Masculinity is NOT “Toxic”… How To Act Like an Alpha Man and Drive Her Wild…

Masculinity is NOT “Toxic”... How To Act Like an Alpha Man and Drive Her Wild…

9 Alpha Male Tips to Show Her Your Sexual Dominance… (And Make Her Want to Sleep With You NOW…)

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There has been an alarming trend in recent years telling men to stop being chivalrous.

Telling them, “Don’t act like a man.” 

That “masculinity is toxic.” 

In fact, following the flat-out-crazy theories found on college campuses these days, the APA officially medicalized traditional masculinity as a mental disorder last year.

Yes, seriously.

The organization urges psychologists to “treat” men who show signs of masculinity, such as leadership, direction, the desire for achievement, and decisiveness.

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As a result, the concept of chivalry is looking more and more like an outdated and harmful idea to some guys.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is, real women want a guy who is traditionally masculine and chivalrous, eHarmony, Elite Daily, and GQ all agree.

So here are 9 ways you can start acting more chivalrous in order to attract more women, and have them thinking about what a true, manly, dominant man you are…

Which will have her picturing how masculine and dominant you will be in bed…

Let’s begin:

It’s Valuable… Because It’s Rare…

I’ve started noticing recently that women are visibly attracted to guys who do chivalrous things.

When I open doors for attractive women in public, or offer help carrying something, the reaction is usually a mix of shock and excitement to finally be in the presence of a real man. 

In our age of dating apps, narcissism, and lower testosterone levels in men these days, this isn’t surprising.

Think about it. 

Why is gold valuable? 

Because it’s rare.

If gold was as plentiful as, say, sand, it would be worthless.

The same applies to chivalry.

When was the last time you saw a guy holding a car door open for his wife or girlfriend? Can you even remember?

I can’t.

That makes chivalry valuable because it is something that women want and very few men still behave that way, making it a rare commodity. So let’s discuss a few ways you can be more chivalrous.

Masculinity is NOT “Toxic”... How To Act Like an Alpha Man and Drive Her Wild…

1) Walk Closer to the Roadway

This one used to be a well-known and established rule of relationships.

When you’re walking on the sidewalk together, walk closer to the roadway and let her walk on the inside of the sidewalk.

This shows that you’re willing to put yourself in harm’s way to protect her… even if the likelihood of a car flying off the roadway and hitting you is slim-to-none.

You are her protector… it’s subtle, and sends her an almost subliminal message that you will take care of her.

On the streets and in the sheets…

Masculinity is NOT “Toxic”... How To Act Like an Alpha Man and Drive Her Wild…

2) Let Her Order First

At restaurants, the women in your party should always order first. 

This is another unspoken rule that was once considered standard table etiquette, but which has fallen by the wayside with recent generations of men.

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3) Plan Spontaneous Trips or Dates

I have never seen a woman get as excited as when I tell them to pack their bags and clear their calendar because we’re going on a surprise trip.

Showing your fun playful side — while also utilizing your masculine decisiveness — is a huge turn on for women. 

They enjoy being able to just let go of their concerns, not have to worry about planning or organizing anything, and just allowing you to take the reins.

Book an Airbnb for a weekend that you both planned on spending time together.

Go on a fancy date night but don’t tell her where you’re going.

Women love surprises and they’ll adore you for it.

Similarly, send her flowers or a card just because. We all love getting mail, and receiving something special like flowers will instantly brighten her day.

Masculinity is NOT “Toxic”... How To Act Like an Alpha Man and Drive Her Wild…

4) Put Your Hand on the Small of Her Back

When walking together, putting your hand on the small of her back is a nice and subtle way of showing her that you’re there to protect her should she stumble or trip. 

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5) Walk Her to Her Door After Dates

Show her that you want to make sure she stays safe by always walking her to her door (or her car) after dates. 

If you want any woman to be interested in you and feel sexual attraction to you, make sure that you make her feel safe and secure. 

Masculinity is NOT “Toxic”... How To Act Like an Alpha Man and Drive Her Wild…

6) Open Her Car Door

Opening doors is standard chivalrous behavior, but opening her car door for her is next-level. Do this for big brownie points. 

Opening the car door for her (similar to walking her to her door after a date) is showcasing to her that you want to make sure that she is safe and secure from start to finish. 

7) Carry Heavy Items for Her

This one is a no-brainer.

So it blows my mind when I see some dude with zero situational awareness looking at his phone or something, while his girlfriend carries a bunch of shopping bags inside.

Long story short, if there’s stuff to carry, you should be the one carrying it.

8) Offer Your Jacket if She’s Cold

No one enjoys being cold. So offering your jacket or sweater when she’s cold is a great way to signal to her that you care about her well-being.

You’re communicating to her that you’re willing to be physically uncomfortable in order to make her happy…

Masculinity is NOT “Toxic”... How To Act Like an Alpha Man and Drive Her Wild…

Chivalry is Just Step One — Are You “The Total Package”?

Being chivalrous is just one aspect of what makes some men attractive to women.

Because of the way men and women interact, women are the ones that are the choosers, the deciders.  They pick you if they find your advances attractive or tell you to beat it if they don’t. 

It can make a guy feel powerless. Hopeless. And we’re told “that’s just the way it is.”

But, what if there is a way to “flip the script” so to speak?

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To take her from being in the position of power and put YOU in control?

This method that you can discover on the next page will even make hot girls start asking you out… Even if you’re short or ugly or broke. 

Ever wonder how super charismatic guys like Howard Stern or Jesse Eisenberg can flirt with super hot women so easily?

It’s so easy and simple once you realize the subtle tricks they’re playing… that lead women straight to the bedroom:

Masculinity is NOT “Toxic”... How To Act Like an Alpha Man and Drive Her Wild…

9) Show Her Your Sexual Dominance (She’ll Want to Sleep With You RIGHT AWAY)

Now she’s thinking of you as a manly man, who knows how to take care of a woman… 

She’s starting to think of you in the right way, but to seal the deal, you need her to think that you won’t just take charge in a restaurant or on the street…

But you’re going to take total control of her pleasure in bed. 

Just like you made the first move at the restaurant and took the lead when carrying heavy things… 

You’re also going to take the lead when going for the first kiss, and when you take her by the hand to the bedroom. 

But that’s basic stuff… 

It’s just the tip of the wildly deep sexual iceberg…

I’ve got a few really easy tweaks you can make to your behavior that will make women feel like you’re going to be the best f*ck she’s ever had. 

Just thinking about you will have her rubbing her thighs together at the thought of you inside of her…

Her body will LITERALLY be aching to be in bed with a man like you IF you make certain tweaks to your behavior. 

These are so easy, ANY guy can do them, and they’re so subtle you can do them in public without anyone noticing… 

Soon…she’ll be so wet she’s dragging you to the nearest bathroom and bending over the sink for you.

EVEN if she’s a conservative kind of gal.

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