Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

sex in the morning

Sex in the Morning Can Be a Lot of Fun–But Did You Know It's Good for You Too?

What’s your morning routine?

Is it a jog around the neighborhood…?

Or maybe just turning on the Keurig for a morning cup of joe…?

For a lot of men, the morning is the prime time to get down to business and prepare for the day.

However, according to one recent study, there are a few compelling reasons for you to stay in bed… and do something a little naughtier.

Yup, I’m talking about morning sex.

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

The “Weekend Effect” & Why It Matters for Morning Sex

Have you ever heard of the “weekend effect”?

A study conducted a few years back discovered that the “weekend effect” is what happens when you feel more freedom and relaxation as a result of it being the weekend.

Because most people don’t feel the pressure from their full-time jobs during the weekend, they feel more relaxed and refreshed.

And because their schedules are more free and open, this relaxation translates into an increased feeling of liberation as well.

So why does this matter for morning sex?

Think about it:

If you’re stressed out about work, and on a tight schedule, sex probably isn’t a priority… right?

Though if you don’t have any plans for the day…

Aren’t feeling any stress from work…

And are generally in a better mood…

Then sex starts to sound like a lot more fun, doesn’t it?

Plus, what better way to blow off some steam from the previous work week than with sex in the morning?

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

The History & Benefits of Morning Sex

As it turns out, our ancestors were really into morning sex–and they might have been on to something.

Slate recently published an article explaining the in-depth history of morning sex and why we should all be trying it out.

Think about your normal sexual routine.

You likely have sex before bed, around the same time, using the same go-to positions. Morning sex can break you out of this routine.

In fact, one article discusses a French manual dating back to the 1500s that actually encouraged couples to have sex after waking up in order to maximize enjoyment.

This history of sex in the morning may not have been tied to medical research, but scientists can now conclude that our ancestors did indeed know what they were talking about.

Both men and women are at their highest hormonal states first thing in the morning, which makes morning sex the perfect option for couples looking to really reignite their sexual spark and get the most out of each sexual experience.

Of course, this isn’t the only benefit to morning sex.

That freedom to choose what you want to do is a healthy release in and of itself–and paired with sexual engagement, you’re really giving your brain the reward it deserves.

But are there any added benefits of morning sex, other than getting an extra release?

According to a few studies, the answer (which may not come as much of a surprise), is “Yes.”

So with that in mind, here are 5 surprising benefits of morning sex, plus — how to get it on in the morning more often (if you aren’t already):

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

1) It Boosts Your Mood

The first benefit of getting it on in the morning is that it’s an instant mood-booster.


Having sex releases a lot of endorphins — which are hormones that have been proven to improve your mood.

What’s better, when endorphins are released, they don’t just last for a few minutes. Their effects will have you feeling great for hours afterward.

It’s true that having morning sex might mean you have to wake up earlier than usual, but in this case, the mood-boosting benefit outweighs the cost.

Which brings me to the next surprising health benefit of having regular morning sex…

2) It Burns More Calories

Yeah, you could wake up at 6 A.M.…

Head to the gym…

Get a quick workout in…

Shower & head to work…

But what if you could reap the same benefit from staying in bed for an extra half hour?

According to one recent study, having sex is the equivalent of a morning workout that’s somewhere between a brisk walk and a light jog.

So if you already practice an intense morning workout, it’s true that morning sex probably can’t replace it…

However, if you don’t have any regime at all, morning sex is certainly a great start.

Plus, getting a workout in the morning will keep your metabolism high all day long — it’s a win-win.

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

3) It Makes You Feel Younger

This is one of the most surprising benefits of having morning sex:

It can actually make you feel & look younger.


It’s science — and it all comes back to those endorphins I mentioned earlier.

When your body is releasing endorphins on a regular basis, it can actually make you look “5-7 years younger,” according to Dr. David Weeks.

Having sex in the morning also causes your body to release the Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

So what?

When released, HGH can cause your skin to look more elastic — AKA it can make you look younger.

4) It Relieves Stress

You may think that trying to have more morning sex could just lead to more stress than it’s worth — think again.

Sex is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress, and morning sex can potentially relieve even more stress than sex in the evening.

Because a lot of people wake up in the morning thinking about what the day holds, it’s easy to feel stress as a result.

But if you have morning sex, this can help you:

a) Forget about the stress that your day holds, and…
b) Release some of the tension that comes along with that stress.

Plus, you’ll probably look happier and less stressed when you do go into the office — which may lead to your co-worker asking what your “secret” is. 🙂

(I’ll leave it up to you whether or not to tell them.)

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

5) It Builds More Intimacy

The final surprising benefit of having morning sex is that it can help foster a sense of intimacy between you and the woman you’re with.

I know, I know — having any sex at all will help with intimacy, won't it?

Yes, you're right…

However, morning sex can build an even stronger sense of intimacy. And here's why:

Without the influence of alcohol, or hours spent on a date, chances are both of you are feeling a little more vulnerable.

Especially in the morning light, and before you brush your teeth or shower — if you can enjoy the sex you're having, then it's a huge sign she's trusting and comfortable with you.

Why Your Body Craves Morning Sex

The benefits may speak for themselves, but night owls everywhere might still be wondering why morning sex is so different from sex any other time of the day.

Men’s Health wrote a recent article explaining why morning sex was so beloved and actually broke down the science behind it.

We’ve already discussed men being at their peak testosterone levels in the morning, but why else does the body crave morning sex so intensely?

Well, it turns out you also have the highest levels of vasopressin in the morning.

