotional state that successful marriages find themselves in.

According to Fisher, the final stage is “characterized by the maintenance of close social contact in mammals, accompanied in humans by feelings of calm, comfort, and emotional union with a mate.”

It is during this phase that we transition from what might be called puppy-love, or a crush, into a more solid long-term love.

At this point, you and your partner will have already exhibited the prerequisite level of sexual chemistry, and the chemical process in the brain mirrors that of addiction.

The Science of Attraction: How to Become Irresistible and Get Laid More Often!

Does This Mean Your Options Are Limited?

So now we have an understanding of what’s going on as we navigate the feelings of lust and attraction and sexual tension… 

But what does knowing all of this tell us about a potential mate? 

Are our options limited?  

Do we have a specific type?

The short answer is no.  

No, we are not bound to be with a specific type of person. Nor do we have to limit ourselves in looking for a mate.  

According to Arthur Aron, a psychologist who has done a number of studies on intimacy and romantic relationships, “what makes people attracted to the point of falling in love — presuming the person is reasonably appropriate for them—is that they feel the other person likes them.”

The biological processes will happen on their own, and we can do next to nothing to control that.

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But what we can do is broaden our appeal and maximize our chances of being noticed.

After all, that’s the very first step in building sexual chemistry, being noticed.

There is another major aspect of sexual chemistry that you can have a great deal of control over:

How to Achieve Sexual Compatibility with Attractive Women

Psychology Today defines sexual compatibility as “the extent to which a couple perceives they share sexual beliefs, preferences, desires, and needs with their partner.”  

It also encompasses “the extent to which similarities exist between actual turn-ons and turn-offs for each partner emotionally, cognitively, and behaviorally.” 

This is a great way for you to jump-start a relationship, and make sure you kick things off with a good level of compatibility.  

Seek out someone who has the same sexual preferences as you.  

This can mean you share kinks, favorite sex acts, styles of sex, etc.  

As with general interpersonal chemistry, sexual compatibility relies on having things in common.  

One interesting bit of information from the Psychology Today article is that REAL sexual compatibility is less important than PERCEIVED sexual compatibility.

In other words, it’s more subjective than the idea of “types” or “natural compatibility” would lead you to believe.

It’s In the Eye of the Beholder…

This means that as long as you and your partner THINK you’re on the same page, you’re more likely to experience a higher level of sexual satisfaction.

You can keep this in mind when discussing sexual preferences with a new partner.  

If she’s into it, tell her you’re into it too.

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It matters less that you actually like it, than it does that she thinks you like it.

Nicole Prause, a sexual psychophysiologist and neuroscientist had the following to say to Mental Floss on the subject of romantic chemistry. 

“People who try to claim magical matchmaking, or that they’re going to somehow chemically manipulate an aphrodisiac or something — well good luck! Because we can’t figure it out.”

There is no secret to sexual chemistry.

The body and mind both want what they want. And that’s very good news.

That means that we all have plenty of control over how we go about attracting a partner, and there are next to no limits on who might find us to be stimulating.

The Science of Attraction: How to Become Irresistible and Get Laid More Often!

How to “Skip the Line” and Go Straight to Level 3…

Let’s be honest: while this is excellent information…

You’re wondering one thing (and one thing only):

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