3 Temptation Touches That Will Make Almost Any Hot Girl Want to Cheat With You

3 Temptation Touches That Will Make Almost Any Hot Girl Want to Cheat With You

Hey it’s Magic, one of the Gotham Club experts.

I’ve been living in Miami for the past 9 years.

And while it might be controversial, a lot of the girls I hook up with are either married or have a boyfriend.

Miami is unique because there are tons of girls coming here for bachelorette parties… or to get some time away from their boyfriends and husbands…

And most of these girls are only in town for the weekend. So one of the things I got really good at is getting these types of women into bed fast.

One of The Easiest Ways To Get A “Taken” Girl In Bed Fast…

One of the easiest ways to turn on a girl fast… and get her into bed is to make sure you touch her in the right places when you meet her.

If you touch her in the wrong places she may think you’re too “touchy”… or aggressive… or moving too fast…

…and she’ll break things off because she’ll start thinking about her boyfriend or husband.

Or she won’t want to look like she’s doing anything naughty in public.

That’s why I spent years searching for friendly, “innocent looking” spots you could touch a girl… that still turn her on fast.

These places aren't obvious. They have nothing to do with erogenous zones or genitals.

In fact, if you were a stranger watching me touch a girl in these ways, you would probably assume we are just friends.

But secretly (and even she is likely unaware of these) these types of physical touches turn her on and cause a biological response.

Scientific studies show when a man touches a woman in these ways, she physically starts to get turned on. She develops stronger feelings for him and her heart rate even goes up.

My 3 “Temptation Touches” Broken Down Step-By-Step For You…

The great part about these “Temptation Touches” is because they are so under-the-radar, you’ll almost never get rejected.

In fact, I call them “Temptation Touches” because there was one span of 3 months when I used them to hook up with 12 women who were either married or had a boyfriend.

That’s when I started breaking down this technique and teaching it to a few of my private coaching clients.

The touches worked great for them too and most of them got it to work on the first or second try.

Now I don’t usually share private coaching secrets publicly. But today (for a limited time) I want to share this secret with you because I know it’ll make such a huge difference for you.

And this is not just to get married girls or girls with boyfriends either. You can use this on any hot girl to get sex way faster and easier.

One of my clients recorded a short, free video breaking down these “Temptation Touches” perfectly, step-by-step, so you can see exactly what to do.

Even if you feel really uncomfortable touching a woman, I promise you that this is so simple, there is no way you can screw this up.

Click the link below to get started now…

3 Temptation Touches That Will Make Almost Any Hot Girl Want to Cheat With You

Click Here Now to Get My 3 FREE “Temptation Touches”

P.S. Because I usually only share these Temptation Touches with my private coaching clients… and they pay me a lot money (and I want them to keep paying me money, hah!) I am only going to keep this only for a limited time.

So if you’re want to get married women or girls with boyfriends into bed… or you just want to get laid faster, then click here right now.

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[Exclusive Video Recipe]
[Exclusive Video Recipe]