Older Guys Wanted: Wanna Bang Hot Younger Girls?

Older Guys Wanted: Wanna Bang Hot Younger Girls?

How to Make Her Want You… No Matter How Old You Are

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I don’t know how many of my older clients and friends have a hot girl they want in mind… and have asked me how to make her want you.

In fact, as I’m getting older I’ve found that more and more girls are asking me, “How old are you?”

Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t dye my hair and you can see some grey creeping in…

Or maybe it’s that I’m exuding more confidence and self-assuredness than usual, which is giving the illusion that I may be older than I am.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m starting to look old!

I’m just not quite sure, but regardless of why I’m getting this question posed to me more often, it doesn’t matter much to me, if at all.

Nor does it affect how many women I get, or how to make her want you… at least in a negative way!

You see, I know that when a girl asks me that question, it’s a good thing.

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It means she likes me. If she didn’t have any interest in me whatsoever, she wouldn’t even bother with that question.

For me, when I get asked this question I actually start to get excited and I’ll even use it to my advantage to flirt and banter with her.

I know it’s only a matter of time before she’s completely smitten!

And if you see a hot girl, or have a hot girl in mind…

Here’s how to make her want you, too:

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But before I talk about how you should answer that question, I’d like to talk briefly about age, as this is usually an issue that men have with themselves either thinking that they are too old or too young.

If you ask me how to make a girl like you… it’s pretty simple. It comes down to 2 things:

When you meet a woman in real life, nothing matters beyond the chemistry and energy you experience together.

If you have great chemistry and energy, you’ll find how to make her want you quite easily, and you’ll be heading home with her in just a short amount of time.

If you have bad chemistry and energy, she’ll walk away from you or tell you that she has a boyfriend.

Now “chemistry” and “energy” can be seen in a lot of different ways from women.

But the only place age exists is in your head and nowhere else. Age is just a number and in real life when you’re face to face with a woman it’s hard to feel/experience a number!

It’s all about actions. Your actions and your actions alone will be the determining factor as to whether or not you’re too young or too old for a woman when there is clearly an age difference!

How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage

how to make her want you 2

Let’s think about the age gap as the elephant in the room.

Women will date younger men (and even more so older men), but when there is an obvious age gap, you’ll have to make sure you don’t “show” her that discrepancy!

If you’re much older than her, there’s a lot more room for error, as she will automatically view you as a confident, experienced man.

If that’s the case, you just have to maintain her view of you as just that! If you demonstrate immature qualities, it’s game over.

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Some of the ways an older man may do this is by acting needy, desperate, jealous, childish, insecure and unsure of himself and his sexual desires.

If you demonstrate any of these to a younger woman, you can kiss your chances with her goodbye–her image of you will be ruined!

If you’re much younger than her, she will scrutinize your mannerisms and behavior with a much more limited room for error.

An older woman does not want to sleep with a boy. She wants a man regardless of his actual age!

Older Guys Wanted: Wanna Bang Hot Younger Girls?

If She’s a Hot Cougar…

If you’re younger than she is, how to make her want you is pretty simple:

You may want to be more sexually aggressive with her and not shy away from your desires.

You will also want to not get too attached or act desperate with her. In other words, don’t shower her with attention, or get overly affectionate (not physical) with her too quickly.

It’s very rare for an older woman to seriously date a very young man. Usually it will be just sex with her and nothing more as she knows you’re not compatible for much of anything else.

The same is not true if you are older and she is younger.

Younger women will date older men for more than just sex!

“What if she asks me how old I am?”

Older Guys Wanted: Wanna Bang Hot Younger Girls?

What do you do when a woman asks your age? I’ll give you ideas for both scenarios: if you’re older than she is, or if you’re younger than she is:

Older Man/Younger Woman:

Her: “How old are you?”

You: “I’m way too old for you! You’d fall in love with me way too quick and I don’t want to corrupt your mind. Have you even dated an older man?”

The reason why this is so great is because you put the challenge on her to win and qualify herself to you while making it fun and flirty.

Essentially you’re making her work for your attraction and attention. That’s the ultimate way how to make her want you.

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Younger Man/Older Woman

Her: “How old are you?”

You: “I’m way too young for you. You’d never be able to keep up with me. Do you always fall for younger guys?”

As you can see, both of these conversations follow the same structure of getting her to work for you and win you over. Only a confident, mature man would answer her question like that in either situation.

(The “younger than her” scenario also has a slight sexual innuendo to it, which will help make it flirty since I’ve already told you that older woman typically will only have sex with much younger men!)

As I’ve said, age is just a number and if you feel old and think you’re too old than you will come across as such to her.

If you believe you can have her and deserve to be with her than you will probably act accordingly.

However, if she’s much younger, you’re going to need to keep up with her. Read on to find out my secret weapon for doing just that…

Older Guys Wanted: Wanna Bang Hot Younger Girls?

My “Secret Weapon” When I Go Out With a Younger Gal…

The fact is…I like dating younger women. They’re fun to hang out with. They’re sexy as f*ck. And normally they like to bang like rabbits on little blue pills!

But since I’m getting a little older, when things are getting hot and heavy…

The last thing I want is to unzip… and find out I’m only flying half-mast, you know?

I don’t normally have problems with it, but hey, sometimes it happens to all of us.

And I don’t wanna mess with any of the side-effects of using little blue pills–no f’in way…

Risk a heart attack or stroke for the sake of an erection? No thanks!

There’s something else that’s working pretty well for me though which is this “sex snack.”

I found out about it from this guy, Dave Cummings, who’s the oldest active pornstar in the world.

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And apparently he swears by this sex snack to make sure he’s at “peak performance”… and hey, if it helps him perform at his age, I figure why not try it out, you know?

You can get his recipe right here:

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