Vasopressin is a chemical connected with feelings of emotional attachment. Therefore, men in committed relationships often feel the need for morning sex even stronger than single men.

It also doesn’t hurt that men in relationships often wake up every day next to their partner, which is more than enough to get your libido going.

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

Why Women Are on the Fence about Morning Sex (and How to Change Her Mind!)

Of course, your desire for morning sex may feel one-sided if your girlfriend really loves sleeping in or doesn’t always respond to your attempts to initiate morning sex.

Don’t get frustrated–this is a really common issue, but one that’s pretty easy to overcome.

First, you should understand the reasons why your girlfriend might not feel comfortable with morning sex.

Beginning with reason #1:

1) She May Feel Too Dirty Or Messy

Since morning sex occurs before a woman even brushes her teeth, she’s probably not feeling too desirable.

Most women are pretty strict about their cleanliness routines, so while she might be interested in a morning romp, she might be feeling pretty self-conscious about doing it first thing in the morning.

To resolve this issue:

Make sure she knows how hot you find her, even if she has crazy morning breath or wild hair.

If you flinch at any of these problems, she’s not going to feel relaxed enough to even attempt morning sex.

Another easy compromise is to initiate morning sex in the shower, where she’ll be feeling less like a groggy mess.

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

2) She Values Her Sleep Way Too Much

This one seems tricky, but women can be pretty strict when it comes to their sleep schedules.

I hate being woken up before I have to be, so I get why attempting morning sex can seem so daunting.

To resolve this issue:

Coax her out of sleep.

Don’t attempt to wake her up an hour before her alarm.

Instead, try 15 or 20 minutes prior to her normal wake up time. If this still isn’t working, try initiating morning sex on weekends only.

Once she begins to equate the positive benefit of sex with waking up, she’ll be much more responsive to your attempts during the weekdays.

3) She’s Not Warmed Up

Women can’t just start to wake up and go at it.

One of my female friends even told me that when a guy half-heartedly attempts to wake her up for morning sex, it's easy to choose sleep over sex.

To resolve this issue:

If your woman is a heavy sleeper, she’s going to need you to really spend time waking her up and turning her.

Be sure to rub all over her body to get her woken up.

Pay special attention to her neck, breasts, and then make your way down. Cuddling that leads to foreplay is the perfect way to wake her up in a great mood.

When you go slowly, you also allow her body to release oxytocin, which allows her to feel more connected and bonded to you.

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

The Best Positions for Morning Sex

Chances are, at least one of you aren’t morning people.

I can fully attest that in theory, I’d opt to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep, rather than be woken up for any reason.

But I also really enjoy morning sex, and it might be because these positions (while a little lazy), are incredible for waking you up.

1) The Spoon

This position is probably my favorite for morning sex, because it’s both relaxing and stimulating.

Not only does this position feel extremely natural and comfortable, it also gives both the guy and the girl a peek at the action.

It’s also an amazing way to wake up–you’re not exerting yourself but waking up (and getting turned on) more with each increasing thrust.

Just spoon her from behind like you normally would, and then thrust at a pace that's comfortable for you both.

Bonus: Have your girlfriend circle her hips while you pause from thrusting–the results can be pretty incredible.

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

2) Missionary

If you’re a morning person and your girlfriend isn’t, missionary might be the best call for morning sex.

It will put you in control of the action while she rouses (in more way than one).

Be sure to also spend a lot of time kissing her neck and body to really get her in the mood.

It can take women longer to get warmed up, so if she’s not fully awake, be sure to drive her wild by touching her all over.

3) Oral

This is particularly perfect to try out if one person really loves sleeping in or if they had a particularly bad night the day before.

Waking your partner up with oral sex is an amazing treat, no matter if she's a night owl or not.

You can even use oral as a means of foreplay until your partner is up and raring to go–then you can try any position you’re both game for.

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

4) Side-by-Side

This is another position that seems lazy, but does require more effort than you’d think.

You’ll need to be lying in bed, face-to-face with your partner.

Adjust your legs and lower yourself as needed to provide for the right angle for entry.

This position is ideal for morning sex, because it’s comfortable and allows for maximum closeness.

5) Shower Sex

If you both shower in the morning, wait to make a move until you’re all wet and soapy.

Keep this position simple, especially if you aren’t fully awake. One of the easiest positions for shower sex is to enter behind her while she’s either standing or bending over.

Just make sure you take it slow and ensure she has something to hold onto to steady herself.

To get her into the mood, start caressing and cleaning her body when you’re both in the shower, paying particular attention to her most sensitive regions.

But what if you still aren't sure how to initiate morning sex?

Well, if that's the case, then I've got something that should help you a lot:

Morning Sex: 5 Surprising Health Benefits (& How to Have More Of It)

8 Easy Ways to Initiate Morning Sex (Even if She’s Not a Morning Person)

My last girlfriend was a total night owl.

She’d stay up past 2 a.m. almost every night… sleep in for hours… and could barely say “Good morning” to me before at least 3 cups of coffee.

So for months, I thought morning sex was completely out of the question… until I learned about a woman’s 8 “Sexual Pleasure Points.”

They're these small, sensitive areas all over her body… and if you touch just a couple of them while you're in bed… she seems to get super turned on… really, really quickly.

I'll admit I wasn't sure what to expect the first morning I touched my girlfriend's Sexual Pleasure Points… since she almost always woke up cranky… though a few seconds later, she was “wide awake”… and her hands were all over me… hell yeah. 🙂

You can see where they are right here in this short video–check it out, you’ll love it:

Show Me the 8 Easy Ways to Initiate Morning Sex (Even if She's Not a Morning Person)…

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