7 Unexpected Signs She’s Mind-Blowing in Bed

signs a woman is good in bed

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Sexual compatibility is one of the most important parts of any relationship.

But, as a woman, I know we aren’t always that easy to figure out.

And in fact, entire studies have been devoted to studying our behavior…it’s that complicated.

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Especially when it comes to sex…we women like to “hide” our true intentions and make our desires a complete mystery — until the exact moment we’re naked and on top of you.

But a group of studies recently revealed 7 subtle signs a woman is good in bed — and believe it or not, these signs have nothing to do with sex.

You might see a woman doing them at your job…

In the grocery store…

Even on the train.

Don’t believe me?

Just check them out for yourself:

1) She Drinks…But Not Too Much

As I’ve written about before, women who drink on the first date are 86% more likely to go home with you…but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be dynamite in the sack.

Let’s look at the effect alcohol has on a woman’s body:

  • It makes her more social…
  • It lowers her inhibitions…
  • It relaxes her…

So if she drinks “in moderation” — AKA she’s drinking but is not getting drunk — then she’ll still be sober enough to give you consent should things get hot and heavy…and her inhibitions will be lower.

And that means she’ll be more willing to try “new” or “different” things with you, and she’ll generally be more “open” with you.

Now, I’m not saying that women who stay sober are bad in bed. That’s absolutely not the case!

But if she does drink, pay attention to her behavior. Because if you notice she’s getting really drunk — her eyes glaze over, she’s slurring her words, and you notice she’s swaying back and forth…

That’s a sign she’ll be sloppy between the sheets (and not in a good way). But if she keeps her cool after drinking a few? Full steam ahead.

2) She Makes Strong Eye Contact

As we know, making eye contact is a huge sign of confidence. And a woman who’s confident?

Well, that confidence will likely translate to her skills in bed.

A woman who makes eye contact with you is also showing you she’s not afraid to make a connection with you.

Imagine this:

You’re having sex with a woman who’s just lying there…

Her eyes are closed…

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And she might as well be dead to the world.

Now imagine having sex with a woman who’s fully present…

She’s responding to every touch and caress you give her…

And she’s determined to satisfy your every need…

Which woman would you rather sleep with?

A woman who makes strong eye contact is going to be present with you in bed — and that almost always makes sex better for both of you.

3) She Makes You (And the People Around Her) Laugh

Making a complete stranger laugh is no easy feat. So if you see a woman making everyone else around her laugh, you immediately know 2 things:

1) She’s self-assured and has high self-esteem (because she can handle other people paying attention to her), and…
2) She’s excellent with her timing (it takes a great deal of timing-related skill to land a joke with an entire group of people)

These 2 qualities also mean she’ll likely be good in bed. Why?

A woman who has high self-esteem will be comfortable in any sexual position — including girl-on-top. A lot of women aren’t comfortable with girl-on-top because they’re insecure about their bodies…

But a woman with high self-esteem? Giddy up, cowboy.

On top of that, a woman who can handle her timing in a group of people will also be able to handle her timing in bed with you. Which means she’ll pay attention to your rhythm, respond to it, and focus on your pleasure.

4) She’s Passionate

This one is pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t make it any less important. A woman who expresses her passions to you will be much more open expressing her passion in the bedroom.

Now, being “passionate” doesn’t mean clawing at your back and saying “I love you” after your first time in bed together — it’s not the equivalent of emotional instability.

Rather, a passionate woman is emotionally in touch with herself. She knows what she likes, and she goes after it.

A woman who knows what she likes and is able to express it is the best kind of women to take home, because she’ll be much more likely to be vocal (“Yes! More, harder!” Etc.) when you’re doing something she likes…

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And she’ll also be willing to take direction from you in bed. That way, both of your needs are being met, and neither of you feels “slighted” after the fact.

So what does a “passionate” woman look like?

Listen for the words “love” and “hate.” If she starts talking about something she “loves”…that’s a sign she’s passionate.

Also look at her face and hands — if she shows her emotions very strongly through her face (smiling a lot, furrowing her brows) and gestures a lot with her hands, those are 2 dead giveaways she’s passionate (in more ways than one).

5) She Doesn’t Smoke Cigarettes

This one is straight up science: Smoking is bad for your sex life. Here are some of the side effects of smoking that can kill the vibe in the bedroom:

  • Smoking decreases blood flow to the genitals…
  • It lowers libido…
  • It makes physical endurance activities (like sex) very difficult…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t have an amazing and healthy sex life if you smoke! It’s just not helping you have the best sex you possibly can.

