Former Pornstar Mia Khalifa: “Anal Sex, The G-Spot & How to Make Me Orgasm”

mia khalifa

Webcam Model Mia Khalifa Answers the 7 Most-Googled Sex Questions–And Her Answers May Shock You…

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Like most people, I'd be pretty hesitant to share my Google search history with just anyone.

I mean, I've Googled some pretty crazy things… and some of them are more than a little embarrassing.

And sure, while Google can certainly be helpful in giving you the answers you want–sometimes, it also falls flat.

Like sex & dating questions, for example.

We turn to Google for many of these types of questions–and quite often, the answers are less than helpful. Or if it isn't that, then there are so many resources that it can be hard to know which ones you can trust.

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That's why I was so excited when I saw this interview with Mia Khalifa. In it, she answers the 7 most-Googled sex questions–and boy, does she deliver with her answers!

So today, I'm going to show you what those questions are, along with her answers and some even more helpful advice just for you.

(And just in case you aren't already familiar with Mia, she's a former pornstar and webcam model, so she definitely knows her stuff.)

So if you’re looking to be better in the bedroom (and who isn’t?), read on for some useful tips.

1) Where Is The G-Spot?

Ah, the G-spot. This pleasure center can take sex from “meh” to “memorable” for many women.

According to Mia:

Your G-spot is on the top wall of the vagina halfway between the opening and the cervix. So if you're fingering someone, it's up and under, I would say. You know you're touching it when it feels like you're touching a slightly rougher surface, like the surface of a nut.”

To stimulate a woman's G-spot, use a finger or two and make a “come here” motion. Pair this with rubbing or licking her clit, and prepare for take-off. 😉

You can also stimulate her G-spot during sex with the right position. Doggy style is perfect for this. Reach around and rub her clit at the same time to maximize her pleasure.

2) How Do You Make a Woman Orgasm?

Foreplay is key to making a woman orgasm. But what’s the right foreplay?

Well, that depends on the woman and the moment.

Mia says:

It’s about a bunch of different factors, like kissing and taking your time and being tender, or being rough, depending on what the girl wants.”

So, how do you know what she wants? Pay attention to her body and the sounds she’s making.

If she’s arching her back and moaning, you’re on the right track. If you feel her fingers gripping you harder, keep doing what you’re doing.

Meeting you kiss for kiss and lick for lick is a sure sign things are going well.

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A good way to start is by taking your time. Kiss her lips, neck, nipples… work your way around her body.

From there, use your hand or tongue to stimulate her clit. Start slow, and increase your pressure and speed as she responds.

Add in some attention to her G-spot to really take things over the top.

Former Pornstar Mia Khalifa: “Anal Sex, The G-Spot & How to Make Me Orgasm”

3) How Do You Get a Bigger Penis Manually?

The question underlying this question is: Does size matter?

“I don’t think size matters at all,” Mia says. Her best partners haven’t been the biggest ones.

Instead, they’ve been the ones who really paid attention to her and her body.

Despite what porn ads may tell you, there is no way to manually increase your penis size. And honestly, you don’t need to.

Personally, some of the best sex of my life was with a guy who was on the “smaller” side.

What made it so hot?

We had a sizzling connection. He paid attention to what turned me on, gave me plenty of attention with his hands and mouth, and made me feel sexy as hell.

(Seriously, stuff got broken during the deed too–it was that intense.)

So focus on her pleasure, and nothing else will matter. Trust me. 😉

4) How Long Should Sex Last?

Not forever, according to Mia. She says:

I think a quickie is usually about 5-7 minutes, and something more passionate is usually about 10-15 minutes.”

With a lot of foreplay, the overall experience could be 30 minutes to an hour. It depends on the vibe, of course.

Don’t feel like every session has to be a marathon.

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Quick and dirty sex can be super hot too.

Former Pornstar Mia Khalifa: “Anal Sex, The G-Spot & How to Make Me Orgasm”

5) Does Anal Sex Hurt?

The short answer is yes.

“The only time girls do anal sex is when they really, really, really, really like a guy,” says Mia.

Anal sex can be pleasurable for a woman, though. There are a few key ingredients you need to make it happen:

First, there's the lube–use it. Use a lot. Like more than you think you need.

Put some on her and some on yourself. Keep it handy, and as things get going, apply more.

Second, there needs to be arousal–the key to making anal sex less painful is making sure she’s relaxed and turned on.

Foreplay is key here. Spend lots of time rubbing, licking, and kissing her to get her relaxed and ready.

Finally, take your time–go slow.

Start with the tip, and slowly work your way in. Reach around or under her to stimulate her clit as you go.

Periodically add more lube, and slowly increase your thrusts. And of course, check in with her to make sure she's enjoying it too.

6) How Can I Last Longer In Bed?

A lot of guys want to know how to last longer in bed… and basically, there's one surefire way to do it:

Change things up.

If you feel yourself getting close, take a break to go down on her.

According to Mia:

She’s not gonna get mad if you pull out and start going down on her. She won’t even know that you’re trying not to come.”

You can also change positions to one a little less “exciting” for you.

If you’re not lasting as long as you’d like, another option would be to masturbate an hour or two before you’re going to see her. That way it will take a bit longer for things to “build up” again.

Former Pornstar Mia Khalifa: “Anal Sex, The G-Spot & How to Make Me Orgasm”

7) Why Won’t She Have Sex With Me?

If you're wondering why a certain woman won't have sex with you, then you're not alone.

One of the key ingredients for great sex is connection, so according to Mia, that would be the place to start:

Maybe the connection’s just not there. Do something romantic with just you two.”

Go out for dinner at a place you both love, or spend some time cuddling and watching Netflix.

If that doesn’t improve things, then it might be time to talk. Try to make the conversation less about you and more about her.

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Let her know you’re worried and want to know what’s going on with her.

Is she OK? Is there something different that she’d like? Is she stressed?

Stress due to work or personal issues can make it much more difficult to get in the mood.

Show her you’re there for her in non-sexual ways too. Rub her shoulders, help with dinner, or take care of something around the house that’s been driving her crazy.

With a little space, patience, and caring, you’ll reconnect and reignite her passion.

And finally, my fav question of all from the interview haha…

mia khalifa

8) How Can I Make a Girl “Addicted” to Me In Bed?

“There’s this phrase we throw around in the pornstar community… ‘c**k drunk.’

When Edyn, one of Mia’s sexy co-stars, said this to me during our interview… I’ll admit I was a bit taken aback. Though she went on:

“I know it might sound weird haha…

…but basically, it’s what happens when a girl has sex with a guy… and she enjoys the sex soooo much that she’ll do almost anything to sleep with him again…

…and this’ll sound crazy, but usually these guys are NOT pornstars.

Often, they’re just ‘regular’ guys… though they have this one thing in common, that gets girls ‘c**k drunk’ on them…”

She went on to reveal this “secret” to getting a girl “c**k drunk” on you… and OMG, it was not what I expected.

I filmed the whole interview for you to watch… so if you want to know the “secret” to getting a girl “c**k drunk” on you… then you can watch her show you right here (NSFW!):

Pornstar Edyn Blair Reveals How to Get Her “C**k Drunk” On You (NSFW!)…

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