27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer

ways men can make women feel safer
When a woman feels safe around you, she’ll open up faster and will want to spend more time with you (keep scrolling to see how it’s done)…

Use This Ultimate List of Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer to Attract More Women Naturally & Get Them to Come To You…

Like it or not, women are always looking for red flags when they’re dating.

Women know they are vulnerable to predatory men, so they have to be vigilant in the dating process.

In a perfect world, men and women could trust each other no matter what.

But in our world, men do not START with a woman’s trust–they have to earn it.

If you make a woman feel even the tiniest bit unsafe, she is going to slip off your radar real quick.

First of all, ask yourself: do you have any ill intentions?

If so, you need to cut that out immediately.

Make it your personal goal to be a safe person for any woman… or girl for that matter.

It is one of men’s highest honors and responsibilities to provide safety to women, who are by nature more vulnerable to physical harm than men.

Take pride in being a force of good for women everywhere, and that will translate naturally into your success in dating.

So, how do you make a woman feel safe?

Step one: be a safe person.

Step two: study the following list of 27 ways men can make women feel safer that comes directly from the female perspective.

27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer

1) If you meet someone in public that you’re interested in, don’t ask for her number (right away).

Write yours down on a piece of paper, say you’d love to get to know her better, and then promptly leave the premises.

This way you don’t come off as too aggressive or needy.

Most importantly, it puts the power and control in her hands, which is sure to make her feel more comfortable with the idea of getting to know you.

2) When you first meet, save sexuality for later.

Women are wary of men who are too quick to talk sex, because if we don’t know you very well, it will seem like you just want one thing from us.

Even if that’s the only thing we want too, it’s still a red flag because you skipped a bunch of steps in the getting-to-know-each-other process.

Start neutral in the beginning to show that you don’t have a one-track mind.

3) Show your wholesome side.

If you coach high school basketball, love your dog, have a stable job, or are studying in school, let that be known!

These are all things that indicate trustworthiness and character.

A woman wants to know right away whether you’re a solid person or dealing meth on the streets.

(Alright, that was a *bit* of an exaggeration… but you get the point.)

Don’t be afraid to show your soft, nerdy, responsible side.

Like I said in #2, your sexual vibes are for later.

27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer

4) Make her laugh.

Have you noticed that often when people laugh, they tilt their head back?

When this happens their throat is exposed, which in nature would be a bad idea if danger were about.

So when somebody laughs like this, it means they feel so safe they can bare their throat to the world without any fear.

Laughter makes people feel warm, trusting, and happy.

5) Never ask where she lives.

If it is important for you to know, she will tell you!

The last thing any woman wants when dating is to gain a stalker.

If she is at all concerned that you might have that in you, she’s going to ghost you hard.

27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer

6) With respect to #5, let your first meeting be in a safe, public place, ideally during the day.

If you’re chatting with someone online, don’t ask to pick them up from their place.

Ask if there is somewhere she would like to go and if she can’t think of something, suggest something comfortable like the coffee shop in the plaza by your favorite bookstore (yes please).

7) Do not ask her to send pictures of herself.


When she feels comfortable with you, she WILL send pictures.

And the safer she feels, the sexier those pictures will be. 😉

8) Allude to who your friends are.

If a woman isn’t sure what you’re all about, she’s going to look at who you spend time with.

If it turns out you hang out with some shady dudes, she’s going to slip away.

If you talk about your friends who are athletes, teachers, baristas, artists, and other functional, healthy roles, it will boost her confidence about you as a person.

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9) Ask for her opinions, perspectives, and insights.

If you show interest in what she cares about, believes in and how she sees the world, she will know that you are not just in it for you.

If she feels comfortable enough to express who she is, that’s another step closer to earning her trust.

10) Don’t flake.

If you’re trying to earn a woman’s trust, you need to not bail on your plans.

If you need to rush your grandmother to the hospital, that’s one thing… but if your buddy invited you over to watch the game when you had a date scheduled, you better tell him no or you may never see that woman again.

If you can’t keep your word, it means you’re not reliable.

If you’re not reliable, you might not even be safe.

11) Be honest.

You must be absolutely clear with a woman what it is you want.

It’s okay to not know exactly what you want, but it’s not okay to say you want a long-term relationship when you’re just trying to get laid.

You can be casual about it too.

Say, “I’m open if something develops, but right now I’m not actively looking for anything serious.”

This way she understands what page you’re on and knows that she can count on you to tell the truth.

27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer
Stand up for a woman and she’ll be grateful, happy and see you as the kind of man she’d like to be with long-term…

12) Stand up for her.

If you’re out together and some guy makes an inappropriate comment to your date, you need to say something along the lines of, “Do not talk to her that way.”

Or, if another woman says something rude to her, you need to be on standby.

Give your date a chance to react and if she seems shocked or otherwise too upset to respond, you need to make it clear that you will not tolerate behavior like that.

There’s no need to make threats or anything, just say NO, that is not acceptable.

