5 Simple Steps to Get Spontaneous Sex With Hot Girls (Almost) Whenever You Want

take a girl home
Check Out our proven 5-Step Guide for Same-Night Sex below…

How To Take a Girl Home the Same Night You Meet Her–Follow These 5 Simple Steps for Same-Night Hookups & Sex…

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You’ve spotted a hot girl across the room… she’s smiling and laughing… and you think she’s stealing a few glances here and there in your direction…

But what can you do?

What can you say?

How do you go from wondering “I’d really like to date her” or “Man, I bet she’s wild in the sack”… to making it a reality and knowing for certain?

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I assembled my top mentors and experts in the field to give you the absolute quickest “step-by-step” plan to take a girl home with you the same day you meet her.

In fact, it’s so damned quick that “step-by-step” doesn’t really do it justice.

I call it my 5-Step “Fast-Track” to get a woman:

1) Sexually interested in you…

2) Really turned on…and…

3) Going home with you as quickly as possible.

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Once you have this Fast-Track, you’ll always know exactly what to do whenever you see a hot girl on the street, at a party, or even at work.

You’re really going to love this…

Step 1: How To Position Yourself as a Potential Lover In Her Mind…

A woman makes all kinds of snap judgments about you within moments of seeing you for the first time…

How you dress…how you carry yourself…your body language…your mannerisms…believe it or not, you’re subconsciously giving off a lot of information that women pick up on pretty easily…

So you might as well use it to your advantage to take a girl home with you.

For example, there are three subtle techniques Magic uses to easily build fast sexual attraction with a woman and position himself as a potential lover in her mind…for information on each, just click the link below:

a) Extended, high-energy eye contact

b) His “extended handshake” method

c) How to kiss a girl you just met

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Step 2: Effortlessly Escalate Your Conversation…

There have been a bunch of times when I’m talking to a hot woman…things are going great…and then <BAM>, conversational dead-end.

So I wanted to share some of the techniques and tricks that have worked best for me in the past… and that my buddies have used successfully dozens (if not hundreds) of times.

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These are great hacks to keep her interest in you high and to legitimately learn more about her…so that you can figure out if you have a connection or if you actually want to pursue her.

To see these three tricks and examples of how you can use them, just click here now:

The Single Best Way to Start a Conversation I’ve Ever Discovered…

If you want a hot girl to make the first move on YOU, keep reading to see a simple proven technique…

Step 3: Activate Her Arousal (Even in a Crowded Place)

Once the conversation’s going great, and you’ve decided you have a connection with her, you’re going to want to take things to the next level…

…but believe me, I know how tough that can be. What if she calls you out on it in front of a bunch of people? Or worse, publicly rejects you with an absolute meltdown?

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Fortunately, my mentors and I tackled this fairly recently. These are our very best tips and tricks to start turning a girl on in public without her or anyone else knowing how you’re doing it.

One minute she’ll be “normal,” and the next, she’ll start to feel an uncontrollable attraction building for you…she won’t really be sure why it’s happening…

But deep down, you’ll know why…and you can keep building it throughout the night until she’s asking (more like practically begging) to come home with you.

You can watch the free video here

Step 4: Show Her the Signals She Needs to See to Come Home With You…

Remember Step 1?

How you can position yourself as a lover or one-night stand in her mind based on non-verbal things like body language?

Women can pick up on body language signals and cues a lot more easily than men do.

That’s because that’s how women communicate–on a deep, emotional level where actions matter more than words do.

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So believe it or not, when a woman is looking to go home with a guy that night, she’s looking for some subtle “signals” that he’s the right guy to go home with.

We’ve identified 6 of these signals, and you can check out a short, powerful presentation that shows you what they are right here:

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take a girl home
Can you guess the secret to getting a hot girl “hooked” on you like a bad habit?

Step 5: Get Her Hooked On You in the Bedroom

I’ve found that once I take a girl home, the easiest way to get her “hooked” on me is to give her the best, most intense orgasms of her life.

In fact, did you know that there are 3 different types of powerful orgasms that women have?

Each one targets a different part of her with a simple, repeatable touch… and concentrates pleasure there… building it up until it overflows and gushes out of her in a powerful, toe-curling climax.

Few guys know how to consistently give a woman even one of these types of orgasms…

…but the guys who know about all three? They’re the ones who seem to always keep a girl as a happy, long-term girlfriend… or even a bunch of girls around for some casual fun.

And now I’m offering you a chance to become one of them.

To see how each one works, just click the method you want to know more about below:

1) How to Give Her Powerful Clitoral Orgasms

2) How to Manipulate Her G Spot to Give Her a “Screaming” G Spot Orgasm

3) How to Hit Her Secret “Deep Spot” and Give Her Pleasure She’s Never Felt Before…

And for even more advanced tips on how to give her waves of multiple orgasms, check this out, you’ll love it:

How To Give Her Rolling Waves of Intense Multiple Orgasms

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on December 29, 2019.]

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