7 Gym “Tricks” That Make You The Best F**k She’s Ever Had

exercise for better sex
Discover the best exercise for better sex…

Easy Ways to Exercise For Better Sex… And Turn Into a Raging Bull in the Bedroom

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There’s a reason Arnold was always so horny after pumping iron… 

You probably are, too.

In fact, everyone is. Exercise can really juice your sex life…  especially if you’re doing a few specific exercises…

It’s pretty common knowledge that skipping your workouts can lead to weight gain… 

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Yes, I’m talking desire disorders such as not feeling “in the mood,” arousal disorders such as the inability to become aroused, and orgasm disorders such as the inability or the delay in climax… 

According to a recent study, all of these disorders are increasing among individuals who don’t participate in regular exercise. 

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Once you know your sex life depends on your activity level, it becomes way more interesting to learn what exercises really encourage your drive and performance in the sheets…

And will take you from a once-a-week, unexciting lover…

To the raging bull who dominates her… the kind women just can’t get enough of…

(Trust me!)

Read on to discover the best exercises to turn you into the sex god she can’t get enough of:

1) Kegels

Ok, so I know kegels are traditionally something only women do, but men can actually perform kegels, as well, and the benefits are amazing.

Doing kegels helps to boost your endurance so you can go longer. It does this by strengthening and tightening the pubococcygeus muscles, which is the muscle that stops your stream of pee. 

Knowing what the muscle does to your stream, gives you the opportunity of practicing, first, mid-pee, to understand the tightening of that muscle. 

After you have practiced in the bathroom a few times, you can start to perform kegels anywhere, at any time, because you understand the muscle contraction. 

7 Gym “Tricks” That Make You The Best F**k She’s Ever Had

2) Lifting

Most guys already lift when they go to the gym…because it pumps up those guns.

But did you know it’s also stellar for your sex life? 

Lifting weights can be practiced in a number of ways and they all work to help produce a surge of testosterone, which helps to increase sexual desire

If you are not a weight-lifting guy, don’t be scared about jumping in. 

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Start with something easy and monitored like the chest press machine or arm curl machine. Don’t feel pressured to jump right into free-weights and squats. If you are consistent, your testosterone will build and it will help take your workout and your sex life to the next level. 

7 Gym “Tricks” That Make You The Best F**k She’s Ever Had
Try this exercise for better sex…

3) Boxing 

A recent study proved that aerobic activities such as boxing combats erectile dysfunction when practiced four times a week or more. 

If you are already suffering with ED, you must give this a try. Exercise should be done for 40 minutes a day or more and should be continued for six months or more to actually reap the positive results… 

Along with fighting the symptoms of ED, boxing is also a fun sport that is sexy to the ladies. (Again, I’m just telling you what we all say to each other in private, so take advantage of the inside scoop…)

Who wouldn’t want to rip your clothes off after seeing you box a couple of rounds in the gym? 

I’m getting hot just thinking about it…

7 Gym “Tricks” That Make You The Best F**k She’s Ever Had

4) Squats 

When you think of squats, you think of the booty. But, there is more down there than just your butt. 

Squats help to improve blood flow and circulation to your groin, which is very important if you’re suffering from desire, arousal, or orgasm issues. 

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Also, the lower down you squat and the more resistance you incorporate (via medicine ball, free-weights, etc.) will effect how engaged your glutes and groin are. 

Be sure to start out slow, so as to not injure yourself, but as you become more consistent in form and things start to feel ‘easy,’ amp it up a notch. 

No pain, no gain…

7 Gym “Tricks” That Make You The Best F**k She’s Ever Had

5) Planks

Ok, so, it should be pretty obvious why the plank is the perfect exercise to help out your sex game. Just think of the position…

When you are doing a plank, you are lifting your abdomen off of the floor by holding yourself up with your arms, much like the start of some missionary fool-around. 

Not only will this give you practice in this position, but it will help to strengthen these muscles so you can stay in this position longer and quickly transition to other sexual positions. 

I’m thinking… tossing her over and taking her from behind?

7 Gym “Tricks” That Make You The Best F**k She’s Ever Had

6) Lunges

A lunge not only sounds like what you want to do across a bed to grab someone you just can’t wait to have sex with…

It also improves strength, endurance, strength and core stability.  It actually works a lot like a plank — but focuses on your butt and hips, which is pretty important when it comes to stamina for thrusting…

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You remember high school gym class?  Keeping your upper body still and straight, step forward with one leg. Lower your hips until your front knee is at a right angle.  Don’t let that back knee touch the floor as you hold for 20 seconds.  Stand up and repeat with the other leg.  

Now lunge across the bed and grab her…

7 Gym “Tricks” That Make You The Best F**k She’s Ever Had

7) Yoga

So, not only is yoga good for the mind and soul to help you relax and destress, which is super important to sexual health and performance, but it is also great for your flexibility in the bedroom, because it stretches your muscles in new and interesting ways. 

The study of yoga focuses on connecting your body, mind, and spirit. By practicing yoga in attempts to improve your sex life, you will become more in tune with how your body is feeling and what it wants. 

It can also help you to create a closer bond with your partner, as it will help you to learn to pick up subtle cues while playing dirty. 

Yoga also opens the doors to creative out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to what positions you’d like to incorporate during sex… 

Suggest to your partner that you switch-up the classic missionary and move onto something a little more challenging… something yogic…

(Yoga people are very bendy, so go wild.)

All this exercise will not only strengthen your body (and boner), but also helps de-stress the mind.  

Now, there’s just one other big cause of E.D…

Find out what it is (and how EASY it is to fix) below:

7 Gym “Tricks” That Make You The Best F**k She’s Ever Had

Another Essential Factor In Boner Health

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