The 5 Best Anal Sex Positions For First Time Anal (Including The Bent Spoon For MAX Penetration!)

best anal sex positions

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The taboo around anal sex is starting to break down as more and more people realize something:

It feels great.

The realm of the booty is becoming increasingly alluring to couples–and not just the highly adventurous ones!

Frequently it’s the man in the relationship that pursues the idea, but now, a lot of women are asking for it.

See, the anus is highly sensitive. Nature designed it that way. As creative humans, we can take advantage of our biology to make for wilder and more pleasurable sex.

But, anal can be intimidating.

That is a SMALL space to enter, and it takes skill for the woman to relax enough to let anything in. I have some rules, recommendations, and positions to get you started.

4 Rules For First Time Anal So She’s Willing to Try It With You Again & Again…

Rule 1?


If your lady feels too shy to use her words, pay attention to her muscle tension, her breathing, and her facial expressions.

Rub the muscles of her booty and hips to help her relax enough to let you in. 

Rule 2: Lube!! 

More than you think. Keep adding it in.

Some ladies will need more than others, and that’s okay. You can use silicone, oil, or water-based lube, but remember not to use oil with condoms as it can damage them.

I’m a fan of coconut oil generally, but using one that squirts from a bottle can be more convenient during anal. 

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Rule 3:

Once you do anal, stay away from her vag.

I don’t care what they do in porn–you shouldn’t do this. It can cause bacterial vaginosis (BV) which is extremely unpleasant.

If this happens by accident, your lady should immediately start taking probiotics (I find Renew Life works great) and see her doctor if it lasts more than a couple days.

Rule 4: Build up slow.

Start out with fingers and consider using a plug or other penetrative toy before entering your partner’s booty.

You need to get her warmed up just like you need to provide foreplay for sex.

Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about positions.

1) Doggy Style

This classic sex position is great for anal too. 

This option is great because you can spend quite a lot of time in this position without tiring while you figure everything out.

Get your girl on all fours and enter her from behind.

Remember to go super slowly, check in with her, and come out slowly if she feels pain.

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She has a good deal of control because she can back into you. It may be best to let her fully control at first so as to avoid accidentally hurting her.

She can stay up on her arms or reach them out in front so her chest rests on the bed (amazing shoulder stretch by the way).

Depending on her shape and your shape, you might prefer one version to the other.

2) “Dirty” Cowgirl

Lay back, have your partner straddle you, and let her slowly settle onto your penis. 

She can prop herself up by putting her hands on your chest, hips, or legs as she feels her way (you might consider trying this on a chair!).

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Again, she has a lot of control–encourage her to slowly progress down your penis.

Once you’re in you can try pressing and then thrusting your hips upward.

3) Missionary

Time to make this conventional position way kinkier. 

Have your partner lay on her back and tuck a pillow under her hips.

She’ll probably love one under her head too–anything to help her relax is a plus.

With her hips lifted, you can enter at a comfortable angle for both of you, but again, your respective shapes determine what feels best.

You have most of the control here, so do her a favor and pay attention to her body language.

The more comfortable she gets, the more she can relax, the better you can glide in her sweet booty.

Let her know she can pull her knees into her chest to let you in deeper.

4) Spoons

Laying on your side is a good way to try anal because the position promotes relaxation. 

However, mobility can be limited here.

This one works great for some but for others might feel too limited. Give it a shot and check in with your partner.

You’ll be cradling her as you enter from behind, and you can provide her with additional stimulation by pinching her nipples.

Keep communication open, as you have more of the control in this one.

5) Bent Spoon

This one is, in my opinion, better than regular spoons for anal.

In this one, your lady bends her top leg in toward her chest.

You can lift her booty further for access, which is a super sexy feeling for both of you. You’re in charge of depth, pace, and where her knee points (different angles will offer different pleasures!).

You can also switch from here to doggy easily.

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No matter what position you choose, you’ll have to start off slow and gentle.

When things get going, you’ll have more freedom to unleash.

Wait for the green light from her.

Also, anal can be VERY sexy for a woman. It’s likely to make her extremely wet, so she will appreciate it if you continue to give her soaking vag some attention.

Especially if you can give her a hot-as-hell orgasm during anal… here's the easiest way I know how:

best anal sex positions

The #1 Move to Get Her Absolutely ADDICTED to Anal With You…

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But then I tried it with an ex of mine, and I actually kind of liked it.

The new sensation felt exciting, and it was a huge turn-on to see how much my ex liked it… though it still wasn’t something I wanted to do on a regular basis.

However things changed for me when I had a vaginal and anal orgasm… at the same time!

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This fingering technique can be done while in ANY of the positions mentioned above… though I’ll admit missionary and “bent spoons” are the easiest (and most pleasurable… for me anyway!)…

And as a matter of fact if you use this move during foreplay to “warm her up”… AND during anal…

… it will make her associate anal sex with such intense pleasure, that she may become psychologically conditioned to crave anal…

… so just like a dog begs for a treat, she may even start to ask you for it. 😉

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