How to Use Tinder Super Likes to Get 3x More Matches

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The Best Strategy For Using Your Tinder Super Likes…

When I first sat down to talk with my buddy Race du Plessis, the Tinder expert, about all things Tinder, I thought, “How hard can this be? It's just Tinder?”

But the more I used the app, and the more I optimized my profile, I started to get a lot of these things called “Super Likes.”

At first I thought it was cool. All of these girls letting me know they're really interested in me? How much easier could it get?

But then I had another thought:

“How can I use this to my advantage?”

You know what I found out?

Super Likes Are Actually Really Important to Getting Better Matches

When Tinder first released Super Likes in Australia (before releasing them in the U.S.), they crunched the numbers and found that people who used Super Likes were 3x more likely to match, and had 70% longer conversations on Tinder.


(If you want to check out the numbers in the original article, here they are).

That ups your chances significantly, so you can understand why I'd want to discuss these more with my buddy Race, the Tinder Expert:

In this video, Race and I talk all things Tinder Super Likes, including…

  • How Super Likes work, and what exactly do they mean when you get one?
  • The easy way to get more Super Likes on Tinder without having to do much at all…
  • Race's strategy for Super Likes, and how to use them so that you put everything in your favor…
  • Should you Super Like girls who aren't “the most attractive,” or go for the hottest girls on the app? Race and I give our thoughts…
  • How to decide which women to use Super Likes on, and when to use them…


I'm not gonna lie–this is getting to be into “intermediate” or even “advanced” territory as far as Tinder goes. But I understand how tough it can be for you to figure all of these things out.

That's why if you listen to Race and me, you'll be all set. You'll start matching with more girls on Tinder, and the ones you do match with will be a lot hotter.


Here's What to Do Next

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Before long, you'll have more dates than you know what to do with. And that's not a bad problem to have at all. So start with the first video below and go from there:

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