This “Fast Pass” Method Builds Intimacy With Her QUICKLY!

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The Quickest Way to Intimacy With a Woman Is…

The quickest way to build intimacy with a woman isn't by telling her all of your deepest desires and secrets, like you're one of her girlfriends gabbing with her over a glass of wine.

It's not even strong, prolonged eye contact. Eye contact will help you get noticed by a woman, and allow her to see you as a sexual person of interest, but it won't really generate any intimacy on its own.

No, the quickest way to intimacy with a woman is by touching her in appropriate ways at appropriate times.

This does a bunch of things for you that I'll cover in this week's video:

This is one of my favorite videos yet! In it, I cover a bunch of really helpful stuff, including:

  • The absolute fastest way to sexualize a conversation with a woman so that she never even has the opportunity to put you in the dreaded “friend zone”
  • The easiest way to take her home on the first night you meet her
  • Two simple ways to show that you're interested even in crowded, public or professional places so that no one else will be able to tell
  • The “handshake secret”–how to shake her hand in a way that will let her know you're interested and start turning her on a little…
  • The hard truth about exactly how far ahead this puts you compared to other guys she might be interested in–it's almost like a “fast pass” to get to the front of the line in her mind
  • How to take things from there all the way to the bedroom

I'm telling you, there's absolutely no way to build intimacy with a woman more quickly than through touch.

If you're tired of having a seemingly endless stream of dates with a woman without so much as a kiss….

…try touching her in a playful, appropriate manner. She'll actually get more comfortable with you since she'll know your intentions.

Not only that, but you'll show her that you're a man who knows what he wants, which is a huge turn on for her. And it's another step that'll take you a lot closer to getting intimate with her.

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