Craig’s Challenge — Talk to a Hot Girl in Public

Craig’s Challenge — Talk to a Hot Girl in Public

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What’s up guys, it’s Craig here with your weekly challenge.

This week, I want you to approach and talk to a hot girl in public.

I know this might seem difficult to some of you out there, especially the younger guys who’ve gotten used to only meeting girls on apps… 

But knowing how to approach women in public is essential to the alpha male lifestyle.

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Plus, women think it’s hot when a guy has the guts to actually approach them the old fashioned way instead of hiding behind a screen…

Here are a few tips to get you started:

The Best Place to Go to Pick Up Women in Public

Let’s start with where you should be.

This might come as a surprise, but as Nico mentions, the supermarket is actually the best place to meet women.

But don’t just show up to the supermarket and start talking to women, you need a reason to be there. 

So grab a basket and do a little real shopping while you look for attractive women.

Craig’s Challenge — Talk to a Hot Girl in Public

How to Know She’s Into It

Before you approach a woman in public, look for signs that she’s actually into it.

As Ariel mentions over on Your Alpha Dude, look for signs that she’s in the mood and has interest first before you talk to a woman.

If she looks happy and content and has made eye contact with you — go for it!

If she looks like she’s in a bad mood — don’t bother. You’ll probably just annoy her more than anything.

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Be Direct and Go For It

Lastly, you’re at a supermarket — not a bar or a nightclub. 

Don’t use any lines or just invade her space for 5 straight minutes like a weirdo.

Just walk up to her and be direct. 

Tell her you think she’s gorgeous, that she seems like an interesting person, and that you’d like to hang out sometime.

Here’s an exact line you could try:

“Hi, excuse me. I never do this… but you’re drop dead gorgeous. I don’t have anything going on this weekend, you want to grab a drink or something downtown?” 

The worst she can say is no. In which case, get up, brush yourself off, and try again another time.

Best of luck guys.

Craig’s Challenge — Talk to a Hot Girl in Public

Stop Doing All the Work, Make Her Chase You!

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…

You’re probably dating the hard way, there’s absolutely no reason why you should be chasing women. 

Or stressing over which woman to approach…

You should go after the low-hanging fruit.

And no I’m not talking fatties, women with daddy issues, or just chicks you find unattractive…

I’m talking about women who are already interested in you, for the awesome stud you are.

I’m telling you right now… there are plenty of women out there who are into you, right now. 

You just have to know how to spot them. 

What’s even better is that these women will often chase you.

They’ll be the ones texting you first. 

Trying to come over and “watch Netflix”… 

Attempting the first kiss.

And even trying to initiate intercourse.

So why chase women, and do all this extra work, when you can just sit back and let her chase you, like the prize you are, for once?

All you gotta do is figure out which girls are the ones who are interested in you, give them a slight nudge, and sit back while they do most of the work:

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