Shy Guy’s “Secret” to Getting Regular S*x With Hot Girls

Shy Guy’s “Secret” to Getting Regular S*x With Hot Girls

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Have you ever seen those guys who can just seduce women… without saying much of anything at all?

I used to see these guys, and assume one of three things:

a) They’re super “smooth” and have had years of practice…

b) Or maybe they’re some sort of pickup or seduction “artist”…

c) They have enough money and/or fame to just inherently keep women interested in them.

And over the years, I learned that all of these assumptions were completely and 100% wrong…

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In fact, attracting a woman without using any “lines” can be simple, and even fun… if you know what to do, and how to do it.

Hi, I’m sex expert Ruwando — and as part of my weekly series, I’m sharing my best pieces of advice to help you get physical with a woman the way you want — and in practically any situation.

So today, I want to show you the secret to attracting women without any words, and how it can completely change the way you interact and get sexual with women.

Let's get started:

Catch the Full Video Transcript Below…

Hey, Ruwan here and in this video, I'm going to speak about non-verbal seduction.

For a long time, I would watch movies where the leading man would seduce the woman without any words being exchanged.

I was always confused by this — like, how could this possibly work?

Are these guys just ridiculously good-looking? Or is there some sort of magic they're doing? What's the deal?

Over time, I realized that a lot of how they're communicating is actually non-verbal.

I'm sure you've probably heard people say that “90% of our communication is non-verbal” or whatever… but in reality, ALL seduction is non-verbal.

You can consciously build attraction and connections without having to say much of anything at all — here's how:

Shy Guy’s “Secret” to Getting Regular S*x With Hot Girls

1) Feel Your Desire

There are really only two principles to the non-verbal side of seduction. The first one is to feel your desire.

This is where a lot of guys mess up when they're trying to meet women. With words or without words, they try to hide the fact that they're sexually interested.

And that makes you come off as a cold fish. It makes you feel impotent when you hide your sexual desire.

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So what ends up happening is that you either come off as creepy because a woman can feel you “hiding” something…

Or she's just going to think you're boring and impotent.

Remember, women like to have sex too. They want to feel sexual — and there's nothing that's more of a turn-on than feeling someone's desire for you (so long as it's respectful, of course).

Shy Guy’s “Secret” to Getting Regular S*x With Hot Girls

2) Let Her Know

The second principle is to let her know you want her — but not with your words.

You're not going to say, “Hey, I'm sexually interested in you.” This is a great thing to say if you're willing to be direct, but being non-verbal is a different kind of directness.

A lot of guys will do creepy stares, like trying to sneakily check a woman out… however, if a woman catches you doing this, it's game over.

Creepiness is trying to capture a woman's image without her knowing. And that's bad.

Instead, you want to openly communicate your sexual interest… and let her see you doing it.

That doesn't mean like staring her down lecherously, but if you see a hot woman and you're attracted to her, you can think that while you look at her.

You can think, “Wow, she is so beautiful,” and look at her in a way that communicates that.

Now, the nuances of communicating that through eye contact can get really complicated if you think about it too much, so don't overthink it.

Just let yourself feel that desire, and let her see you — that's the key. Don't hide it.

Shy Guy’s “Secret” to Getting Regular S*x With Hot Girls

Why Does This Work So Well?

Once you let her see you, it's time to see how she responds.

Now, just because you don't hide your desire does not mean she's going to respond positively — and that's OK.

Personally, a lot of my relationships and sexual encounters have come from simply feeling the attraction I feel for a woman. So don't hide it, and don't back down.

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It makes things a lot smoother when this happens, because beneath the surface you both know that, “Hey, we're into each other.”

And at that point, it doesn't even matter what you're talking about. 🙂

You could be talking about the weather, for example, but deep down you both feel the energy flowing.

And from there? Here's what to do next:

Shy Guy’s “Secret” to Getting Regular S*x With Hot Girls

How My SUPER Shy Buddy Picked Up a Total Stunner Last Week…

Roger was always “the quiet one” in my circle of friends. So when I brought him to a BBQ on my block last week… and he confessed that it had been SIX MONTHS since he had last gotten any action…

I knew I had to do something for him.

“Hey man… see any girls you like?” I asked him … and when he saw a hot redhead wearing a tight summer dress… his eyes lit up.


I knew this girl was a bit of an “ice queen”… so if Roger was going to take her home… without using any “lines” or whatever… I knew there was only one way to make it happen:

He had to touch at least one of her “hot spots.”

They’re these small, “innocent” areas all over a woman’s body… and idk how it works exactly… but when a guy touches them, they tap into a primal desire in her brain which makes her focus solely on him… all in a matter of minutes.

I saw her at the drink table, and I knew that was his chance. “Just try it man… trust me.”

He gave me a nervous look and walked over… and as she topped off her drink with cranberry juice, he reached out and touched hot spot #6, and said “Hi.”

Yes!!! She looked up at him with a smile. “Hey, I’m Becca… what’s your name?”

They chatted for a couple minutes…

and then something CRAZY happened:

She leaned over… whispered in his ear… and man, you shoulda seen the s**t-eating grin on his face! I knew he was in. (And when he called me the next day, to tell me about their “amazing” night together… he wasn’t shy at all.)

There are 8 of these “hot spots” in all… this video will show you where they are, and exactly how to touch them so you don't look like a creep:

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