An Honest Review of Rock Hard

An Honest Review of Rock Hard

Learn All About the Dietary Supplement Rock Hard Formula

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What is Rock Hard Formula?

Rock Hard Formula is a supplement that promises to get men up and going again, boosting desire and improving erections and sexual stamina. 

A survey found that only three percent of men are totally satisfied with their sex lives. Thirty-three percent were “fairly happy.” Which really doesn’t sound all that great. 

A whopping three-quarters said they could use some help.

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If you experience these problems, you’re not alone. But a lot of the treatments for men’s sexual health problems have a lot of nasty side effects and can be pretty invasive…

No one should have suffer and miss out on a great sex life, so taking an all natural supplement seems like a great solution.

Rock Hard Formula advertises better sexual performance. But does it deliver? 

Read on to find out. ..

The Ingredients + How They Work 

The most important things to your performance in bed is the quality of your erection, your desire, and how long you can keep it up. 

Rock Hard Formula promises bigger, harder erections than you’ve ever had  in your life — and promises that they’ll last forever

Specifically, that they’ll last a minimum of thirty minutes…

That’s a BIG promise…

Rock Hard Formula also promises to boost you’re desire, claiming that you’ll be really into sex again. Any laziness and boredom and anxiety will, supposedly, just melted away. 

So, what does this supplement contain? 

The ingredients are Ancient Eastern SuperHerbs. 

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Add a teaspoon or two of the powder to your protein shake in the morning. Or just throw it in some water. 

The creators have used a balance of these Ancient Eastern SuperHerbs and they claim that you’ll get incredible, pants-ripping results.  

But what do the Ancient Eastern SuperHerbs in Rock Hard Formula do, exactly? 

They claim to help men achieve peak sexual performance and give you a boost in all areas of your life. 

An Honest Review of Rock Hard

Here are the most important of these herbs: 

Goji Berry: It’s not just for fancy granola bowls. Goji berries help with bloodflow throughout the body. [1

Cistanche: this rare herb boosts male sexual health. [2

He Shou Wu: this herb has anti-aging effects and it boosts sex drive and sperm-count. [3]

Eucommia Bark: this unique plant boosts sex drive and helps with overall reproductive health. [4]

Horny Goat Weed: despite its funny name, this herb is serious business—it helps increase energy and testosterone levels, and it’s known around the world as a strong aphrodisiac. [5]

Tribulus Terrestris: this plant also boosts testosterone, helping with sexual performance and satisfaction. It can help with stronger, longer-lasting erections and better overall health, since testosterone is crucial for men’s health in all areas. [6]

Nettle Root: a delicacy in many cultures, nettle also helps testosterone, improves prostate health, has benefits for blood sugar, and also helps with skin and joint health. [7]

Salvia Root: this plant helps with circulation and blood flow for the whole body, as well as the sexual organs. [8]

Morinda: known by many names, this herb boosts male sexual health and performance. [9

An Honest Review of Rock Hard

Are There Any Potential Side Effects? 

Rock Hard Formula has no notable side effects noted by the manufacturer or in reviews.

Choosing a natural supplement is a great way to avoid side effects (from dangerous blue pills) that can actually reverse your progress on improving your sexual and overall health. So a product like Rock Hard Formula may be a great option. 

However, you never know how your body is going to react to new herbs, especially in concentrated amounts. 

Some of these herbs individually can cause some side effects, for example. 

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Goji berries, surprisingly, have been known to contribute to acne and skin irritation. So be careful if you’re already prone to skin problems. 

Of course, that depends on dose and every person is different, but pay attention to whether you experience any new symptoms after you begin a new supplement. 

And if you have a sensitive digestive system, adding a bunch of new herbs can cause some irritation, and potentially diarrhea, so proceed with caution, and consider starting to take the product slowly.

As with any supplement, check with your doctor before you start taking Rock Hard Formula. 

Check the ingredient list above to see if you have any known allergies to these herbs, and be on the lookout for new allergies. 

An Honest Review of Rock Hard

Where Can You Get Rock Hard Formula?

You can order Rock Hard formula online, here.  

It costs about $97 for a month-long subscription. 

If you sign up for a six month supply all at once (for $497), that breaks down to $82/month, which is a little more affordable. 

It’s not super cheap, but could definitely be worth it for a product that works. 

It sounds like their customer service is pretty responsive, and you can contact them about return options if you’re not satisfied. 

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My Overall Take

This product seems pretty promising… 

Most online reviews are generally positive, though a few complained about the taste and said the product really needs honey added to be bearable. 

Of course, putting additional sugar in your diet definitely isn’t ideal. 

Others complained about the cost, and perhaps didn’t feel like they were quite getting their money’s worth. 

But is it the best out there?

An Honest Review of Rock Hard

How Does Rock Hard Formula Compare with Competition? 

As good as Rock Hard Formula seems, there’s another supplement out there that seems to perform even better. 

It’s a combination of 5 potent extracts from plants and herbs that are scientifically-proven to help boost your bloodflow to your penis (and throughout your body).

All 5 of these plants and herbs start with the letter “G”… hence its name:


There are thousands of men who have been helped by 5GMale to date…

And they’ve been rewarded with thicker erections, and much longer ability to perform in bed too!

According to many reviews, not only does 5GM help your performance–it also increases your desire

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5GM can give you your drive and your erections back… and it can do it quickly… in an “all-natural” way that isn’t dangerous at all (it’s 100% Made-in-the-USA…and proud of it!).

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