5 Easy Texts That Will Get Nearly Any Hot Girl To Come Over Straight For Sex (Even If She Said No Before)

5 Easy Texts That Will Get Nearly Any Hot Girl To Come Over Straight For Sex (Even If She Said No Before)

You Can Literally Type These Messages Into Your Phone & Use Them As-Is to Get Her to Come Over, Even If It’s 2 A.M. Or You Haven’t Met Her Yet…

Lately I’ve been really focusing a lot on Inner Game. I just love that topic and could talk about it for weeks on end.

So today I wanna talk about a specific mentality related to that.

It’s a mentality that, when employed correctly and sparingly, will have a devastatingly effective impact on whether or not a woman subconsciously perceives you as a strong Alpha male… or an “ignorable” Beta.

And you can use this mentality when texting women or messaging girls on dating apps–in fact, I’m going to give you examples of how it’s done.

Without fail, these texts will:

  • Get her wildly attracted to you…
  • Put her in the “she’s chasing you” frame of mind, and…
  • Get her to drop everything and come over to your place to hookup, even if it’s 2 am on a weekday…

The “You’re So Into Me!” Technique I Personally Use to Get Girls to Chase Me

It’s a technique at heart, but you will have to adopt this mentality in order to get it to work and come up with the appropriate responses to her and what she says!

I am going to give specific examples in a second, but in reality, when you’re out there talking to chicks every example and situation will be different. I call it… the, “You’re so into me frame!”

Basically, that means that everything she says or does is because of the fact that she is so into you! She’s trying to get into YOUR pants and not the other way around.

Let me give you a few examples and then we’ll talk about why this works so well!

5 Easy Texts That Will Get Nearly Any Hot Girl To Come Over Straight For Sex (Even If She Said No Before)

A Real-Life Example of This “Alpha Male” Texting Technique In Action

I’ve been semi-hanging and texting with this blonde B-List actress. She’s like super high-value and is basically in major television commercials and movies.

I’ve never heard her name before meeting her despite her claim to having had been in so many movies, but when I Googled her… Whammmmo… There were tons of search results!

She’s feisty, knows how to flirt and has a fine-tuned screening process to weed out undesirable men with Beta tendencies that would make every woman on this planet jealous.

With her, there is very little room for error! When I first started texting with her I knew exactly what I was dealing with. I loved it.

It can be so hard to win these women over. They just have way too many options. They can take or leave just about any guy they meet!

I needed to make myself stand out. Here are just a few texts between her and I in the beginning.

Feel free to straight-up copy-and-paste these if you find yourself in the same scenario:

1) If You Want to Get Her to Meet Up or Come Over (Without Sounding “Needy”)

When I want to text a girl to do something, it’s important not to come across as “too needy.”

If you do, then she probably won’t respond.

So you want to invite her out for a) something everyone likes, and b) something fun.

This “two-pronged technique” has gotten a lot of girls to drop what they’re doing (even if they’re out on a date with another guy) and hang out with ME.

So here’s a good example of a text exchange I had with the actress early on:

Me: Hey… Why am I craving chocolate ice cream and a game of pool??? Are you any good shooting pool?

Her: No… But I will try anything. 8)

Me: Even “trying” not to impress me so much with an answer like that???

Her: Oh… You’re good!

Me: Actually, I’m not that good at pool, either! Does 8 still work?

Her: Yes! But I have a 5 A.M. call time tomorrow so you get to hit and run.

Me: Whoa… Hit and run?? I’m not that easy. You girls all have a one-track mind. Let’s start with pool and drinks and see how it goes first! lol

5 Easy Texts That Will Get Nearly Any Hot Girl To Come Over Straight For Sex (Even If She Said No Before)

2) The “Howard Stern Trick” That Gets Her H*rny

Howard Stern is one of my favorite radio hosts.

He also has a great trick that he uses a lot that gets hot girls to eat out of his hand.

Whenever a girl says something that she’s proud of, or if she’s a little “overly-sincere,” Howard says the same thing:

“I don’t believe you.”

This is great because in the girl’s mind, it throws her a massive curveball, since most guys just take what a hot girl says at face value.

She thinks, “Why doesn’t he believe me? Everyone else does!”

And even better, she starts qualifying herself to try to show you that she “really, really is super-serious!”