This is also really important, because if you’re at a bar for example, and the bartender sees you acting like a stand-up man, you’re the one he’s going to favor, and the other guy’s going to get thrown out.

Always maintain poise and stay tactful.

13) Stand up for yourself.

Show that you can defend yourself and diffuse a conflict.

Show that you do not allow your emotions to take over if someone says something rude to you.

Learn how you can protect your honor without resorting to verbal or physical violence.

14) Don’t be aggressive.

To expand on my previous point, it’s crucial that you not escalate a heated situation.

If she sees you getting ready to fight someone, she won’t feel safe around you EVEN though you’re defending her.

If she finds out you’re willing to fight someone, it suggests that you might be a little too comfortable with violence.

That violence could one day be turned on her–at least that’s the thought that goes through her head.

Be assertive, but be peaceful.

15) Do not get drunk.

Sure, maybe when you’ve been together a while you’ll go to fun parties and get hammered and call a cab at the end of the night.

But if you’re just starting to get to know a woman, just don’t drink heavily, period.

It’s a huge red flag if you’re doing that right off the bat.

It suggests you may have a drinking problem, an impulse control problem, and that you don’t respect her presence enough to stay relatively sober.

Stay composed, and she’ll feel safe.

27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer

16) Be emotionally available.

Part of a woman’s sense of safety is not physical, but emotional.

If she starts to share something vulnerable with you, listen.

Be there for her and do not criticize her or shut her down.

17) Let things happen naturally and be prepared to accept rejection.

You absolutely must never ever manipulate a woman.

Do not fabricate what you say or do in order to get something you want.

If everything you do is just ultimately to get her to have sex with you, and you don’t have any other investment, then you are manipulating.

In this case, you have no business dating.

You need to see a person as a whole person before you are qualified to get into any kind of relationship.

18) Demonstrate your power in harmless ways.

If you have enormous biceps, show her that by helping her get the piano from the garage sale into her truck.

If you are very charming and persuasive, see if you can get the bartender to put a special flair on her cocktail.

If you are really tall, help her reach the highest shelf in the grocery store.

All these are examples of showing that you know how to use your power for good, which will put a woman at ease.

27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer

19) If you encounter a woman at a club or a festival and you want to make a connection…

… please do NOT touch her until you’ve had some kind of interaction.

Dance with her without just coming up behind her.

Why would she want to let someone whose face she hasn’t even seen yet dance with her?

If the only dancing you know is grinding, try looking up some videos on YouTube.

20) Follow her lead when it comes to more sensual touch, like a hand on her wrist or tucking her hair behind her ear.

To build on the previous point, let her give you clear signs that she wants you to touch her in more intimate ways.

For example: getting close to you, touching your face, or asking you to pull up the zipper on the back of her dress that came a couple inches undone.

Let her dictate when and how you touch her, and then follow her lead.

21) Watch your language.

You do not want her to feel objectified or she will lose all trust in you.

Do not comment on her “t*ts,” “a**,” “legs,” or anything else.

Stick to classy phrases like “you look beautiful in that dress.”

It’s not until you know a woman really well that you can flex those boundaries.

27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer

If things are getting steamy, do not assume that she wants to have sex.

Even if she is physically responding, voluntarily or involuntarily, do not assume.

While over time in a relationship non-verbal consent can become an established norm, in the beginning, you need her to say y-e-s before you dare touch her sexually.

23) Even if you get that y-e-s, don’t assume that it will not change.

Read her body language.

If she stiffens, gets quiet, starts to close her legs, or gives any other indication that she’s not 100% into it, ease up and ask if everything is okay.

Anytime you have sex, you should be fully mentally prepared to stop at any moment.

A woman’s mind can change in an instant.

Showing that it is okay for her to change her mind will make her feel safe with you.

24) If your first conversation begins online, keep things brief but not curt.

Don’t launch into who you are and what you believe.

Stay casual, take an interest in her, and provide some insight into who you are and what you’re about.

25) Demonstrate your awareness of boundaries.

Show that you respect personal space by not standing or sitting too close to her.

Allow pauses in conversation in case she’d like to excuse herself for a moment–or even leave.

26) Be respectful to others.

She is watching every interaction you have and is forming her judgment of you.

If you are rude to the waiter, the taxi driver, the homeless person on the street, she is not going to feel safe with you.

When you do these things in her presence, you may make her feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

27 Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer
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27) Show compassion.

If you empathize with other beings, you will be able to earn a woman’s trust.

If you tenderly pat a kitten, help a woman carry her grocery bags to the car, or tie a kid’s shoe, you are demonstrating compassion and altruism.

Another thing you can do to make women feel more “in tune” with you?

(This also allows you to escalate physically with her faster by the way…)

Pay attention to her body language.

There are certain signs women give off that subconsciously reveal when she’s really interested in you… and so if you see her do any one of these things, there’s a good chance she’s interested in being more than “just friends” with you.

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