Pornstar Tana Lea: “How To Eat P***y Like A Pro!”

best way to eat a girl out

Discover The Best Way to Eat a Girl Out, Straight From the Mouth of a Sexy Pornstar…

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Hi, I'm pornstar Tana Lea, and today I'm going to show you how to eat p***y right.

You may know me from one of my adult films, or from social media like Snapchat and Instagram. I’m an adult film star and social media influencer from Texas.

I'm also very passionate about eating out–not in restaurants, but between my legs. 😉

Because the truth is, not enough guys really know how to go down on a girl.

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It's a damn shame, and it's something I think every guy should know how to properly do.

If you can eat a girl out really well, not only will you get more oral in return…

But she'll be happier around you, she'll want to have sex with you more, and she'll probably stick by your side for a lot longer as well.

Plus, it's always fun to watch a girl have an amazing, bed-shaking orgasm when you're right down there, front and center!

So let's dive in. 🙂

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The Importance of Eating P***y (And Why It Gets You WAY More Action in the Long Run)…

Honestly, I've had some really bad–what do you call it, oral I guess?–in my life. I've had some really, really bad oral sex.

It's been so bad that it's become one of my biggest turn-offs.

If I'm in bed with a guy, and he's immediately like, “Oh, let me go down on you,” then I will say I get very excited…

But if it sucks?

Game over. I don't even want to have sex with him, let alone mess around with him again.

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It's kind of a catch-22, because a guy can't really learn to go down on a girl if he doesn't practice.

But if he just goes all in, and he doesn't know what he's doing…

Then I'm not even interested in his d*ck, because his mouth doesn't feel good on my p***y.

So that's why I want to show you exactly how to eat a girl out today.

Because if you can do it well, you're almost guaranteed to have the opportunity to sleep with her again–and it also gives you some pretty sweet bragging rights too. 😉

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How To Give Her the Most Mindblowing Oral Orgasm of Her Entire Life…

First of all, start light.

I can't stand it when guys try to go all in and do the most. Don't go HAM on her vagina.

Not when you first start out anyway.

Start light and sensitive.

You can even start with some light nipple sensation, like licking and blowing air.

It doesn't have to be a super delicate thing–like don't blow air on my t*tties like a f*cking car wash.

The key is to not start out too intense in the beginning.

Especially because I do porn, guys think I want to be f*cked hard all the time, or that I want this crazy s*it in bed.

But the reality is, I'm into some normal stuff too!

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So if we're having sex in real life, you need to be into it, and you shouldn't try to impress me.

Here's an example of what NOT to do:

One time a few months ago, I was having sex with a guy and he literally asked me, “Am I doing a good job, Coach?”

No. Just… no. Instant turn-off.

I'm not saying it's bad to make sure she's enjoying herself–that's definitely a good thing to do.

But you don't want to turn it into some kind of gimmick.

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I mean, there's roleplay, and then there's… that. It's trying too hard.

Here's the bottom line:

If you know how to use your tongue (and your fingers) right, then you won't need to say anything to her… her moaning and screaming will be all the reassurance you'll need. 😉

So that's why I want to show you my absolute favorite oral technique, step-by-step below… this will drive every girl you sleep with f*cking crazy with pleasure:

best way to eat a girl out

How To Give Any Girl an Oral Orgasm in < 2 Minutes (Step-By-Step Instructions)

Like most girls, it usually takes me around 15-20 minutes minimum to come from oral.

But then there was last Wednesday.

I was doing a deep throat scene with one of my fav male co-stars…

… and after he finished aaalll over my chest, it was his turn to return the favor. 😉

When he went down, I expected the usual… some light tongue action, followed by harder and more intense licking and sucking until I came.

And yeah, it started out pretty “normal”… but then he started using his hands too.

He wasn’t just fingering me either… I mean it’s not like he was fisting me or anything crazy lol…

… but it was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before…

And I kid you not, I came in 2 minutes FLAT.

(That’s the fastest anyone’s ever gotten me off.)

And this might sound crazy, but 30 seconds later, I came AGAIN… the orgasms just kept coming in waves.

After orgasm #5, I HAD to know what he did that made me feel so freaking good…

And that’s when he pulled out his phone, opened up Google and showed me this:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on October 13, 2019.]

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