Are Tattoos a Turn-On? 2,000 Women Reveal the BRUTALLY HONEST Answer…

should i get a tattoo
Thinking about getting a tattoo? 2,000 women reveal if they are a turn on…

Have You Ever Asked Yourself: Should I Get a Tattoo? Here’s the Surprising Truth…

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Are you thinking about maybe getting some ink to impress the ladies?

Maybe you’re thinking that tattoos are one of the call signs of a bad boy… right?

Or perhaps you already have a tattoo (or two, or three), but you aren’t sure if you should cover them up before a date or not.

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Well, I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

So after analyzing some studies, I finally have the answer to:

“Do women really like tattoos… or are they a turn-off?”

And here’s what I found.

2,000 Women Reveal the Truth About Men With Tattoos…

One of the studies that examined the effect tattoos have on women polled more than 2,000 straight women via social media.

The results?

Here’s the first key finding: Women rated men with tattoos and men without tattoos as equally attractive.

So objectively, tattoos have very little effect on your overall attractiveness to women.

Now here’s where things get interesting:

The women were also asked to rate men based on how masculine, dominant, and aggressive they seem.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, men with tattoos were rated as more masculine and dominant than men without tattoos.

These are two traits that many women associate with general attractiveness — so in this particular way, tattoos do give you an advantage.

Dominance and masculinity are also linked to high testosterone levels. You can read more about that here.

So are there any disadvantages to having tattoos?

According to the poll, only one:

The women rated men without tattoos as healthier than men who do have tattoos.

So what?

Well, it means a few things for you (whether or not you have tattoos).

Like I mentioned above, the women in the poll rated men with tattoos as more dominant, more masculine, and less healthy.

So if you have a tattoo, and you’re interested in a short-term relationship… show it off!


Women who are interested in one-night stands or short-term relationships aren’t concerned with overall health and immunity. However, they are concerned with dominance and masculinity.

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These “short-term relationship” women seek out dominant, masculine men to take home because they suspect the sex will be fun (even if the flame doesn’t burn for very long).

Showing off your tattoo can be a great way to attract this kind of woman, almost like you’re a walking target.

Interestingly, showing off your tattoo will also establish you as a sexual competitor to other men.

The poll asked 200 straight men what they thought of men with and without tattoos, and just like the women… the men rated other men with tattoos as more masculine and dominant.

So not only will you attract women who are looking for some casual fun by showing off your tattoos — you’ll also be intimidating your competition.

What if You’re Looking for a More Serious Relationship?

You might not be looking for a one-night stand or something more casual — if that’s the case, I’ve got some advice for you too.

I mentioned that the women rated men with tattoos as less healthy than men without tattoos.

And interestingly, one of the biggest factors women consider when they’re searching for a long-term partner is health and general immunity.

So if you’re looking for a girlfriend or something more long-term, cover up that ink!

(Or if you were considering a tattoo, maybe think twice or get it somewhere inconspicuous.)

Another study found that women rated men who have high levels of masculinity and related traits as bad candidates for long-term relationships or fatherhood.

They also rated these men as more likely to cheat and as poor role models for potential children.

And because the women polled rated men with tattoos as more masculine, there’s another reason to cover up your tats before a date if you think she might be a keeper.

It Doesn’t End There…

Now, I’m not saying that your tattoos are going to prevent you from finding a girlfriend…

And I’m also not saying that having tattoos will guarantee you a one-night stand…

However, the results of these studies are something to keep in mind if you have lots of visible tattoos or are considering getting one.

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Don’t get a tattoo simply because you think it will increase your sexual success — if you do decide to go under the needle, make it count for yourself.

But beyond having a tattoo, I was wondering:

Are there any other ways to attract the kind of specific women you want?

Like if you’re interested in  women who are sexually adventurous… (regardless of what kind of relationship you want)… is there an easier way to find them?

Are Tattoos a Turn-On? 2,000 Women Reveal the BRUTALLY HONEST Answer...
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If You’re a Red-Blooded Male Who Likes the Idea of “More Sex, More Pleasure, More Fun”…

Then I’ve got an even easier way for you to identify “sexually adventurous” women… no tats required.

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Spank them…

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So if you want to know if the woman you’re with is “sexually adventurous” (or even kinkier)…

Without getting inked up… or having to directly ask her… or just flat-out guessing…

Then all you have to do is subconsciously “trigger” her sexual fantasy… so she won’t be able to hold anything back. 😉

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what is dad bod
This is what beautiful women really find attractive…

Discover What Hot Women Truly Find Attractive in a Man–Do You Know This Surprising Secret?

Most people have a less than perfect body.

Millions of people have love handles, or a little something extra around the middle… and it’s completely normal.

However, thanks to our fitness-obsessed culture and social media, it’s easy to worry about how you look.

Especially with what you see in porn these days… all those guys are just so ripped and muscular.

It only makes sense to think, then, that most girls are into that kind of muscular guy… right?

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A recent survey by Stripchat set out to find the answer–they asked some sexy cam girls if they prefer “fit bod” (a guy with a lot of muscles) or “dad bod” (an average-looking guy who maybe has a little something extra around the middle).

And the results were quite shocking.

