The Dark Side Of TRT: 3 Major Downsides of Testosterone Replacement (Plus A Safer Alternative)

testosterone replacement

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Well, gentlemen, I’m guessing I’m not the first to give you this news:

Testosterone levels are dropping.

Scientists have discovered that men today have lower testosterone than men of the same age decades in the past.

This is bad for everyone’s sex life—and it’s nobody’s fault.

Plastics and hormones in your food and water can contribute to lower testosterone.

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Modern lifestyles that require a lot of sitting are also to blame.

So are unhealthy diets full of processed foods. Even though fast food is constantly advertised to you, that doesn’t mean it’s good for your love life!

So what’s a guy to do?

After all, you’ve got to live in today’s world.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Really Worth The Hassle?

If you’re seeking solutions to sex problems or low energy, you might have heard of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Lots of guys are trying TRT. In fact, according to this study, between 2003 and 2013 the number of TRT prescriptions QUADRUPLED.

And that wasn’t only for older men who have a natural dip in testosterone.

These prescriptions were for guys between the ages of 18 to 45—in other words, young dudes who should have been in their sexual prime.

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So, did all of these pill-popping guys stumble on the holy grail?

Is TRT the solution you’ve been looking for to help you with low energy and disappointing erections?

TRT might seem like an easy solution, but before you go running to the pharmacy there’s a lot you should know.

1) You Have to Get a BUNCH Of Tests Beforehand

I’m guessing you don’t want to be among the one-quarter of men on TRT, who get a prescription without getting adequate tests.

Maybe you just think  you have low testosterone.

But really, you need a medical professional to test your testosterone levels to really know.

If you jump the gun and get the pills, and it turns out your testosterone levels are not low enough to need medication… you could actually prevent your body from producing testosterone naturally.

Experts recommend that you get tested by a doctor, when you’re feeling well, after fasting, in the morning, when your testosterone levels are highest.

They also recommend repeating the test at least once to make sure you really need TRT.

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Scientists also recommend that you consider other possible causes before hopping on the pill.

For example, could a boost in exercise boost your testosterone without a harmful prescription?

Quite likely! Experts say that a healthy 40-year-old who eats well and exercises usually has the testosterone levels of a 20-year-old.

For example, if an overweight man loses 7% of his body weight, his testosterone level could go up by 10-15%—pill free!

So before you start TRT, consider whether a lifestyle upgrade can fix your problem.

2) No Results For 4-6 Months (Minimum)

After all, TRT isn’t a fast fix. It’s not a miracle pill. You won’t even start to see results for 4-6 months.

And the side effects can be serious.

Another reason to think carefully before starting TRT: future generations.

That’s right:

Men who want children should avoid TRT, experts say. It can interfere with the pituitary gland in your brain and can stop your body from making enough sperm.

3) It Can Make You More Susceptible to Other Problems *Down There*

There are other problems that come along with TRT. These include a higher risk for pesky conditions like prostate cancer, sleep apnea, and blood clots. No fun, to say the least.

If you’re seriously suffering from low testosterone and your doctor tests you several times and confirms, you could consider TRT.

Sometimes, TRT can improve your sexual activity, energy levels, and overall physical condition.

But the side effects make TRT something that you probably don’t want to approach casually.

Working on a healthier lifestyle can improve your testosterone, and make you happier and healthier all-around.

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If low testosterone is your problem and you’re having a hard time landing a lady, picking up new activities, like biking or running, could make you feel better and also help you meet some hotties.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying for a healthier life. If you still have testosterone problems, then you can consider next steps with your doctor.

However, there is one more alternative option I haven’t mentioned yet…

It can boost your performance in the bedroom naturally, and doesn’t require any real lifestyle changes or a trip to the doctor:testosterone replacement

Here’s The Safer Alternative…

In a culture where everyone wants a quick fix, people often just try to slap a band-aid on the issue… and don’t often address the root cause.

I’m not going to lie… despite the health risks, TRT can show you some amazing results.

But do you really want to put your health at risk like that?

TRT is a band-aid fix… and the reality is, there is a much safer (and smarter) option:

Simply introduce foods into your diet that help promote healthy blood flow.

Many health experts have called proper and healthy blood flow the “Secret Fountain Of Youth.”

And that’s because when your blood is flowing like it’s supposed to, you’re not just getting more oxygen to your muscles and organs…

But you’re also getting a higher concentration of hormones (including testosterone)

Plus more amino acids (which boost muscle growth, repair, and endurance)…

Which means more energy… a much bigger sex drive.. and yeah, even harder boners since blood can get *down there* easier! 😉

There are 5 plant-based foods in particular that have been shown to promote extremely healthy blood flow:

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