Massive Study Reveals The #1 Quality Women Desire Most in a Man Today (And It’s Definitely Not What You Think!)

what women find attractive

If You Think You Know What Women Find Attractive in Men, You're in for a Shock (Plus How It'll Get You Laid a Lot More This Year)… 

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Let’s face it… landing the love of your life is not easy.

Heck, sometimes it seems impossible to land one decent date.

Whether you’re back in the dating game after a long time or have been playing the field for years, this new science I'm about to share with you is bound to help you score.

The things women value in a man now are pretty different from the things they valued decades in the past.

This might surprise you since, after all, we’re all only human.

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But as humans, we respond to our culture a lot. We might not be as in control of our preferences and plans as we think we are.

So what’s that got to do with understanding women and landing the lady of your dreams?

Well, if you’ve ever gotten dating advice from—er—an older gentleman, or someone from a different generation, you may have noticed something.

It ain’t your grandfather’s dating scene out there these days, that’s for sure.

What am I talking about?

According to this massive study, women’s wants and needs have changed a lot when it comes to men.

I’m here to share with you the top 20 characteristics today’s women value in a man—and to fill you in on how different the scene has become, since 1938!

So, what do women these days value in a man?

These Are the Top 10 Traits Women Are Looking For Today…

10) Ambition/Industriousness

The tenth most important trait that women seek in a mate is ambition and industriousness.

This is no big shock and hasn’t changed radically since the survey was first carried out in 1938.

No big surprise there—women still like a man who can work!

Massive Study Reveals The #1 Quality Women Desire Most in a Man Today (And It’s Definitely Not What You Think!)

9) Good Looks

You might be shocked to see this as number nine, and not number one.

Women today might be a little more shallow, though, since women in 1938 ranked looks number 14 in importance.

8) Good Health

It’s true–she values your cholesterol levels more than your jawline.

Yep, women today value good health more than good looks and even more than ambition—good news if you have a membership at your local gym!  

Surprisingly, women in 1938 valued good health even more than women today.

7) Desire For Home/Children & Sociability (2-Way Tie)

Two traits tie for these positions: a domestic urge, and good social skills.

I mean, it makes sense that these two would be equally important to today’s women—who wants to raise kids with The Grinch?

Interestingly, both of these traits were less important to women in 1938. What in the world were those women up to?

(A likely explanation is that women assumed most men already had a desire for home and children–it was valued a lot more as part of the familial structure 70 years ago.)

5) Pleasing Disposition

Clocking in as fifth most important: being a nice guy.

This was even more important to women in 1938, ranking third. Hmm… are women today more likely to tolerate jerky behavior?

Well, not necessarily.

But at least being nice is still more important than your looks.

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4) Education/Intelligence

Wow, women today care about your brains a lot more than their moms or grandmas did in 1938!

Clocking in at number four, how smart you are, OR how educated you are (not necessarily the same thing), is super important to women.

Back in 1938, this trait was only #11.

3) Emotional Stability/Maturity

Not too much of a shock here—but women of yester-year cared about emotional stability even more, ranking this super important characteristic as #2!

2) Dependable Character

Okay, ladies of 2008 and 1938 alike were not big fans of being stood up at dinner.

Women in 1938 placed this as number one, while women in 2008 logged it in second place.

Being a stand-up guy she can count on goes miles in any decade!

Massive Study Reveals The #1 Quality Women Desire Most in a Man Today (And It’s Definitely Not What You Think!)

And The Most Important Trait to Women Today Is (Drumroll Please)…

The most important trait to women today is: mutual attraction!

Basically, this means you’re both super into each other.

Ok, this seems sort of obvious. I mean, who would want to date someone they weren’t attracted to, or vice versa?

But women of 1938 placed mutual attraction as number four in importance.

Maybe a woman of the past was willing to put other things—like financial stability—over the number of butterflies spinning around in her stomach when she looks at you.

Why the changes?

One big reason might be:

Women have more independence.

Multiple wars and economic ups and downs have launched women firmly into politics and all areas of the workforce.

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As a result, society allows them to take care of themselves, and they no longer need to think of a partner as, first and foremost, a breadwinner.

This can be good news for relationships—a well-rounded guy doesn’t need to be raking it in for a woman to be all about him.

Of course, it also leaves less up to economics and more up to love—that fickle beast, which no one really understands.

Overall, though, it’s good news that you can focus on being an awesome guy, and can expect the right lady to appreciate you for it.

The key is to use this data to your best advantage once you're going out on dates and meeting women.

Here's an example:

what women find attractive

How Can You Use This Data to Get Laid More?

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