How This Guy’s Cruel Virtual Rejection Can Save You Real-Life Heartbreak

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Figure Out She’s Just Not That Into You Early to Save Yourself A Lot of Time

I’m not normally a guy to advocate “playing video games” as a way to better yourself as a man, especially when it comes to relationships.

A lot of videogames reinforce what David Dupree might call “bad behavior:”

Buying female characters’ love through gifts…

…or long quests to “save” them…

Or even in just assuming there has to be some magical “way” to get any girl you want, no matter how ridiculous the situation.

But a recent piece on gaming blog Kotaku caught my eye, and I thought it could help you recognize some of the classic signs that a girl isn’t that into you.

How a Game Finally “Got” Unrequited Love

The Kotaku writer started playing a new game called Stardew Valley, which is a farming/dating simulation in the same spirit as Harvest Moon.

If you’re not familiar with that, think “role-playing game meets The Sims.” One of the big goals of the game is to get a girl to go to the big dance with you.

At any rate, the Kotaku writer noticed a particularly attractive female character (and potential love interest) early on in the game named “Haley.”

shes just not that into you stardew valley haley

As Kotaku writer Kirk Hamilton so deftly puts it:

“Rowr,” I thought. “I will win your heart through the time-tested practice of giving you the same gift over and over again until your love meter maxes out, then completing whatever arcane quest is necessary to obtain the unique item that allows me to marry you.”

I mean, he’s right-on. That would be exactly how it would work in any other video game.

But Stardew Valley isn’t any other video game, and it became apparent very quickly that Haley didn’t see Kirk’s character the way he saw her.

He started trying to hang out with her more…

He brought her gifts (daffodils to be precise)…

He tried settling disputes she had with her family…

But in return, all he got were shallow “thank you”s, her forgetting his name, and complaining to him about other guys.

When it came time to ask a girl to the big dance?

shes just not that into you stardew valley haley ew no

Not only that, but because he had wasted so much time on Haley, none of the other girls in the game were interested in going to the dance with him, either:

shes just not that into you stardew valley rejection 1
shes just not that into you stardew valley rejection 2

You can read the entire saga over at Kotaku (it’s pretty funny), but the more important question is:

What Lessons Can You Take Away From This Game?

I think there are a lot of great takeaways from this.

First of all, don’t believe conventional wisdom when it comes to getting a woman you really like. A lot of times, it will lead you down the wrong path.

Secondly, this guy’s character was so blind to the signs that she didn’t like him that he ended up with none of the women in the game!

He wasted so much time trying to get an unattainable girl that he missed out on any number of the “available” women in the game.

Even worse, because he couldn’t recognize the signs that she wasn’t interested, they may have even made her more of a “challenge” in his mind–he may have thought that it was a tougher goal to get with this girl, but not an “unattainable” one, because “Hey, it’s a video game and those don’t have unattainable goals.”

Well guess what? Real life does! And the sooner you can figure out these signs that a woman isn’t interested in you, the more quickly you can focus on those women who are interested.

So What Are Some of These Signs She’s Just Not That Into in You?

There are 13 of them, to be exact. But here are 3 that are on display in the game:

1) She Comes Up With Excuses to Leave the Conversation

shes just not that into you stardew valley haley excuse

Girls do this a lot–think back to a time when you were talking with a girl, but then she had to leave “to go to the bathroom” or “to get a drink,” and never came back.

In the game, she has to “go see if any pretty shells washed up on the shore,” but we all know that when she gets back, she’s not going to be knocking on this guy’s door, or live-texting him updates about how it’s going.

2) She Asks You For Advice About Other Guys She’s Dating

shes just not that into you stardew valley haley other guys

If she’s interested in other guys romantically, it should be a subtle sign to you that she’s not interested in you romantically.

3) She Avoids Making Plans

shes just not that into you stardew valley haley ew no 2

This one is pretty self-explanatory. But if it’s not apparent to you from the picture above, if she resists your advances and invitations, she’s just not that into you.

The guy in the game was pretty clear with his intentions, and she gave him a very clear response, but one of the biggest problems a lot of guys have is that they aren’t clear with their intentions. “Let’s hang out sometime” gives them more of a shield to protect their feelings than “Let’s have dinner this Saturday at 7:00.” Plus it has less of a chance of her saying “no.”

Where You Can Find the Rest of These “Signs She’s Not Interested”…

I gave you the three above, but this is just the very tip of the iceberg if you want to stop wasting time with women who absolutely aren’t interested in you.

In fact, Craig has put together his list of 13 Signs She’s Definitely Not Into You. It’s a little shocking–when I first went through it, I definitely recognized some that a girl had given me in the past, but I didn’t “get” at the time.

So here’s what to do next: just click the link below to get started now.

13 Signs She’s Definitely Not Into You

When you do, you can stop wasting time on girls who are a hard “no,” and direct your efforts to girls who are a receptive “yes.”

Pretty soon, you’ll be seeing these “yes” girls all around you, and you’ll have more success with women than you’ve ever imagined.

Sounds better than playing video games, doesn’t it?

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