7 Word-For-Word Sexts That Make Hot Girls Wet (With Examples)

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“Sexting” or the act of sending sexually suggestive texts or private messages is a common practice among single people in the United States.

About one in every five single people have sent a “sext” with the practice being more common among younger folks and more common with men than with women.

People sext for a variety of reasons including foreplay, establishing a connection with a new sexual partner, exchanging information about sexual desires and identity, and a desire to engage in a risky behavior.

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While the portrayal of sexting in research and popular culture is mostly limited to unwanted d*ck pictures and something which occurs among sexually active youth, there are lots of reasons for you to engage in sexting.

For people interested in a power exchange relationship, sexting may be an effective way to establish and maintain power dynamics.

Why Do Women Get So Turned On By This Style Of Sexting?

A power exchange relationship is a relationship where one partner gives over power in specific area(s) of their lives and the other partner accepts the responsibilities of making decisions and directing actions in the delineated areas of the relationship.

Many people enjoy power exchange relationships either as a submissive, a dominant, or a switch (or any permutation of these relationships including Daddy Dom/little girl, Owner/pet, Master/slave).

Regardless of your roll in a power exchange relationship, sexting can aid you in establishing and maintaining a feeling of power or powerlessness.

Texting is a wonderful way to engage in power exchange! 

It has the advantages of being private, immediate, and very revealing. 

You can use texting to reinforce a D/s dynamic when you are long distance or when you live together. 

It provides a different form of communication which can be more comfortable for some people to talk about their sexual and power dynamic needs.

We are not talking sending d*ck pics here! 

Trust me when I tell you, d*ck pics are 100 percent supply and zero percent demand from women. If a woman wants a dick pic, she will ask you directly. If you have not been explicitly asked, we don’t need to see it.

So, how do you turn your phone into a tool for hot-as-hell power play and foreplay?

I’ll show you:

How To Create Tension and Anticipation Through Texting…

Texting is a great method to create anticipation and sexual tension. 

Rarely do we text when we are in the same room with someone. 

Texting throughout the day or over the week building up to a date can keep your partner focused and anticipating sexy time with you.

I suggest you being with simple messages. 

Something along the line of “I can’t wait to see you! I have a rope with your name on it.” 

Of course, establishing the power dynamic and type of play BEFORE you text this is critical. 

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If you send that message to someone who you do not have an established D/s and rope dynamic you could end up getting a visit from the cops because it would be creepy!

Ease into to any explicit talk. 

Most women don’t appreciate graphic messages if you have not set up the anticipation and tension. 

Treat sexting like a good BDSM scene. 

You need to ease in with foreplay before ramping up to hard core BDSM. 

Here Are A Few Examples…

Messages like, “I want to see you squirm as I kiss your neck and collar bones,” or “Imaging my hands caressing you belly,” are sexy without being overly graphic.

Give her just enough to let her imagination start to run wild thinking of the options of what you are going to do when you see her. 

Talk about more than her breasts, pussy, and butt. 

Women generally like messages about ALL their sexy body parts: 

The nape of their neck, their hair, their face, their eyes, their collar bones, their belly, their thighs, their feet. 

Take advantage of all the body parts to romance her.

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Text messages such as, “Imaging me kissing the small of your back, “ or “My hand is on your inner thigh and I can feel the warmth of your mound radiating down your legs,” or “I can’t wait to take my belt and secure your delicate wrists together,” are sexy without being gross or overly graphic. 

They focus on non-genital body parts and imply sexual acts without getting too graphic. 

In general, women tend to respond better to these less graphic texts than the more obvious, “I can’t wait to shove my hard c*ck deep into your a**hole and make you scream.” 

Although there are some women who find the latter sexy too.

Avoid texts about impossible acts or things which you do not romance when you are with her. 

One time I had a partner text me he wanted to put his di*ck in my nose. 

This was neither sexy nor a turn on. I was left looking at my phone thinking, “Is this man drunk? What the????”

Ask Questions Like This & Get Her to Spill Her Dirtiest Fantasies…

Texting can be a lower risk way to discuss sexual fantasies. 

Many people, especially women, are uncomfortable expressing sexual fantasies or asking directly for what they want. 

Over text, the barriers for communication are lower. 

This is a great way to tease out what she wants from you.

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Asking questions such as, “Have you been fantasizing about any specific acts lately?” or “I want to buy something new for our next encounter. What should I look at for you?” can help her express fantasies she may not have broached with you before.

I have also used the “sexual secrets” game to draw partners out over text. 

This is a pretty simple D/s game.

You tell your submissive partner that over the next week (or whatever time period you choose) you want her to send two sexy photos of herself and one sexual secret a day to you via text.

How The “Sexual Secrets” Game Can Unleash Her Naughty Side…

This game has several purposes. 

First, the act of taking sexy photos of oneself means your partner is thinking about you for a given time period every day as she feels hot and sexy. 

Second, you gather information about her sexual history and current desires. 

The game connects you and your partner every day in a sexy and fun way which can help bridge distance and/or time apart.

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Keep in mind, most people are self-conscious about sending sexy pictures. 

You need to be a responsible partner and send positive affirmations back after you get the photos. 

