Texting 101: How To Stand Out, Get a Response & Escalate Sexually Via Text

Texting Tips to Get a Response

Discover the Best Texting Tips to Get a Response & More–Are You Sending the Right “Message”?

Over and over, guys tell me the same things:

“I don’t like texting”… or,

“I prefer to use the phone.”

I’ve heard it from both men and women–but there’s no denying it:

Texting is taking over.

I won’t deny that talking on the phone has certain advantages over texting. However, there are also certain advantages to texting a woman that the phone cannot provide.

So today, I’m going to show you some pros & cons of texting. And then I’ll show you how you can use this information to get more responses and dates with your texts.

Here’s everything you need to know about texting women in today’s dating scene:

Texting Women: The Pros & Cons

If you don’t like texting, then you’re not alone.

Here are some of the most common “cons” of texting that may be the reason for your dislike:

Con #1: Texts Are Not “Live”

When you receive a text from a woman, is it recycled?

Are you the only one receiving this text?

Because she’s not standing there in front of you, it’s impossible to tell.

However, there are ways around this.

You can compensate for a “recycled” text by responding quickly, and by breaking up a paragraph into several shorter texts.

That way, it feels more immediate to her–like you’re thinking these thoughts right now, in the moment.

Of course, if she says something you don’t like, then you can also wait longer to respond.

Con #2: Texts Are Not Special

Unless you really like a girl–and you have no idea if you’re ever going to hear from her again–then you are very unlikely to celebrate the fact that she texted you.

This is true for her as well.

Texts don’t feel like somebody is giving you something. They don’t feel generous, and they seem impersonal.

So how do you compensate for the fact that your texts are not very “special”?

Pro #1: Texts Give You More Power Over Your Words

One of the pros of texting a woman over calling her is that you can find stronger things to say via text.

In a lot of relationships–even in the beginning–the two of you have private jokes.

This means that you’ve talked about or done things that have a particularly special meaning to just the two of you.

So in texts, you can refer to these things.

Even better, you can research them so that they inform your texts.

That additional effort–which a live conversation often doesn’t give the time for–can feel very good for her.

Pro #2: Texts Showcase Your Sense Of Humor

Here’s an example of how you can show your sense of humor to attract a woman over text.

I was texting a lover who was out of town… and I quipped that the protests to get her back to the city had already begun.

She responded well to this, so I immediately searched for a photo of a protest–and I found one with lots of “No” signs in it.

I went on to text her, “You obviously can’t hear it in my photo, but they’ve started chanting” (as though I had taken the photo).

She was in Palo Alto at the time, so after her reply, I went on:

“They’re saying,‘No Palo. No Alto,’ but my text doesn’t describe it, because if you could hear it, it’s more, ‘NO pa-LOW. NO al-TOW’!'”

I know this had a good effect because she responded, “LMAO! You’re too fast.” 

This is just one of the many ways texting a woman can make her want you more, little by little.

How To Add Emotion & Escalate Sexually When Texting A Woman…

Unlike face to face or phone conversation, texts only use one channel of communication:


Words communicate a lot, but they don’t communicate enough.

OK, you’re probably thinking that emotions are also included via emojis. Well, they are, but remember that these are symbolic emotions since there are a limited number of them. 

For example, a statement like, “Don’t be stupid” can be extremely different with a rolling eyes emoji or a crying laughing emoji. Even the phrase “lol” can help.

These are still all visual, though. Text misses out on sound and touch.

Texts also miss things like rhythm, volume and intensity. I can’t yell in text, or whisper, or rap or impersonate other people’s voices.

5 Easy Ways to Add Emotion to Your Texts (& Increase Your Odds of Getting A Response)

The way to compensate for the lack of emotions in texts is to use extra emotion.

That doesn’t mean in only one direction, mind you. Remember that women are attracted to emotional variety. 

Exaggerate the emotion, in other words, using punctuation, colorful vocabulary and emojis. 

For example, you can YELL ABOUT SOMETHING!!” In all caps…

Or you can “be really quiet” using a few short words.

You can also use pictures, memes, and hyperlinks to add motion, emotion, and energy to your texts.

Of course, your texts should still be shorter than hers.  That way you leave her wanting more.

That’s Not All…

Another great trick is to break up your paragraphs into a few different texts.

You can write out the whole thing first, and then just cut and paste to send a sentence at a time.

For example:

“I saw your brother…


He waved at me,

but I was in a conversation…

So I didn’t respond.

When I looked up he was GONE! :-(“

If she’s reading these texts while you’re sending them, the timing between texts adds a layer of response attentiveness and a physical rhythm. And to a woman, this is absolutely hypnotic.

In addition, breaking up a long thought can avoid the often uncomfortable look of “word vomiting” on the screen, where you send something so long that the idea of reading it all is off-putting.

All of these tricks and tips will help you get more responses and dates via text.

But I do have one more resource for you if you’re serious about improving your texting game…

Texting Tips to Get a Response

Want Even More Great Texting Tips?

Then you’re not alone… because what I’ve shown you is truly just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, GC founder & my good buddy Craig Miller recently held an exclusive seminar about the texting tips that he personally uses to get more girls… including:

  • The reasons why girls drop off the map (and why it isn’t usually even your fault)…
  • 2 of his best texts to get the conversation going again (and how long to wait so that you don’t look “needy” or “desperate”)…
  • His late-night text playbook to get you on her mind and to make hooking up later that night practically effortless…

Unfortunately, I was out of the country when Craig held the seminar… however, he was kind enough to send me this video recording of it… along with some notes.

And I’ve gotta say… these tips go WAY beyond what I showed you above… and give you all the essential tools you need to get your texting game where you want it to be.

So whether you’re an older guy looking for some more specific tips about how to text younger women… or you just wanna know how to text a girl so she comes over that same night… or even if you just want to get any response at all…

…then you have my word–this guide has your back. You can check it out right here:

Discover Craig’s “Mega-Guide” of Texting Tips to Get More Responses, More Dates, & More Hookups Via Text…

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