So today, I’m going to share 5 different perspectives from 5 different cam girls who said muscles were a turn-off, and why.

Because once you understand what most women truly desire, then getting a hot girl in your bed becomes a lot easier. 😉

Here’s what the cam girls had to say, along with some tips for being confident inside and outside the bedroom–regardless of your body type.

The #1 Turn-Off About “Fitness-Obsessed Men”

Cam girl LustfulBeauty had this to say:

Dad bods, I feel, can take care of me as a woman and can hold a house. I prefer a man, not a boy.”

Fitness-obsessed men can be a bit… self-involved.

Having an average body–one that’s not super muscular–shows that you have stuff going on in your life besides just lifting weights.

It shows you care about more than just your appearance. You have room in your life to take care of a woman, for example.

So if you’ve put on a few pounds because you’ve been focused on your career and other things, don’t worry. That’s actually pretty hot to most women.

(I know sometimes it can be hard to tell what women really want, or if a particular woman is interested in you. So that’s why I highly recommend you check out this list of 7 subtle signs a woman likes you, even if you think she isn’t interested.)

Why Are “Normal” Guys So Attractive to Hot Women?

I love normal guys, but especially I fall in love with guys that make me feel sexy around them, who appreciate me and the ones that make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world…”

… says cam girl Maya Muse.

What can you learn from this?

It’s less about what you look like and more about how you treat the woman you’re with.

Make her feel wanted and appreciated, and the last thing she’ll worry about is a couple extra pounds.

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The best place to start is with telling her how you feel about her. I don’t mean telling her that you “wanna f**k her” or that you think she’s got “great t*ts”–if you genuinely think she looks beautiful, though, tell her.

Love her smile? Let her know.

Want her to feel appreciated? Spend time doing something she enjoys. If she’s always posting food pics to her Instagram, for example, find a fun new restaurant to try.

Do a little something extra to show her you’re into her. She’ll reward you for it in a very big way–trust me.

THIS Is What Makes a Guy Hot Instead Of Muscles

Cam girl SweetRoxxy says:

Dad bod, I like my man to look like a man. I do understand that caring about your body is important and I want my man healthy, but the flaws are what makes a person special when all the six packs guys look like clones to me.”

Who wants to date a clone, right?

Of course, it’s important to take care of yourself. If you can exercise one or two times per week, go for it. (Not only does it burn calories, but it also gives your mood a boost.)

And when you feel better, it shows. You’ll feel more confident and healthy, which spills over into other areas of your life.

There’s no reason to obsess over every imperfection, though. Your “flaws” are what make you unique. They show you’ve lived a full life, and just like SweetRoxxy says, that’s sexy.

What Guys With Big Muscles Lack (That Regular Guys Have a Lot Of)…

In my opinion, you don’t need to have a lot of muscles to be able to look good and attract women. Besides that, from my bad experiences, guys with a lot of muscles have some pretty small brains…”

That’s what cam girl Iris Blues says about the appeal of average men. How amazing is that?

It’s true, too.

A lot of men with perfect abs tend to think that’s enough. They don’t really make an effort inside or outside the bedroom because they’ve got a six-pack, and they think that every woman they sleep with should “just be happy to be there.”

So disappointing.

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Women want men who value their thoughts and opinions. We want men who can carry on a conversation and who care about more than just maintaining the perfect bod.

And yeah, we want men who actually put in some effort in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean you need to do gymnastics.

Just focus on her needs and show her a good time. (But more on that in a sec…)

The “Secret” to Making Women Crave Sex With You…

Finally, cam girl Ashline Katte says:

I love regular guys, with them I can have a normal conversation. Not all about being fit, abs, muscle, carbs, diets. Sorry, not my type of guy! I want someone that pays more attention to my hot body than admiring his.”

There’s nothing more boring than someone who can only talk about themselves.

When you’re with a woman, focus on her. Ask her about her interests and genuinely listen to the answers.

Knowing that the person you’re with really cares about you and what you think is incredibly sexy.

After all, if you pay attention to her outside the bedroom, it shows you’re more likely to listen to her inside the bedroom too. And that will make her want to sleep with you WAY sooner (and more often).

Clearly, muscles aren’t exactly a turn-on for most women–and many guys might be surprised to hear that you don’t need to have huge biceps to get a hot woman in bed with you.

But that got me thinking about another common “size myth” I hear all the time… and it’s this one:

what is dad bod
This is the size that most women desire…

Does Your Size *Down There* Matter To Women?

When I first read that these sexy cam girls prefer “average” guys over big muscles… I was pretty shocked, and pleasantly surprised.

(I thought I was the only girl who was secretly turned off by jocks!!)

And that made me wonder… are there any other “size myths” out there that most guys think hot girls believe?

Like for example… “big d**ks are better,” or, “hot girls only date guys who have big d**ks.”

Is that REALLY true???

We reached out to 3 of the world’s hottest pornstars to get the answer… (including the legendary Briana Banks)…

… and what they said was so eye-opening, and so ground-breaking… that we felt it was worthy of its own page right here:

3 Hot Pornstars Reveal The TRUTH: “Does d**k size really matter to women?”

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on January 16, 2021.]

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