Hot Sex Toy Tester Reveals: “Why I Prefer Smaller Penises to ‘Monster Dongs’ As Long as You Can Do THIS!”

what women think about size
Keep scrolling to find out what women think about size down there…

Discover The Truth About What Women Think About Size–And Why This One Other Thing Matters So Much More For Her Pleasure…

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Hey, it’s Craig Miller, Gotham Club’s Founder, and today I'm going to share some new and perhaps controversial insight about what women think about size.

Have you heard of  sex toy tester and “Orgasm Activist” Venus O’Hara?

I had the great opportunity to sit down with her and discuss why your size truly does NOT matter as much as you probably think.

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I asked her really specific questions about why being well-hung is not necessary to give a woman massive orgasms…

What truly matters for a woman's pleasure in bed… 

… and her answers may just surprise you.

So check out the full Q&A session below–and enjoy:

Catch The Full Interview Transcript & What Women Think About Size Below…

Q: When you're having sex with a guy, how important is it that he gets really hard? If he can only get semi-hard, is that a big turn-off?

A: Venus O'Hara: “Well, that's a really interesting question. No one's ever asked me that.

But I think this is a really good question, because people always ask about penis size, and I always say it's not about penis size, it's about how hard they are.

That's really important, and I think it's very important to be hard, because it's a sign of desire and also good health and good circulation, and someone who's relaxed and in the moment.

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So, for me, I think it's really, really, really, really important.

I think it's more important to have a really hard, smaller penis than a big, floppy, semi-hard one.

So yeah, I think it's very, very, very, very important, and that requires relaxation and just being genuinely into it.”

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And Here's Why Hardness Is Such a HUGE Turn-On…

Q: Can you describe a particular experience where a guy was able to get really hard with you and what, exactly, you enjoyed about it and how it made you feel mentally, emotionally, how it felt physically?

A: Venus O'Hara: “Okay, so I do think it's kind of like a compliment when [a guy can get really hard] … but, obviously, it depends on the situation.

If you're in a nonsexual situation and the guy's just getting hard, it can be like, ‘Oh, come on, try and think with your head.' But if you're in a sexual situation and the guy's really hard, it's a massive, massive, massive turn-on.

And it's way more important than penis size.

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I've had one relationship with a guy who had difficulty having an erection, and that, for me, was a massive blow to my self esteem and my ego.

The sex was just terrible, and it made me question maybe how much importance I was placing on sex. 

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It was almost psychologically … it was awful, because when I tried to address the problem, the guy was kind of in denial.

He'd just try and say, ‘Oh, it's just with you' kind of thing. ‘There's nothing wrong with me.'

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That's Not All…

It's very tricky just to approach this, because then that's going to make it even less likely for him to get hard.

It's going to increase the pressure.

So I was very aware of that and yeah, in the end, I ended up being unfaithful.

And it was absolutely so liberating.

It was amazing, because it just made me feel reassured that there was nothing wrong with me.

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The relationship was wrong on other levels as well.

So actually the best thing to do was to end it, and now I've just realized that sex is really important.

Desire is really, really, really important.

And it's important to have a hard c**k, definitely.

There's a lot more pleasure when the guy's very hard.

I know there's that moment when a guy gets even harder just before ejaculating.

I can really feel it during penetration, and that really turns me on as well.

Actually, it can also almost provoke me to have another orgasm during the guy's orgasm, which is fantastic.

I've often enjoyed simultaneous orgasms, thanks to that.”

Hot Sex Toy Tester Reveals: “Why I Prefer Smaller Penises to ‘Monster Dongs’ As Long as You Can Do THIS!”
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