10 Adult Film Industry Secrets That Will Help Any Guy Stay Harder, Last Longer & Go DEEP (Without Pills Or Prescriptions)

10 Adult Film Industry Secrets That Will Help Any Guy Stay Harder, Last Longer & Go DEEP (Without Pills Or Prescriptions)
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The Sexual Performance Secrets that Help Men in Porn Last So Long (& Stay So Hard)

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Hey, it’s Craig, Gotham Club’s founder…

Did you know that only 25% of women regularly orgasm through intercourse?

Yeah it’s a pretty low number… so there are a lot of hot girls out there who have never had an orgasm when they’re with a guy.

So if you’re able to give a girl a sheet-soaking, moaning, toe-curling orgasm… you’ll separate yourself from a lot of other guys… and find yourself at the top of her “Netflix and Chill” text list.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of BAD advice out there on how to give women orgasms…

And a lot of it is just kind of general, and let’s be honest, useless. Like:

“Pay attention to her… focus on her orgasm first…”

But what–specifically— can you do to give every woman earth-shattering, mind-blowing multiple orgasms that keep her coming back for more?

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Like with most things… I went to the best expert I could find… and in this case, that took me to the adult film industry:

Wayne Siren, voyeur, exhibitionist and husband of hotwife and pornstar Dee Siren.  Together they own and run Siren XXX Studios.

And I asked him:

In your experience, what are two to three things that a guy can do in bed that would either help give a woman more powerful orgasms or more orgasms generally? 

And he gave me some of his sexual performance secrets and 3 of his best “orgasm tricks of the trade” that you can use as soon as tonight.

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Wayne Siren: “The main thing, is make it about her. 

Make it all about her, and not about you. 

If you’re the guy that just wakes up in the morning just to get off because you think she’s not interested… she’s not going to be interested. 

The first thing is, If she’s not attracted to you out of bed, she’s not going to be all of a sudden attracted to you in bed, if that makes sense. 

So it really starts out of the bedroom. 

Make Her Hot to Bang You, Before You Get to the Bedroom

Make her attracted to you. Dress nicer. Notice what she likes, not what you like. 

I get a lot of questions from a lot of guys and they end up talking about buying Hanes shirts in a pack, six for $20.

That’s fine if she’s into that, but again, it’s trying to be better for her. Dress up…  Look good.

Remember, she’s got to be attracted to you out of bed, so that’s going to be the start of it. 

She’s definitely going to have more powerful orgasms because then she’s attracted to what’s going on. 

If she’s turned on by you to begin with. 

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If she’s turned on by you before she’s having sex with you, that’s what you want. 

Then she’s squirting as you’re kissing her or biting her neck or sucking on her tongue, those kind of things… 

You Really Need to Fill Her… Whatever It Takes

Then, once you’re in bed, you need to fill her. 

You can fill a woman when you’re inside of her. 

If you think, “Oh no,” you’re about to stop and she’s not ready for you to stop, bring in toys. 

Bring in other things. She knows what she likes. 

Maybe it’s something bigger… Maybe it’s not. 

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I’m not saying you might not be big enough, but see what else she may want. 

She may want you to take control or maybe you’ve always taken control and she wants to, but that’s again where the open communication comes into play…

Some girls want you to squeeze them tight and hold them as you’re having sex with them. 

Some girls may want to be on top of you and have that control where she’s grabbing onto your neck and controlling you as she’s having an orgasm. 

sexual performance secrets
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Really that all goes back to reading her, reading her body because you can’t make your penis bigger. 

Get Hard & Stay Hard

If you do have a problem staying hard, if we go to that part… Because honestly, it’s a lot harder for guys than girls. 

Not that girls don’t have female issues, they do, and most females are much more aware of their issues and get it taken care of. 

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Guys never go to the doctor…

If you have a problem because you are older, you can’t stay erect long enough… 

I can’t make your dick bigger. 

I can’t make you not come quicker. 

Think about things that you don’t want to think about I guess maybe, baseball. That kind of thing… 

But definitely, pull out. Do something else. 

Maybe your problem is you are watching too much porn and jerking off too much. Too much is too much of anything. 

If you’re jerking off too much to where you can’t get erect for your wife because whatever, you don’t think you’re attracted, if we’re talking about a spousal situation, definitely get yourself aroused by your wife. If not, there’s an issue. 

Again, that’s where the open communication outside of it comes into play. 

Yeah, you definitely have to be aroused by the woman you’re with for sure.

And there’s one more thing that’s so simple… it’s something you should eating more of:

sexual performance secrets
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Add More Ginger To Your Diet

Now, this is something I first learned from the World’s Oldest Acting Pornstar, Dave Cummings. 

Ginger is especially good for your sex life because it can boost your bloodflow too.

(More bloodflow = more stamina, more energy, and a nice big boost *down there,* where it matters most)

And in fact, when you combine ginger with a few more powerful bloodflow-boosting foods… (they’re slightly more exotic, but you have probably heard of a couple of them)…

It can really send your sex life soaring off the charts.

I’m talking about longer-lasting erections, that feel fuller and more pleasurable…

The ability to get boners “on-command”…

Plus with more blood flowing to your junk, you can blow way bigger and more powerful loads too. ????

(Which hot girls REALLY love, trust me haha)

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