Getting Laid After Quarantine: 3 Rock-Solid Tips to Prepare For The Post-Apocalyptic “Sex Fest”

getting laid after quarantine
Discover the key to getting laid after quarantine…

Make Getting Laid After Quarantine Easy With These 3 Proven (Yet Counterintuitive) Techniques…

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Today I'm going to show you a few key techniques that will help you meet and connect with women much faster once this whole quarantine thing is over.

Because here's the thing…

Guys sometimes act like women in different environments are different.

They act like college and the mall and a nightclub are different universes.

Well, OK.

Let’s say they are… Fortunately, the women in all these universes are very much the same.

Now of course, I’m not saying that those women aren’t unique snowflakes like all the other women.

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Yeah, sure. They’re special.

All I’m saying is that they’ve got eyes and ears and arms and legs… they have hormones and imaginations and wombs and little hairs–on their arms and the back of their neck–that stand up.

That means that although you have an advantage in a bar or nightclub, the game is essentially the same.

Let's talk about what that means, and how it's going to get you laid in the very near future:

1) Identify Your Key Advantages in Every Venue

“What’s that David? You say I have an advantage in the bars and nightclubs? You obviously come from an easier city than I do.”


“Well then, you’re simply way better at interacting with women than I am!”

Maybe. You still have a massive advantage, though.

To start with, I have the good sense to look for the things that are in my favor all the time.

(By the way, even if you find yourself at a “disadvantage,” you can easily change a woman's mind and get her in bed using these proven tips from my fellow expert… check them out right here)

The advantage comes from a couple of simple things.

First is the fact that those women have come out specifically to get attention and to see guys.

That means that:

a) They’re more sensitive to NOT getting the attention they want or are used to… and:

b) They just got a refresher course in typical guys so that you [can] stand out immediately.

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That’s Not All…

Second is that they are under the influence.

“Only if they drink, David!”

True. Alcohol is one influence that dulls their ability (intentionally, I hope you recognize) to select the quality guy you might not be.

Other influences, though, are harder to avoid.

Like loud music…

Bright lights in the dark…

Lots of people dancing…

“What about the way I look, David?”

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Well, you want to look interesting. OK, that’s another tremendous advantage in a bar or club.

“Advantage, David? You must be much better looking than I am.”

The darkness means that you have a lot more leeway visually than you would in a coffee shop, library, bookstore or park on a sunny day.

Lights in her eyes, alcohol or other chemical distractions, darkness, lots of eyes, songs she wants to dance to, other women doing their best to get attention, and her own insecurities exacerbated by that guy she really, really really likes across the room… all combine to make her much more vulnerable to your approach.

Well, you’ll have to be heard.

OK, that means that in a bar or club you might have to be louder.

It doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think, though.

If she doesn’t hear you, you’re not going to repeat yourself anyway.

Let her say, “What?” before you go blathering on like your words are gold and they will get past her initial rejection.

So you have an advantage in the bars and nightclubs. But what do you do?

The game is totally different, isn’t it?

“This is a different universe, David, and everything tells me the game is different in this different universe.”

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2) Use The Same Approach (And Avoid What Every Other Guy Messes Up)…

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this.

Unfortunately, the methods and style of your approach are the same in every universe.

Okay. Maybe not your methods and style.

In other words, maybe YOU do something different in every environment.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of other guys–a lot of other guys–and they are all doing what amounts to the same things.

They're trying to get her attention, to impress her, and to look cool.


Nothing fails like trying.

When the guys around you are trying and begging and nervous and clinging, your peaceful calm sticks out like an opposable thumb.

When other guys are trying to look cool, or looking for a good opener, your patience and *almost* disinterest will be as difficult to ignore as washboard abs in a sea of doughy milkmen.

As a result, standing out, holding a woman’s attention, pushing her buttons, helping her feel what she wants to feel and take the actions she wants to take… these are all pretty much the same in every universe.

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It Doesn't End There…

So what?

So stop worrying about it.

Now, I don't mean “stop worrying about it, because you'll be fine.”

l don't mean, “stop worrying about it, it's not so hard”…

l mean, “stop worrying about it because that's 90% of your job.”

I'm saying that the most attractive trait a man can possess is self-acceptance.

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Worry–and insecurity in general–are the complete opposite of that.

So on the one hand, yes, I'm trying to make you feel comfortable, safe, and unconcerned when you go out to “meet new people.”

On the other hand,though, at least one reason l am doing that is my knowledge that worry is your enemy, and not worrying immediately gives you less to worry about!


getting laid after quarantine
Getting laid after quarantine is easy with this tactic…

3) Remember, “The Target Is More Important Than The Tactics”

When this quarantine is over, and you can finally go out again… I personally do NOT recommend just walking up to the first random girl you see who you want to bang.

Instead, only approach the women who show you they’re already interested in you… because trust me, there will be A LOT… (click here to learn how to spot them).

It’s like the saying goes, “the target is more important than the tactics”… and if you choose the right woman, you won’t have to try AT ALL to get her in bed…

You can just sit back, relax, and after a few minutes she’ll either make a move.. or suggest you go somewhere “more private.” 😉

And I’m NOT talking about looking for women who dress “sl*tty” or seem “easy” by the way…

(I mean sure… often times women dress “sl*tty” because they want male attention, and are looking for a guy… but this ain't who I’m talking about)

… what I mean is looking for the kind of hot, sweet girls you're already into… who let you know they're interested… or even DTF.

Because if you know what to look for, all you have to do is start the conversation… and often times when you pick the right “target” she’s making all the moves, and she’s the one pushing things forward.

But I will admit… these “bang me now!” signs are pretty subtle, and are missed by MOST guys….

… so we put together this list of 3 of the most commonly missed ones, straight from the mouth of an honest-to-goodness FBI spy:

Click here right now and discover how to tell if a woman is interested in you, before you two even speak.

P.S. This will also minimize rejection, and start getting you laid a LOT more…. so if that sounds good to you, check this out.

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