3 Ways to Get Her to Ditch Her Douche Boyfriend For YOU!

girls with boyfriends
Find out how to get with girls with boyfriends…

Why Girls With Boyfriends WILL Sleep With You… Even When They Insist They WON'T

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You think you pulled one over on the woman in your life?  

Think again.

Women are natural detectives. 

We are extremely sensitive to changes in ourselves and others. 

We are intuitive, and we are born with special radars to help us detect threats, since we are naturally more vulnerable than men–and particularly vulnerable to men. 

This means that women make wonderful teachers, healers, and leaders. 

A woman who cares for you will be your fiercest defender, and will bring you chicken soup when you have the sniffles… 

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But what it also means is that we know when you’re cheating.

AND we know how to get away with cheating…

Yeah, I know, that probably doesn’t sound too good. 

But I’m going to help you understand women a little better, so that not only can you tell if your woman is cheating, but you’ll also learn how to keep her from cheating…

And even how to get a woman to cheat with you. 

Now, I’m breaking girl code to share these secrets with you…

But I think you’re worth it:

Before She Cheats…

You might be surprised to learn that some research shows that women cheat more than men.

Specifically women aged 18-29. 

Cheating is complicated and there are many reasons to do it. Basically if a woman cheats, it means there is something her man is not fulfilling. She cheats if she’s dissatisfied

So if you don’t want your partner to cheat, check in with her regularly. Make sure you make her feel special, and loved. 

And take her to church–I mean that in the dirtiest way possible. Make her sex life fantastic and interesting. Switch things up. Show her new skills. Surprise her. 

If it’s missionary day in and day out she’ll start looking elsewhere… 

If you’re worried your lady may be cheating, read on to learn what signs to look for. 

The signals are not always obvious, and sometimes it’s not what you can observe but more about what’s not happening. 

3 Ways to Get Her to Ditch Her Douche Boyfriend For YOU!

How to Tell If She’s Cheating

Time to turn up your sensitivity radar. 

Are you paying attention to your partner’s daily life? If so, you know when her patterns change. 

Has she been slow to respond to your texts? Maybe it’s because she’s naked with someone else. 

Does she suddenly take weekends to “herself” to “clear her head?” Is she protective of her phone or laptop? Showering the minute she gets home? Suddenly seeming a little more distant? Hmmm… 

These are just a few clues that your woman is seeing someone else. But possibly the surest sign is the quality of your connection. 

It is extremely unlikely for two people who are deeply and vibrantly connected to be cheating on each other, because all their bandwidth is already used up by being absorbed in each other. 

If you and your partner sparkle together, they won’t care for anyone else. You’ll know you mean the world to each other.

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But if, on the other hand, there’s a gap of sorts, or a layer of frost on your conversations, then you’re in the danger zone. Her mind is elsewhere, and possibly her body too… 

Cheating happens when something is missing, or when somebody else has a better offer. If you’ve been slacking off, you can’t guarantee she’ll be on her best behavior. 

But let’s say you’re the one who’s dissatisfied. Or perhaps you’re single? And there’s a babe in a committed relationship who you’d just really love to take to church?

I can help you with that. 

3 Ways to Get Her to Ditch Her Douche Boyfriend For YOU!
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Get Her to Cheat — With YOU

Let’s let go of the idea that cheating is always a bad thing… 

In fact, I’ll share one of my own stories as an example: 

Even though I try to be my best self, I have not been perfect. There was a time that I was really unhappy in a relationship. But at the time, I didn’t know how to end it. 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the courage. I had a lot of growing still to do… 

Believe it or not, it took a very handsome stranger buying me a couple drinks and taking me home to help me realize how much better my life could be. Even though what I did might have been “wrong,” the relationship I was in was doomed anyway, and cheating helped me end it sooner. 

I never saw that stranger again, but I’m forever grateful for him for helping me leave my partner. 

(Plus, the sex was AMAZING… There’s something about that “naughty element” that makes it even hotter…)

So what did he do? How did he do it? 

How did this man get the one and only Ella Banks in HIS bedroom just a few hours after meeting?

It was actually pretty simple…

3 Ways to Get Her to Ditch Her Douche Boyfriend For YOU!

Offer What She Isn’t Getting

If there is any chance a woman is going to cheat with you, it’s because something is wrong in her relationship. 

Most likely, her boyfriend or husband is emotionally distant. This has to be one of the top culprits when it comes to women cheating. 

Women need more than physical connection. (Though we need that too, and if she’s not getting any at home, she’s ripe picking…)

So to get her to cheat with you, connect with her emotionally. 

Hold eye contact just long enough to make her feel seen, not so long she feels stared at. Ask her, calmly, patiently, what’s going on in her heart. How is her life? Is she achieving everything she hoped? 

Give her space to express herself. You’ll barely have to say a word, once she opens up to you. She’ll already be desperate for connection, and she’s going to love the attention you’re giving her. 

She’ll tell you all about it. She’ll start talking about her relationship. That’s when you know you’re in… 

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Now, just don’t blow it!  Don’t say anything explicitly bad about her partner. That will make her defend him and go into “loyalty mode.”

Make it about her and her happiness. Try saying something like this: “Anyone who’s with you should know they are very, very lucky.” 

This will let her know that you don’t really approve of her relationship, but without putting her or her relationship down, specifically. 

This also tells her that you’re into her. It’s a powerful thing for a woman who feels undervalued by her partner to have someone tell her she’s worth more.

It’s going to draw her to you like a magnet. 

But, you’ll have to do even better to get her to actually cheat. It takes more than words. You need to cross that emotional boundary, but you can’t simply be a nice friend. 

You have to show that you’re not only there to open her heart, but also her legs…

The man I met at the bar used some subtle touching to seal the deal with me. At the time I of course had no idea what magic he was using, just that it was working.

Soon enough, all I could think about was how good it would be to be pushed up against a wall by this mysterious man…

So just realize that that could be you. A few simple tactics could very well end in a very, very sexy night. 

And who knows–you might really be doing this woman a favor…

Now, about those touches:

3 Ways to Get Her to Ditch Her Douche Boyfriend For YOU!

Use These Touches When A Woman Is Adamant About Not Cheating On Her Douche Boyfriend

I’m breaking girl code again… but here’s a secret you should know…

Most women are willing to cheat on their boyfriend or husband if they're not 100% happy in the relationship!

… Some women are just harder to crack than others.

Even when a woman is unhappy in a relationship, her instinct is to remain loyal..

But when she's with a guy you KNOW isn't good for her…and you know she's not happy… then I highly recommend using these 3 “Temptation Touches” — which will instantly arouse her….and make her look at YOU to cheat with.

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Finally, she’ll be begging to go somewhere discreet… so you can give her what she needs! (If you know what I mean…)

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