Study: The Top 15 Cities to Get Laid as an Older Guy (50+)

younger women looking for older men

Here's Where to Find All the Younger Women Looking for Older Men…

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There are a lot of reasons why women are often interested in older men.

Older men are more mature…

They have more experience…

And often, they're just more fun to be around than younger guys these days.

However… out of all the women who are interested in older men, there are more of us in some cities than in others.

So where are all of the older men getting the most action?

And if you're an older guy looking to date, where should you go to find the hottest women, and the best options?

Thanks to one recent study, that's what I'm going to show you today. 🙂

The Bizarre Relationship Between Your Location & Getting Laid…

It might sound strange that your location plays such a big role in whether or not you get any action… but if you're a single guy over 50, it truly does make a difference.

And that's because not all women are interested in older men–but in some cities, there are a lot more girls who love older men than in others.

So as a result, some cities are just flat-out easier to hookup in than others.

That's what this recent study tried to find out. OurTime and teamed up to find the best cities for single men over 50.

But how exactly do you know if a city is a good “hookup hot spot”?

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Well, there were a lot of factors considered.

The researchers looked at percentages of single seniors…

Online dating usage…

The weather…

Available social activities…

And they turned all of these things into one number, the “SeniorScore.”

Basically, the higher a city's “SeniorScore,” the easier it is to find a hot girl to hookup with there.

And while some of these cities on the list may not surprise you… some of them might straight-up shock you.

So where are the easiest places for older men to meet hot girls & hookup with them?

I'll show you below:

Where Older Guys Get Laid Like Rockstars & Celebrities…

According to OurTime and, here are the top 15 cities to get laid if you're over 50:

1) Pittsburgh, PA

2) Scottsdale, AZ

3) Cleveland, OH

4) Naples, FL

5) St. Louis, MO

6) Santa Fe, NM

7) Birmingham, AL

8) New York, NY

9) Honolulu, HI

10) Memphis, TN

11) Madison, WI

12) Plano, TX

13) Dayton, OH

14) Miami, FL

15) Spokane, WA

As you can see, these cities range all across America–so even if you don't live in one of them, there shouldn't be one too far from you.

But what if you still can't go to any of these cities?

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Basically, the “secret” to still getting laid is to be open and looking for the kinds of women who are interested in you.

You have to put yourself in situations where you'll naturally find these women.

So you could go out to bars…

Attend social events in your areas…

Go to art galleries, bookstores and cafes…

Whatever it is you like to do in your free time, get out there and do it–and always be looking for girls while you're there.

That's the key.

Because trust me, there are women all across America who are interested in older men. 😉

And here's how to find them in your town:

younger women looking for older men

Your #1 Advantage as an Older Man…

… is that you have a LOT more women to choose from than younger guys.

Because not only can you hookup with women your own age…

… but you can hookup with girls who are much, much younger than you (like in their 20’s).

Even if you don’t live in one of the 15 cities, this is still the case.

For example, I’m a 28-year-old girl… and all the time I hear my hot girlfriends complain about how “immature” guys in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s are…

…when all we really want is a more mature, experienced guy to talk to us… or even take us home that same night… 😉

Of course, it’s not like we’re “obvious” about it… and if you were to see us in a bar, you’d probably just guess we’re “normal” girls, having drinks and catching up…

… though in reality, chances are we’re looking for an opportunity to hookup with a guy just like you. 🙂

So here’s how to spot all the hot younger women out there who secretly crave sex with older men:

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