The bottom line: If your main goal is to find mind-blowing sex, look for a woman who isn’t taking cigarette breaks every 20 minutes.

6) She Reads for Fun

I know “reading for fun” doesn’t sound like the sexiest activity, but stay with me for a second.

One recent study discovered that people who read for fun have more empathy for others. A woman who has a lot of empathy is able to feel and appreciate others’ emotional needs and desires…

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So a woman with a lot of empathy will be more likely to focus on fulfilling your desires in bed.

On top of that, people who read also tend to be less stressed out, which means a woman who reads for fun is probably more fun in bed too.

That brings me to the most powerful sign of all she’s an absolute stunner in the sack…


7) She Gives You Her “Secret Sex Signals”

When I see a man I’m interested in…I want him to know I’m good in bed…

But in a crowded bar, telling you “I’m dynamite in the sack!” is kinda tricky…because I don’t want other women around me to think I’m “easy” or a “slut”…

I tend to err on the side of caution… so I’ll probably be sending you some fairly subtle signs.

Seriously, it’s crazy, if you were talking to me in a bar, and you spotted me doing one of these signs, you’d know you were in. No question about it. (Let’s go back to my place!)

These will be pretty game-changing, so I felt they were worthy of their own article. Go check them out, you’ll love them:

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3 Quick Tricks You Can Use to Have Better Sex (And One Thing You Can Do to Make Her Think You’re a Rockstar)

The fact that older women are more sexually adventurous is an interesting part of this study, but it’s not the whole story.

The data revealed two specific things you can do to have better sex:

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1) Communicate with your partner.

The survey found an extremely strong association between frequent communication with your partner and increased sexual satisfaction.

So before you have sex, sit your partner down and discuss what you like and don’t like in bed.

It might not feel sexy to talk about what you don’t like in the bedroom, but it’s important that your partner knows so you can have a better sexual experience.

It’s like ordering food at Chipotle.

Sure, you could go down the line with your eyes closed and randomly point at things behind the counter…

And the result might even be delicious!

But chances are it’s not going to be as good as when you tell that Chipotle employee exactly what you want.

A woman you take home isn’t going to immediately know that you hate sour cream — it’s up to you to let her know.

Having this conversation might also make her more open to trying new things!

Remember, women want to make a connection before they jump into bed with you — this conversation is just one way to do it.

2) Use lube.

For whatever reason, a lot of men (and women) assume that you should only use lube if somebody is experiencing discomfort or pain.

This is simply not true!

According to the study, 26% of the women surveyed use lube to increase their pleasure during sex. It’s true that this is far less than even half of the women, but the study also found that the use of personal lubricant increases with age.

Again, these are sexually experienced women who know what they want. They might be onto something.

The purpose of lube is ultimately to make things more pleasurable, so stop assuming that you shouldn’t use it if you don’t need it.

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And if you’re still hesitant about dropping $10 on a bottle of “glorified gel,” just try it once! A lot of condom packages come with a free sample, so save that sample for a special occasion — or next weekend.

You might be surprised by the results.

Finally, one thing you can do that will make her think you’re amazing in bed every time:

3) Snuggle afterward.

Of the women surveyed, 71% rated their last sexual experience as “very pleasurable”…

But only if they cuddled with their partner for 6-10 minutes afterward.

Of the women who had between zero and five minutes of post-coital cuddling, only 44% rated their sexual experience as “very pleasurable.”

That’s right — snuggling with your partner for an extra five minutes can make her feel like the sex with you was way better.

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It doesn’t take a six-pack and three legs to be a rockstar in bed…

You just have to know what to do.

4) Eat these bloodflow-boosting foods beforehand.

Fact: An erection is simply blood flowing into your penis, which makes it hard.

And so if you want to pop the kind of rock-hard, can’t-stop-throbbing boners that make women EXCITED to bang you again & again…

WITHOUT using any potentially dangerous prescriptions…

From the research I’ve done, by far the easiest (and safest!) way… is to simply add some bloodflow-boosting foods to your diet.

Like these 5 plants for example, which can make your wood stiffer than a virgin on his prom night. ????

These somewhat exotic plants work by pulling blood down to your penis, which can make it fuller faster, and keep it harder longer…

And as a matter of fact research shows these plants can also:

As a woman, I WISH more guys knew about the power of these 5 plants…

… because I’m telling you, when my boyfriend eats them I can really notice the difference…

(I won’t go into too much detail lol, but basically he’s like a freaking supersoaker when he comes *mmmmm*…)

So please, try these plants tonight, and your woman will thank you… trust me:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on September 21, 2019.]

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