No response or a curt, “thanks,” will leave most people feeling bad about the photos they sent. 

Sending a reply such as, “oooooh, nice!” or “You look amazing!” will leave her feeling good about herself and more open to doing stuff with and for you.

Build Your Vocabulary (It’s More Important Than You Think)…

There are hundreds of words for each sexual body part and act. 

I am not exaggerating. One time my ex-wife compiled a list of words she knew for “vagina.” 

She came up with well over 200. 

My favorites included “my Susan B. Anthony,” and “fuzzy mimosa.” Everyone has preferred terms for their body parts. 

Ask your partner if they have preferences or words they strongly dislike. Also be aware of your partner’s cultural background. 

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The more you can adjust your vocabulary to fit their preferences, the better sexting will work. 

Be aware of your partner’s preferences when it comes to how explicit you get in text messages. 

Some women really enjoy graphic sexual content.

Sending a message like, “I want to stick my hard d*ck deep into your dripping wet hole and make you scream!” may really turn on some of your partners. 

Others may find it too graphic.

If you are stuck for terms, try a few of the following:

Urban Dictionary…

Read erotica…

Google “terms for…” [whatever body part you need a term for]…

Do THIS to Get Her to Send You Dirty Pics…

Another way to use sexting to create anticipation is to send your partner instructions during the day to carry out various solo sexual acts. 

Asking her to send a photo of her breasts or panties within a given time frame or to shoot a short movie of her masturbating and send it to you can work to get her excited before she sees you.

You can also send instructions to do things like masturbate until she is about to come and then tell her to text you for permission to climax. 

When you get the text, you have the option to tell her to climax or to hold off and wait for you to make her climax. 

Controlling her orgasms remotely can create a great amount of anticipation for your next encounter. 

A woman who has edged close to orgasm two or three times during the week without being allowed to come is a women who will beg you to make her come when she sees you.

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In addition to being hot, these games reinforce your D/s dynamic. 

You as the dominant are telling your submissive what to do and expecting her to do it as instructed. 

You can get specific with the photos so they please you. You can dictate what she wears or how she poses in the photos. You can ask that she shoot just her face or her whole body while masturbating for you. 

You can set time limits. Finally, controlling her orgasms from afar is a very dominant move which can be very sexy for both of you.

The Science Behind How Sexting Turns Her On…

There is some scientific reasons sexting can work to increase anticipation and create a strong D/s dynamic.

We can become addicted to our phones

When we get a notification, our brains release neurotransmitters (mostly dopamine) which trigger a pleasure response. 

Over time people crave that “ding” of a text message to get our brains to dump the “happy” or “pleasure” chemicals into our brains.

(You can also use one of these 5 texts to get her over to your place begging for sex…)

Sexting uses this physiological response plus classical conditioning (remember Pavlov and his dogs?) to “train” your partner into having a pleasurable response to messages from you. 

If you couple positive and sexy text messages with things like taking sexy photos and masturbating, your partner eventually develops a conditioned response to feel happy and turned on when you text. 

There are very few things more dominant than conditioning your partner to get turned on when she hears your text notification.

The One Mistake You MUST Avoid If You Want the Option of Sexting Her Again…

It can be tempting to text a partner at all hours and ask for photos or replies. 

However, most of us have lives that have to carry on despite having a sex life. We have jobs, kids, errands, cars to get to the shop, food to cook, and more. 

Respecting her work and her time is important and a way to show you care for her.

If you send a text asking for a sexy photo in the next hour, do not do it while she is in a performance review with her employee. 

If you are unsure of her schedule, it is perfectly okay to hedge with a text such as, “I want you to send me a sexy photo of you in your panties in the next hour (or as soon as you are free).”

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There is nothing less sexy than a man who refuses to respect your time and boundaries.

 I had one partner who thought it was fun to text at three or four in the morning and wake me up to ask me to send photos.

I explained to him that I traveled extensively for work and actually needed to sleep until six. 

His refusal to respect that boundary not only got him dumped, I blocked him on my phone.

Sexting is an easy way to explore sexual fantasies, increase a D/s dynamic, and create anticipation for your next encounter with your partner.

It takes a bit of time and practice to build your vocabulary and discover what works with a specific partner.

So if you still want a few more “go-to” examples of sexts that can turn hot girls on FAST… and get them to come over right away…

I highly recommend you give these a try:

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Sexting can be a lot of fun… especially if she’s sending you dirty photos… and spilling her guts about her naughtiest, raunchiest fantasies…

But the ONE mistake I see so many guys make (and that frustrates me and my hot girlfriends soooo much)… is letting a hot sexting conversation “fizzle out” without sending one simple text… meeting up… and hooking up!

So when a hot girl is sexting you… instead of retreating to the bathroom with your phone and a box of Kleenex…

… try sending her one of these 5 fun, low-risk texts that often get her to come over and bang you straight away. 😉

Speaking from experience, last time a guy sent me THIS text about the shower…

I jumped out of bed, threw on a coat and Ubered over to his place because I was so excited to jump his bones… even though it was 1:45 in the morning… and a weeknight.

(All that sexting just made me SUPER wet… it’s not like I could go back to sleep anyway lol!)

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