(This works especially great if she’s starting to sexualize the conversation like “I give the best B.J.s out there”–> “I don’t believe you.”

Here are a couple of examples of the “Howard Stern Trick” in action:

Her: I love yoga!

Me: No you don’t. You’re just saying that because you think I’m hot and because I just told you I do yoga.


Me: You don’t have to say that just to get me to like you!

Use the Howard Stern trick in the right place and time in your conversations with her, and you can get her turning naked cartwheels at the foot of your bed by the end of the night (trust me haha).

3) The “Excuse Herself Exchange” That Gets Her to Come Over

Really a lot of the time here, you’re trying to get her to “excuse herself” to come over to your place.

Like in her mind, you want her to be able to excuse her own behavior, so that she doesn’t feel bad about having sex with a guy she honestly doesn’t know all that well.

So a lot of times, this means looking for openings where she’s trying to “invite herself over.”

This works really well if she’s saying things like “So where do you live?”

Or if you mention a specific item you have like a guitar, or a rare book or piece of art, and she says, “I’d love to see that sometime!”

No matter the situation, these 3 follow-up texts work well to plant the idea of coming over to your place in her mind, and sexualize the conversation.

Here’s how to use it in practice:

Her: So, where do you live? (typically asked in the very beginning of the rapport stage)

Me: Well… I GUESS we can go back to my place.


Me: That’s a great idea. My place is close by. Let’s go!


Me: Wow! You’re very forward. You wanna go back to my place already?

4) If She Asks You A Question (This Instantly Turns Things Sexual)

In your mind, you are always the prize here.

So if a girl is asking you a question, it’s secretly because she wants to have an excuse to hookup with you.

Think about it: especially if you’ve hung out before, then it’s probably a good sign if she’s texting you out of the blue with a question.

And in real life, it means she wants to keep the conversation going.

So one night, I got this text from the actress:

Her: Do you know where such and such a place is?

Me: That was the lamest excuse to use on a guy you thought was hot and wanted to talk to!


Me: If you want to hit on me just do it! no need for the lame question lol

Depending on how she responds, you can keep the playfulness going by “going deeper” (like pretending that it’s all a big ruse for her to hit on you), or if you think the conversation could go somewhere, answer her question keeping the same “I’m the prize” mindset.

5 Easy Texts That Will Get Nearly Any Hot Girl To Come Over Straight For Sex (Even If She Said No Before)

5) If She Mentions The Shower

This one is oddly specific, but it works like f’in dynamite… ONLY use it if she mentions taking a shower though (which a lot of girls will do–I kinda think they do it for the exact reason I show you below, and they like it when you call them out on it):

Her: OK… text me later or tomorrow. I need to jump in the shower now.

Me: Stop trying to get me to think about you naked. You perv!

Her: 😉

Or if you wanna be more direct, you can use:

Me: Why don’t you come shower over here?

That second one has a little more risk/reward to it.

How To Get Her to Come Over & Seal The Deal (Without ANY Last-Minute Resistance)…

At this point, you should be able to get her to come over to your place with some combination of the above texts.

But that’s where a lot of guys drop the ball.

Most guys don’t understand how crucially important it is to move things toward sex right away–like that same night.

Or worse: they do realize how important sex is… but they try to either “buy” sex with a lot of fancy s**t (like dinners, gifts, etc.)…

… or they “beg” for it in some way or another, and come off as needy, slimy, or just flat-out unattractive.

So once you’ve gotten her out on a date, or even over to your place using one of these 5 texts…

She might be a little reluctant to get naked and have sex right away.

That’s especially true if she’s never met you before.

So if you run into any “last minute resistance”…

Here’s the easiest way I know to escalate things further.

It’s a short, free video about 3 simple “touch techniques” that turn a girl on really fast.

So after she’s at your place, these 3 “touch techniques” will get her into your bedroom…

And keep her around for a night of sweaty, headboard-rattling, sheet-soaking sex.

The kicker is that if you keep up the whole “I’m the Prize” technique as you hook up with her…

She’s way more likely to stick around as long as you want her to.

You can see the first 3 of these touch techniques used in the field on a real, live woman right here:

3 Touch Tricks That Turn Her On & Get Her to Chase You For Sex

P.S. – Have you ever heard of the Swedish slide? It works like freakin’ magic on hot, busty blonde women if that sounds good to you? It’s in the video too–you can click here to check it out.

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