Sex Clubs 101: Inside The Secret World Where You Can Have Sex With a Total Stranger

What Is a Sex Club?

What Is a Sex Club? Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Find Fast Hookups With Hot Girls in a Sex Club Near You…

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I’m guessing you spent some of your childhood doing stuff with “clubs.”

Boy Scouts, karate, chess club, swimming club, you name it.

But you’re a grown man now. Clubs are a thing of the past, right?

Not necessarily…

Adults get to have fun with clubs, too. 😉

Maybe you’ve even heard someone mention a sex club.

What are these mysterious gatherings?

Can they be real?

I’m here to answer all of those questions.

First of all, yes, sex clubs are real.

Read on to learn what goes on inside of them, and how you can get involved, if you want to.

What Is a Sex Club & Where Can You Find One?

Let’s start with the basics.

What in the world is a sex club?

Essentially, it’s a big hookup party.

A sex club is a nightclub that people go to expecting to maybe have sex while there.

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Lots of clubs have a big, open dance floor on the first floor.

Rooms upstairs can be used for hooking up, or acting out fantasies.

Sex clubs are usually pretty regulated, with multiple bouncers.

Everyone asks permission before touching another person.

And that’s it. A sex club is a dance club where things get a little more X-rated.

Now let’s bust some common myths about sex clubs.

Because you might be thinking:

A sex club could be fun to try!

Then again, you might be worried because of some bad info floating around out there.

Let’s clear up some of these myths.

Myth #1: Everybody At a Sex Club Is a “Perfect 10”

Wrong! researchers who visited sex clubs, and interviewed people who go there often, said this is not true.

There are plenty of hotties, of course.

There are also plenty of people you won’t be attracted to.

Most of the people, though, are what you might call “average.”

That means they’re real people.

Real women—not only 6-foot-tall supermodels.

Real women means real beauty.

It also means, even if you aren’t an underwear model yourself, you won’t feel out of place.

Women are attracted to all sorts of different looks, so all types of guys are welcome at these clubs.

Myth #2: You MUST Have Sex in a Sex Club


You never HAVE to have sex, ever, of course, and this applies at a sex club, too.

Plenty of people go to sex clubs just to do a little light messing around.

Also, whoever you hook up with at a sex club might want to set limits.

A conversation is all it takes to make sure everyone has fun and stays comfortable.

If you want to decline an encounter, you can politely say no. That’s totally normal at sex clubs.

But you can also say yes. 😉

Myth #3: Sex Clubs Are a Place to Hookup Only With Strangers

Once again, nope!

A totally head-over-heels in love married couple can go to a sex club.

A totally monogamous couple can go to a sex club—and just hookup with each other.

Plenty of couples go to sex clubs to “swing,” or hookup with other people, without any lying or sneaking.

But others go just to be with each other.

In fact, this is a great way to get frisky in public!

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Lots of people are into that, but it usually comes with the risk of getting, um, arrested.

Not at a sex club! Spice up your relationship by getting intimate in a totally new way.

Sharing this info with your lady might convince her to come along.

This can be fun even if you’re single. If you’re having a fling with an adventurous woman, she might be down.

Myth #4: If You Hookup in a Sex Club, It Has to Be In Public

False. Sex clubs can be so much more than a public hookup, or a space to fulfill some kind of “kink.”

Lots of clubs have special areas, or events, created for different fantasies.

This is extra true if you’re into exhibitionism (being watched while having sex), or voyeurism (watching others have sex).

Some clubs have actual “viewing platforms” for people who are into this.

Other clubs are designed for people with certain fetishes.

And other clubs, still, are for people who are otherwise completely “normal” sexually, and just want to have sex in a new space with a new person.

Check out local clubs to find one that offers what you’re into.

Getting involved is as simple as searching online to learn about sex clubs in your area.

Read some online reviews to learn the details and find a vibe you like.

Keep an eye out for “newbies” nights—many clubs offer events for new people, to make everything less overwhelming!

Next, how does a guy prepare to go to a sex club?

Not too tricky, actually.

Researchers found that most men at sex clubs dressed as if they were on a date.

Unless your local club has a special theme, you can usually just show up wearing night club attire.

(I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest you bring some condoms. Because, I mean, it’s a sex club.)

If any of this sounds fun to you, why not give it a try?

A sex club could be a good way to get out of a rut.

It could lead to your next regular fling, or even relationship.

Which brings me to the final myth about sex clubs… and it’s one of the most commonly believed by men all over the world:

What Is a Sex Club?

Myth #5: You Can’t Get Repeat Hookups in Sex Clubs

It’s true… if you go to the right clubs, you can meet complete strangers, and have sex with them, no strings attached.

BUT… there’s a problem.

A lot of guys at these clubs are clueless about how to make a woman come… and if you can’t make a woman come, then she will move on to a different guy at the club who can make her come.


If you can make her come, and you can make her come quick, then guess what?

She’s going to want to keep fooling around with you that night… and she will want to keep seeing you outside of the club too.

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