The 5 Types Of Conversation (And Why THIS One Is a Shortcut To Sex)

What To Talk About With a Girl You Like

What To Talk About With a Girl You Like So She's Eager to Come Back to Your Place–Here's How to Get Her Home With You Using Very Little Effort…

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Today I'm going to talk about verbal interactions–or conversations–with women.

Because when you are out and you first interact with a woman… it can go one of 5 ways.

I'm going to show you what these outcomes are.

That way, you can predict the outcome of every interaction you have–and that means you can also control what happens.

(AKA this is one of the easiest and effective ways to avoid rejection, and get more hot girls in bed with you faster.)

Because as you may already know, the “default” is not recommended when it comes to your conversations with women.

What does this mean?

It means that, as with most things, if you make no decision, you will still make a choice–but it will almost certainly be a poor one.

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So bring yourself into the scene with me.

A vodka soda is already in your glass–with two cardboard-thin lemon slices floating between the ice cubes.

Or, perhaps you’re out in the daytime, and it's a flat white or an espresso–the lemon twist down in the saucer.

You’ve opened on the prettiest woman there.

“See, that’s a fancy drink.” Or whatever. She laughed and you’re on your way.

There are five ways it can go.

Here's what they are:

2) The Interview

So after enough struggle to escape the monologue–you might start asking questions.

Maybe you’ve read the accurate statement that “questions control a conversation,” or, “questions are the most powerful part of communication.”

Maybe you are eager and need to know certain things in order to move forward, like logistics:

“Where do you live? Do you have a roommate?”

Or preferences:

“Do you eat meat? Do you like flowers?”

Or background:

“Big Family? Are you Jewish?”

Of course, this also means you've done a good job of ignoring my advice–because over and over, I recommend that you stay away from questions in the first 4 meetings.

The Interview is still better than The Press Conference, though, because now she's talking.

You're directing traffic, and you may be discovering things about her that will move you forward.

However, you probably won't discover too much–you have to be really good at asking questions for that to happen, and you have to KNOW what you want to know.

It's also a big problem since you can't connect.

3) The Discussion

OK, now you're talking… I mean, now you're both talking.

This might happen because you've found a common point of interest–that's the best way–or maybe you are just interested enough in something that you keep the conversation on it.

Her input may not even be relevant.

For example:

You: “Have you seen Black Panther?”

Her: “No…”

You: “Seriously? It’s a phenomenon. You really should see it. It’s changed film and opened yada yada yada…”

As opposed to:

You: “Have you seen Black Panther?”

Her: “Yeah!”

You: “It’s a phenomenon. Everyone should see it. It’s changed film and opened yada yada yada…”

When you want to talk about something, or you’ve hit upon a rapport point, you might end up in a discussion. And you probably both will enjoy that interaction.

You’ll also likely learn things about her–particularly about her ability to contribute to a discussion and her understanding of whatever this topic is.

You may also learn about her ability to stay in a conversation about a topic that may not overly interest her.

This is a connection, and you both are involved. So we are definitely improving in terms of an interpersonal interaction.

Can it get any better?

It certainly can. But this style–The Discussion–is where your interactions should be by the third or fourth time you guys meet.

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I'd recommend you don't start here though.


The Discussion leaves both of you with little to connect upon (often one thing, though maybe two or three) and little information about each other.

You also miss out on opportunities to find out what lights her up–what she loves talking about or, more specifically, what she would prefer to talk about.

Because unless she's DETERMINED to talk about her favorite topics, or you already know what they are (pretty much impossible), there’s no way for the conversation to get there.

Even if you ask, point blank, what she likes or what she enjoys talking about, the chances are high that she doesn’t know.

She may know what she wants to like talking about, or how she wants you to remember the answer to that question, but she probably won’t be able to tell you offhand what lights her up.

How do you get that to happen?

4) The Conversation

This is the best kind of verbal interaction you can have with a woman you are interested in (we'll touch on non-verbal in a sec).

You don’t lead her or trail behind her, but rather the two of you walk together.

These are the interactions that organically happen when you remember talking to someone and things go beautifully.

If you’ve met someone and really enjoyed it, chances are high it looked like this.

The Conversation is where you move through and around topics fluidly, like water flowing over rocks in a forest stream.

You wander, and you both react to what you find, grabbing and letting go.

You talk.

Both of you are contributing, investing and demonstrating your personalities.

And that means that you're each getting more interested in each other. She's getting more attached to you, and she's learning more about what makes you tick.

She likes you.

Which means that as soon as you start having interactions like these, sex is on the table…

So here's how to make it happen:

What To Talk About With a Girl You Like

5) The Shortcut To Sex…

The fifth kind of conversation is the one that gets her in bed with you, and it’s mostly done with touch.

After all, sex is a physical act… so naturally touch is what bridges the gap between talking and sex.

Which is great for you, since it doesn’t really matter what you’re talking about if you touch her right…

But of course you do have to be careful.

Too much touch could make her feel like you just want to get laid, and scare her off.

But on the other hand if you don’t touch her enough, that spark or what people call “chemistry” isn’t going to be there… and you’ll be lucky to leave with a phone number.

But fear not…

In my experience there are certain “innocent” areas you can touch, to turn a woman on when you're talking to her.

These areas seem innocent, so when you touch her your intentions will fly under her radar… but they’re also sensitive enough to get her wet and tingly *down there*:

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