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Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

So in this video today, I'm going to show you ways to meet and hook up with younger women.

Let's talk a little bit about where you can go to meet younger women

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So with that, let's get started. 

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

So the very first place is a college campus.

There is no better place than a college campus to meet younger women. 

But how do you attract college women without actually being a college student? 

Some great ways to get past this is by joining an international students club. 

With this you can be a volunteer who helps them experience the city and take them out to events.

All you have to do is look for the International department and say you would like to volunteer or join that club. 

Similarly, there are sports clubs, drama clubs, and a lot of extra curricular activities that happen on college campuses. That will allow you to meet girls on campus. 

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2) Check Out This Underrated Website (Not A Dating App)

The next thing you can do is check out a website called meetup.com.

This is more applicable if you live in America.

Meetup.com is a website where you can create different activities. 

So I can create a meetup where we can practice yoga every day, go out and take photos of sunrise or sunset, or just go to bars or an acting class or whatever it is. 

Meetup.com is where people create a group to meet like-minded people to do some activities.

So based on your interest, you can create a meetup and meet the kind of girls you like. 

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For example, you can start your photography club, and people are going to practice photography.

Some girls will definitely join that group. 

Now you also have a reason to approach girls on the street.

You see a younger woman, you approach her your meetup group and say, “We would like you to be a model for us.”

So this allows you to meet girls and bring them into your circle.

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3) Yoga

Yoga is another thing a lot of younger women love to do.

This acrobatic yoga craze is attracting a lot of young and in-shape women.

You can join any kind of class and chances are you're going to meet a lot of younger women there. 

4) This Other Unexpected Workout Class…

Same thing when it comes to dance classes.

Now, I'm not a big fan of dance classes because I find certain dance classes usually attract older women. 

So if you're looking for someone in her early 20s, look for a hip-hop class. 

If you join a hip-hop class, chances are you're the only guy or maybe there's one other guy. 

Everybody else is going to be a younger girl. So that's a great place to go and meet younger women. 

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5) Acting Classes 

The next thing is acting classes or music.

These are again two areas that draw a lot of younger women.

If you think about it, most women who want to be an actress are girls who usually are between 20 and 24.

You don't think of starting an acting career at the age of 35 or 40. 

Now, once in a while, you will find women of all age ranges in these classes.

But the majority of girls in that class will be between 18 and 25 or so. 

The same thing goes with music. 

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6) Couch Surfing

Then there’s always couch surfing.

If you live in a big city that draws a lot of international tourists, even national tourists. couchsurfing is amazing.

It is a gold mine. 

I have done a lot of couch surfing myself. Couch surfing is one of my favorite ways to meet younger women.

And the reason is a lot of women who do couch surfing are usually younger girls who don't have much money and want to travel the world. 

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So they're looking for a host that they can go and stay with.

And this allows you to meet a lot of younger women who are traveling for free, who have no friends, who have a lot of time to explore the city to do things with you. 

You can't make it any easier than this to get or sleep with a younger woman.

And if things work out between the two of you, often times, it can lead to a serious relationship.

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7) Shopping Malls (But You MUST Be Careful About Your Approach Here)

And then there are shopping malls.

I want to talk a little about shopping malls.

When I talk about shopping malls, I don't recommend that you go and approach women who are shopping there. 

This is because it's very hard to tell the age of women who are there and you don't want to risk it.

It's just not worth it.

So don't approach girls who are shopping there unless you're 100% sure they are of legal age. 

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When I go to shopping malls I usually want to go and flirt with girls who are working in the store.

Most clothing stores will hire very attractive girls to work. 

So when you go there, you're going to meet a lot of attractive women. 

And when you do find a hot younger woman you'd like to take things to the “next level” with… here's what you do:

ways to meet younger women
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Now what I’m about to show you works ESPECIALLY well if you use the couchsurfing strategy I showed you above… (because it puts you in a position where sex can happen right then & there)

… though it will also work in a meetup setting, as long as you use this when you’re talking to a hot younger woman one-on-one:

While you’re talking to her, touch her like this ←

This type of touch can get hot younger women dripping wet when you use it often enough…

Because touching women in this way targets a few key “non-erogenous zones”… that are secretly CHOCK-FULL of sexual nerve-endings…

(Like this spot on her neck for example… or this surprising area on her wrist…)

So they come off as totally “innocent” and even “casual”… though they’ll get her more and more aroused, the more you do it.

Touching in this way is so powerful that many politicians do a similar thing when they talk to people… to come off as more “likable” and persuasive.

They’ll touch people on the arm in a certain way while they’re talking to them, and their message comes off as more emotional and compelling.

(Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama use these kinds of discreet and innocent-seeming touches when talking to people all the time… really powerful stuff my friend.)

I think my favorite part is that this technique often gets younger women so turned on, and dripping wet… that they make moves on YOU

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