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What’s up?

Ruwando here for Gotham Club, and we have another Ask Ruwando question.

This is from Juan. Juan asks:

Hey, man, I'm a short guy and date mostly online. I get girls out on dates, but when they show up, I can often tell they're disappointed.

Any pointers for short guys who wanna get laid more? Especially with these apps where I feel like every guys is 6'3″ and jacked like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

All right, this is something I can empathize with a lot because I'm a very short guy.

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I've experienced this first hand where we matched on Tinder, she meets up with me. And maybe she's 5'11”, and when she bends down to hug me, she's like, “Oh. This guy's only 5'6″.”

And I can notice the drop in attraction. So I can definitely empathize with this, but I'll tell you, it's not the end of the world.

I'm gonna share with you how to overcome this.

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.

Height is a very attractive quality to women. If you ask women what they look for in a man physically, almost every woman is going to bring up height.

Because just like d!ck size and looks and muscularity and frame… pretty much every superficial thing you can think of, it does matter.

But it doesn't matter as much as most people think.

And what really matters is how you make her feel.

A woman feels a certain way when she's with a much taller man.

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She gets to feel held. She gets to feel more secure.

I mean, not a lot of women like to put it this way, but she gets to feel smaller, which allows her to feel safe.

It just triggers various positive things that are in her instinctual biology.

She wants to feel held and safe. And she gets to feel that when she's with a much taller man, who she literally looks up to.

How To Really “Bring It” as a Shorter Guy & Make Her Feel the Same as She Does With Tall Men…

So if you're a shorter guy, like myself, you really need to learn how to “bring it.”

There's no way to put it other than that, and it means you have to implement all the different things that you're probably learning while watching this channel and different resources.

Checking out my stuff is learning how to become more attractive in ways you can actually control.

But you can't make yourself taller, I don't think.

However, you can learn how to pay better attention.

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You can learn how to be more humorous. You can learn how to be more confident. These are the things that I would say you should focus on.

That said, if height is specifically a thing that you're noticing is tripping you up and preventing you from having success with women, it's good to know what specifically that you get from height.

I just mentioned, they get to feel secure and held.

So addressing that specifically, there are some things you can control that can allow her to feel that way even though you can't add 10 inches to your height.

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The specific traits in you that I would say to work on are leadership, security, confidence, and groundedness.

These are things that people tend to associate with physically bigger people because at one point in human history, they were synonymous.

A man's ability to lead a tribe or keep a tribe safe literally came down to how well he could fight off intruders.

So there's an evolutionary reason why we like height and people.

It's why CEOs tend to be taller. But not all CEOs. But we tend to associate height with certain things–with power.

Now we know that in the modern day, that's not that important, right?

How tall you are actually has nothing to do with your physical ability to lead a group or keep a woman safe or do any of those things.

So if you notice, use the CEO as an example.

Any shorter guy who takes leadership positions…

Any shorter person who has a lot of personal power or social influence really has to bring it–whereas a taller guy might be able to skimp on his attentiveness or his ability to lead.

If you're a shorter guy, you really need to focus on these things to overcome on that.

And you certainly can, because again, it's not about the perception. It's how you make her feel.

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A side thing that you can work on is how to touch. Arousal trumps everything.

You know, she might have a rule about, “Oh I only want a guy who's 6'4″.”

Or I only want a guy who has this or has a mustache or doesn't have a mustache. Or something like that. But if she's turned on, she's gonna follow her feelings.

This is kind of true for all people, but women especially tend to be more in touch with their feelings.

And if you can have her feel really good, and have her feel like she's in the presence of a leader, or a dominant man… that's what works.

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But also on the physical level, if you can get her turned on with the way you touch her, that'll kind of trump everything.

I mean, I've met a lot of women that literally would say to me, “Oh, I don't sleep with shorter guys.”

And then we ended up hooking up. And it wasn't because I convinced her rationally why we would be good sexual partners … she could overlook her shallowness.


I got her to be turned on. And then at that point she doesn't really care about her rules. Right?

What she cares about is how she's gonna feel. And you can affect that.

It doesn't matter how tall you are, and here's proof:

how short guys get laid

The Secret to Sleeping With Girls Who Are “Out of Your League”…

Like I said, what women really care about is how you make them feel…

Which is great, because that’s something you can actually change (unlike your height).

And if you can make a woman feel safe and secure around you… and if you can make her feel aroused too…

… then 99 times out of 100, she's gonna sleep with you, and she's gonna sleep with you that night. (speaking from experience)

Though I haven't exactly shown you HOW to do this.

Like if you're in a dark lounge, or she's literally towering above you in heels… how the hell are you supposed to “stand tall”… or make her feel secure?

How do you project the leadership quality of a CEO… while also turning her on?

These are the same questions I had, back when I thought the only response to “I don't date short guys” was to walk away with my tail between my legs…

… though this video gave me all the answers I needed:

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