How To Sleep With A Pornstar: Tana Lea Confesses Why She LOVES Sleeping With Fans

how to have sex with a pornstar

Pornstar Tana Lea Opens Up About How To Have Sex With A Pornstar Using These Little-Known Social Media Secrets…

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Have you ever wondered how to have sex with a pornstar?

I don’t mean on-set, when there are lights and cameras and producers… I mean in real life.

Because a lot of guys think that female pornstars only sleep with other male pornstars… or are otherwise super selective about who they sleep with in their personal life.

And while I’ll admit that some pornstars are more selective than others… the truth is, we sleep with regular guys like you ALL the time! And in fact, we often prefer it.

Hi, I’m Tana Lea. 🙂

You may know me from one of my adult films, or from social media like Snapchat and Instagram. I’m an adult film star and social media influencer from Texas.

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And today, I’m here to reveal some of the top ways you can use social media to attract the attention of your favorite pornstars.

Because seriously, these days, I use social media ALL the time. Most pornstars do!

And if you want to really connect with me… or even get me to meet up with you in person… social media is by far and away the best way to do it.

Here’s what I mean:

Why & How Pornstars Have Sex With Their Fans…

Whenever I tell somebody that I sleep with my fans, it’s pretty common for them to act surprised.

But think about it:

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have sex with someone who you know is already lusting after you?!

It’s a lot easier than sleeping with my male co-stars or using Tinder to find hookups, I can tell you that… and it’s actually extremely common in the adult film industry.

Because at the end of the day, I’m a busy woman.

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Yeah, I love my job, and it’s a TON of fun… but it’s also really time-consuming! So I don’t have a lot of free time to chase after guys.

Meeting guys on social media is easy and convenient–plus, 9 times out of 10 they already know who I am, which is great.

It’s a win-win for both of us. 😉

3 Steps to Seduce a Pornstar Like Me Using Social Media…

While it’s pretty common for pornstars like me to meet up with fans, I get that it can feel pretty overwhelming for fans or “regular” guys.

Because honestly, yeah, I do get a lot of DMs and messages from guys online… so if you want to sleep with me, it’s definitely important to stand out.

(Check out these tips on how to have sex with a pornstar and last all night long…)

Figuring out how to get our attention or break the ice can seem tricky, but here are a few tips to help you connect with the pornstar you’ve been lusting after (including me!):

1) Compliment Her the “Right” Way

Seriously, just because a girl does porn doesn’t mean she’s going to have sex with you. And a lot of guys don’t get that.

Porn is a job, and yeah, we like sex, but we’re also people.

So when it comes to sending that first message on Instagram or Snapchat… follow this rule:

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If you wouldn’t say it to a regular girl, it’s probably not a good idea to say it to a pornstar.

For instance, don’t DM (direct message) her multiple times if she hasn’t responded. Instead, find a way to stand out that doesn’t make her feel like you’re gaslighting her, or trying to force her into something she doesn’t want.

Here’s something that almost always works:

2) Use Your Sense Of Humor

I know I might sound like a broken record when I say this, but it really IS important to stand out and get creative when you message a pornstar on Instagram or Snapchat.

Messages like “You’re so hot,” or “I love your body” might seem like a good idea… but in reality, they aren’t very specific.

(Plus, pornstars are used to being told they’re hot all the time. It’s not an arrogance thing, it’s just that being physically attractive is kind of like part of the job.)

So instead, be specific with your compliments–tell her she has “gorgeous eyes” or a “pretty smile.”

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Commenting on something specific that most guys aren’t even thinking about will definitely set you apart in a really good way.

You could also try using your sense of humor to get her attention. 🙂

Personally, I love funny guys, and sometimes it’s easier to break the ice with someone you don’t know by sending a cute or quirky GIF.

Sending a GIF is great, because it’s an easy way to get to know someone’s sense of humor, and it’s pretty harmless (so you can’t really come off as “creepy”).

And once the conversation gets going… here’s the fastest way to turn things sexual, so she comes over to your place for sex right away:

how to have sex with a pornstar
Don’t miss out on this #1 tip on how to have sex with a pornstar…

3) The Fastest Way to Get Her to Come Over For Sex…

Obviously, I can’t sleep with EVERY guy who messages me on Instagram or Snapchat… (and even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t have time lol)…

… so if you want to get me to come over and have sex with you for real, here’s the fastest way to do it:

When you want me to come over, send me one of these 5 messages.

You can literally copy and paste these messages, word-for-word, from this guide into your phone…

… and as soon as I see it, it’s like *BAM* all I can think about is having sex with you (and maybe touching myself a bit… mmm…).

Even if we were talking about something “normal” before… or even if I was in the middle of doing something really important… even if it’s freaking 2 A.M. and it’s raining outside…

… when I see one of these texts, I get SO obsessed with having sex with you, that I just can’t help but invite myself over to “hang out”. 😉

I think my favorite part is that NONE of the texts explicitly mentions sex… so you can even use them on a shy or reserved girl to get her to come over for sex too (she’ll just think it’s her idea lol).

Here’s what they are and how to use them–enjoy!

5 “Copy & Paste” Messages That Get Hot Girls to Drop Everything And Come Over For Sex (Even If It’s Late Or She’s Super Shy)…

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