Where To Take a Hot Girl If You Want to Get Laid on the First Date

Where To Go on a First Date

Where To Go on a First Date For Your Best Odds of Getting Her Naked & On Top of You In Bed That Same Night…

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Last time, I talked about the power of stimulating all of a woman’s senses.

The more powerful your appeal to her senses, the more likely it is she will find you absolutely irresistible.

For example, some people become overwhelmingly disgusted when they move past garbage.

I dated a girl once who could be having a great dinner in a restaurant… and then the crunching of a nearby eater became impossible for her to ignore.

It also stopped her from enjoying her own food.

In addition, charisma–the feeling you give people of almost magical charm–comes from communicating the same thing on several channels.

When your expressions, words, energy, rhythm and gestures are congruent, a woman feels the opposite of the doubt and suspicion she feels when those communication streams disagree:

A thrilling synchronicity that she wants more and more of.

So today, I’m going to show you how you can stimulate all of a woman’s senses on a first date in a way that makes sex that same night a LOT more likely.

It all starts with choosing the right first date venue.

How To Set The Stage for a Great First Date

Kind of like preparing for being noticed (I talked about this in my last article)… on a first date, you’re the one choosing the venue.

And you should be choosing it by considering her senses–and yours.

I’m talking about sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. You want a venue to stimulate all of those things for her.

Usually, guys pick first date venus based on one of two valid criteria:

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1) The “Wow Factor”

Some guys like to choose a place with the goal of impressing her.

Even if a guy doesn’t go there often–or ever–it’s fancy and expensive, and he wants to show the woman a good time.

Usually, he doesn’t really feel comfortable in that kind of space.

But it’s got expensive seafood…

A celebrity chef…


And he really likes this girl!

I’ll show you why this is sometimes a problem in just a moment.

2) “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Other guys make their choice based primarily on themselves.

He’ll say:

“This is my favorite place. I meet girls here, it’s always fun, I know the bartender… and the drinks are cheap!”

Both of these criteria are important.

I hope it’s obvious that there’s value in choosing a place she will probably like, and even greater value in choosing a place that feels good when you’re there.

Being recognized and warmly welcomed when you walk in is also attractive–and it’s an understandable desire in the first place you take a new woman.

But which of these is going to get you laid quickest?

How Do You Choose the “Right” Venue?

Here’s what should go into your choice of the ideal venue for the first meeting.

1) “I Like It”

Obviously, you do want to feel good during a first date.

So it’s good to be in a place that you enjoy and feel good in–ideally, this is also a place where you are recognized and treated as though you are a VIP.

But can you tell that these parameters are a bit… biased?

If there’s a place you go to very often–your local pub, for example–the chances are high that you feel comfortable there.

But this is based on your familiarity with the venue–not the quality of it.

For this reason, it’s better to find and choose a place based on the harder-to-find criteria. And then you can frequent the place when you are NOT with a woman.

This will increase your comfort, appreciation and VIP status in that venue.

2) How Does It Feel?

When I have first sessions with new male clients, I choose a place based on privacy or discretion…

How long the staff will leave me alone…

Good coffee…

Available seating…

And so on.

Sessions with new female clients are different.

I used to meet them–until the place closed–in a small chocolate shop with rich melted chocolate drinks…

Tortes and tarts…

Steeped teas with fresh ingredients…

And chocolate by the pound.

One wall was brick, and wicker baskets in wooden shelves held different products the store sold. There were nice little display items as well.

Pretty 1920 style sconces and hanging lights lit the wood floor.

Can you see how the decor I described–while certainly being visually attractive–is also a feast for the other senses?

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Wicker and brick and even the heavy crystal lampshades all produce an image of texture when you see them.

In the same way that looking at oysters conjures instantly fear or anticipation (depending on whether you like oysters) of what they will feel like…

Looking at sand or brick or wicker produces an image–a physical image in your fingers–of what it would feel like to touch them.

In addition, a place that sells chocolate and melts it into cups is naturally filled with the usually desirable smell of dark chocolate–without much of the smell of sugar that fills candy stores.

Don’t get me wrong, sugar can also be effective, but I find it less certain a woman will like the candy smell than the chocolate smell.

This chocolate shop also had pleasant popular songs from the 1950’s and ’60s playing throughout the day, so you can imagine that it was also pleasant to listen to.

And then there’s taste.

The image of cakes and chocolate automatically triggers the imagination of eating and tasting them–feeling them melting in the mouth and tasting the rich and intoxicating flavors of several different types of chocolate.

And despite several famous chocolatiers in the city, I always chose this little cafe.


Because the other places have a more clinical, cold look–they have modern furniture, glass cases, metal trays and no music.

They attempt to exalt the quality of their chocolate by looking almost like a chocolate laboratory.

It is great chocolate, but not as much of a feast for the senses.

A feast for the senses means that whatever this particular woman’s key sense is–maybe she’s visual, but maybe her best memories involve smells or sounds–you are speaking directly to it.

She vibrates on her key sense and has a way better time with you because of it.

3) The Distract-Her Factor

In addition to the massive attack on the senses, all of this will provide her with a constant distraction–which is what you want.

She’ll have pretty things to look at…

Textured things to imagine touching…

Fragrant things to smell…

Interesting sounds, and delicious things to imagine tasting…

You get the idea.

I’ll talk about this more another time, but for now just know that it is helpful if you want to get her home with you.

And there’s one more key thing you must do if you want her to come home with you at the end of the night…

It has nothing to do with where you take her, and here’s what it is:

Where To Go on a First Date

What You MUST Do on the Date (If You Want to Get Laid)…

Just because you picked the right spot to take her, and are showing her a good time…

… does not mean you two are going to hookup.

She might have an early morning, or it’s “that time of the month,” or maybe she’s just not in the mood.

And as a matter of fact…

… there’s still plenty you can do on the date that will increase your chances of getting laid even more.

For example, you can steer the conversation in a subtle sexual direction.

You can also turn her on while the date is still happening.

(This is my personal favorite way to get sex on the first date, and it’s a lot easier than you might think.)

And there’s one thing in particular that you MUST do… if you want to get her into bed that same night…

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