Last WAY Longer in Bed (Tips from a FORMER 2-Minute Man)

Last WAY Longer in Bed (Tips from a FORMER 2-Minute Man)

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If you’re like most guys, then you want sex to last for as long as it takes to get the most pleasure out of it that you can…

However, a lot of guys aren’t sure how long this should be — is it half an hour?

Twenty minutes?

And what if you aren’t sure you even can last that long?

I’ve been there — and I know it can be stressful.

Hey man, I’m Ruwando — and today, I’m going to teach you my 3 best tips to help you last longer in bed.

No prescriptions, and no B.S. Just proven advice straight from the source:

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This is a big concern for many men.

You want to be able to pleasure your woman but also enjoy sex yourself.

But if you feel like you aren’t lasting “long enough,” how can you do that?

Let’s start with my first tip:

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1) Slow Down

You’ve probably heard this before, but the first tip I’m going to give you is to slow down.

Most guys know this intuitively.

Obviously, going too fast will make you come too fast, but many guys forget that you can slow down to counteract that.

In fact, you can even stop completely — there’s nothing wrong with having sex and taking a break…

Laughing & cuddling…

Messing around with some foreplay…

And then getting back at it.

You can go all night if you just break it up into chunks — trust me.

You can even think of it as heating up a pot. If it gets too hot, it’s going to boil.

You don’t want it to boil yet, so take it off of the stove every so often. It’s perfectly fine.

Last WAY Longer in Bed (Tips from a FORMER 2-Minute Man)

2) Breathe Deeply

My second tip is to breathe deeply.

When you’re anxious, it’s easy to forget to breathe. And that raises the carbon dioxide saturation in your blood.

Carbon dioxide in your blood is correlated to anxiety — so it becomes this whole thing. It’s basically a cycle of increasing anxiety.

To counteract this, try exhaling for seven or more seconds. When you do this, it sends a signal to your subconscious that you’re not actually anxious.

It lets your body know that you’re relaxed because if you were actually anxious you wouldn’t be able to breathe that slowly.

Breathing deeply oxygenates your blood, it puts you in a more relaxed state, and ultimately, it gives you more control over your body.

It’s also a survival mechanism — if a saber-toothed tiger is coming your way, then you want to run. So you breathe faster to get the blood pumping and your heart racing. This gives you anxiety.

Think to do the opposite.

Last WAY Longer in Bed (Tips from a FORMER 2-Minute Man)

3) My “Ninja” Technique

The third technique is a little bit of a ninja technique. You probably haven’t heard it before.

I don’t share this all the time… but here it is:

Focus on your hands and feet.

For a lot of guys, sex is the time to focus all the attention on the c**k. If you imagine it like a balloon, it fills up really quickly when you blow it up with air.

And then it pops, right? The “popping” is what you don’t want — you want to delay that “pop.”

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So if you pay attention not to your c**k, but to your hands and feet instead, the “balloon” stretches that sensation of pleasure all over your body.

This might seem a little “woo-woo,” a little crazy, but you can try it at home right now.

Right now while you’re watching this, think about your hands and feet.

You may start feeling them tingle a little bit… you may even realize that everything in between — your arms, legs, and torso — you can feel a little more sensation there.

You’re a little more aware of your body. If you were having sex right now, that sensation would be able to travel, as opposed to being localized to your c**k.

It’s like having a bigger “balloon,” which means that you can put in a little more sensation without popping that “balloon.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once you’re feeling that sensation, it’s easy to have amazing sex & give the woman you’re with the most pleasure she’s ever experienced.


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Last WAY Longer in Bed (Tips from a FORMER 2-Minute Man)

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