Pornstar Ember Snow: “Why Size Doesn’t Matter, But THIS Does!”

does size really matter
Hi, I’m Ember Snow 😉 And I’m going to show you why this one other thing is way more important than size for her pleasure below…

Does Size Really Matter? Sexy Pornstar Ember Snow Reveals Why Size Does NOT Matter as Long as You Have This

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Have you ever really believed a girl when she told you size doesn’t matter?

Many guys appreciate when a woman says this… but most of them don’t actually believe she means it.

But it’s true, and I should know a few things about penis size. I’m Ember Snow, an adult film star and entertainer who’s been in the industry for nearly 2 years.

I’ve enjoyed sex with a lot of different penises, both in my films and in my private life, and the truth is, size really doesn’t matter.

For me, hardness is so much sexier than a big d*ck. I want my guys to be hard–that’s the biggest turn-on of all–and could really care less about how long their penis is.

Of course, staying hard can be an issue for many men today, including younger guys. It’s happened to me a lot, so I completely understand how the pressure of performing can get to a guy’s head.

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Don’t worry, I’m here to explain why size isn’t as important as hardness and to help you figure out ways to stay hard, so you can give your partner the best sex of her life. 😉

Let’s get started!

Why Size Really Doesn’t Matter For Her Pleasure… But Hardness Does!

For me, there’s no bigger turn-on than a guy who’s completely hard and ready to go. And I’ve experienced this sensation with guys who have big penises and ones who have smaller ones.

I love large penises, but ultimately, I know I’m probably going to be in a lot of pain in the morning.

They’re fun, but definitely not the ultimate turn-on.

In fact, when a guy has a smaller penis, I get to have a lot more fun by trying out different moves and really going to town on him, while still feeling the same amazing sensation.

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It’s way more important for a guy to be hard than to have a big d*ck. Because, if it’s not hard, no matter how big you are, it’s not going to get inside of me.

My sexy co-stars and I all agree… if you want to really turn a woman on, staying hard is important.

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So below I’m going to show you some proven tips (plus one industry secret) to get harder faster, and stay harder for longer naturally.

1) Ask Her For Help

I love helping whenever a guy’s struggling to stay hard. I get it.

I can be pretty intimidating and chances are, if you’re trying to impress a really hot girl or someone you really like, you might begin to feel nervous or anxious.

If she seems into it, you can ask her to help with her hand or mouth so that you can keep going and really rock her world.

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Trust me, girls love knowing they can turn you on, so she’ll likely be on board with helping (and it’ll probably turn her on even more). Just be sure to return the favor!

2) Try To Relax & Concentrate On Her Body

I know, this one is easier said than done, but try to get out of your head and focus on her instead.

Remember, she’s choosing to have sex with you–don’t spend your time wondering how you look or thinking about how she’s out of your league. She’s right there, with you!

Instead, try to focus on her body and pleasing her.

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This is an easy way to get hard and leave her feeling extremely appreciative. Take your time getting there.

It can take a little while for your erection to fully return, so spend as much time as you need pleasuring her.

And ultimately, if you really want to get the kind of throbbing rock-hard boners that rock hot girls’ worlds in bed…

Then here’s a little “hardness booster” some guys in the industry swear by:

Pornstar Ember Snow: “Why Size Doesn’t Matter, But THIS Does!”
Nothing turns me on more than a ROCK-HARD d!ck… I’ll show you an easy way to boost your hardness below… 😉

3) Use This Secret “Porn Trick” for a Rock-Hard C*ck Every Time…

I saved the best trick for last… and it’s also my fav. 😉

Some guys in the industry have been using this for YEARS to get hard quick when they really need to…

… and no, it’s not Viagra lol!!

It’s these foods that sometimes get catered to us on-set.

I don’t know what it is about this specific combination of foods… honestly I never even thought to ask…

… but what I do know is that some male pornstars SWEAR by this stuff…

… and anytime I’m doing a shoot with an actor who eats these foods beforehand, I get SO excited and turned on…

… because his d*ck can get SO hard, SO fast… and stay hard-as-steel for hours

And in fact, I’ve even noticed that a lot of guys who eat these foods blow bigger loads too! *mmmmmm*

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on December 2, 2019.]

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