A Surprising # of Women Are Having Sex In Airports: Here’s Why & How to Do It

A Surprising # of Women Are Having Sex In Airports

How To “Land” a Hot Airport Hookup on Your Next Vacation–Plus An Easy Way To Join The “Mile High Club” Using VERY Little Effort…

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The Mile High Club may have the reputation, but that tiny airplane bathroom is known to make the struggle real.

(Not to mention the shaming the MHC might bring on–I’ve heard stories of flight attendants announcing their congrats over the intercom. Yikes.)

Well, here’s the good news–the Mile High Club officially has some competition.

It turns out that while some of us have been 30,000 feet up in the air, sitting through an awkward round of applause from our fellow passengers… an even more popular fantasy has been happening on the ground.

Yes, that’s right–airports are the new hub for single women’s lusty excursions.

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The results of a new survey, completed by 5,000 fliers, proves just how many people are willing to get down & dirty in the terminal.

But if you want to have sex in an airport and haven’t gotten the chance, not to worry. The numbers make it pretty clear that women are just as ready and willing as you are.

In fact, 10% of all fliers out there have admitted to having had sex in an airport. And that’s a lot of nookie.

Plus, since an airport can hold more people than an actual plane, it’s even easier to meet a hot, single woman.

But where are people doing the deed in airports? And how exactly are they meeting each other?

That’s what I want to show you today. 🙂

Why Are Airports a Great Place to Meet Single Women?

Most of the fliers surveyed–42% of them to be exact–ended up having sex in an empty airport bathroom.

Other options included storage closets, and some people even opted to try their luck hiding under a coat.

So living out your own version of this popular fantasy isn’t as complicated as you might think. In fact… the odds are very much in your favor.   

The survey’s findings tell us that lots of women are chomping at the bit to hook up in an airport, and it’s no secret as to why.

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There is something about sex in public being against the “rules” that makes it all the more fun–the chance of getting caught adds an extra layer of excitement.

On top of that, airports are a particularly desirable locale because traveling creates a feeling of adventure, and offers an opportunity to escape the real world.

For a woman, it gives her the chance to embrace her wild side.

Feeding into a woman’s mindset of “being a different person” is the perfect way to get the ball rolling all the way to an empty bathroom.

The most exhilarating part is the anonymity–the likelihood that you’ll ever run into her again is slim.  

So take the pressure off. Just as she can be anyone she wants, so can you.

How To “Land” a Hot Airport Hookup

So now that I showed you why airports are a great place to meet single women… let’s talk about how it’s done.

Your best bet is to head to a bar–it’s probably the case that anyone sitting at an airport bar has some time to kill, or else they would post up at their gate.

You’ll want to know the woman you approach won’t have to head to a flight too soon.

Keeping the conversation steering toward your goal is also important.

So while it’s nice to chit-chat about jobs and reasons for travel, staying on those topics for too long may not land you on the goal line.

You want her to feel like this is a chance to do something a little wild, outside of her comfort zone, and that this opportunity is only created by the airport setting.

Make sure to insert a few phrases about how meeting people in an airport is exciting because it’s fleeting–you never really know who people are, and you’ll likely never see them again.

And from there… it’s time to do this:

1) Scope Out the Perfect Spot

Once you’ve got a lady with you, keep an eye out for less populated areas of the terminal.

Once you’re trying to find an empty bathroom, it’ll be good if you have an idea of where you’re going.

Having said that, don’t stress too much about people seeing you both go into a bathroom.

The laws of the TSA only apply once you’re in a plane, and bathroom sex isn’t technically public.

So as long as you can stand a few curious glances, you’ll be cleared for arrival. 😉

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2) Don’t Overthink It!

You have proof that women want to do it just as much as you do, and you know that there are places you can go to do it.  

The laws of attraction are powerful–let them do most of the work.

If you’re feeling the vibes, the odds are high that she’s right there with you.

After all, they don’t call it wanderlust for nothing. 😉

But of course, the logistics of airport sex can seem difficult–sure, you might get her into a bathroom… but what next?

Do you have sex standing up?

Against the sink?

On the toilet???

Well, the truth is, you could… but you don’t have to.

There’s something even more impressive you can do that will lead to the best sexual experience possible:

sex in airport

3) The 5-Finger “Tantra Technique”: How To Give Her Multiple Orgasms FAST

As a woman, I think sex in an airport sounds SUPER hot… and is definitely something I’d like to try. 🙂

However, in a place like an airport bathroom… or the corner of a secluded lounge… having the kind of hot, wild sex normally reserved for the bedroom can be kinda tricky.

So if you’ve got a woman who’s interested… and not much space… try this “5-Finger” technique.

It’s designed to give a woman multiple orgasms fast… and it’s stealthy enough that she can sit on your lap…

… you can slide your hand up her skirt…

… and when you do this motion just like this…

It’s likely to give her multiple, mega-powerful orgasms.

It’s perfect for when you want to be “discreet”… or are with a woman in a tight-fitting spot… (hell, you could probably use this in a semi-crowded airport bar… if she’s quiet enough LOL)…

…and to be honest, after one of our Community Experts shared this video with me demonstrating the technique… I wish more guys would use this on me during “regular” sex in the bedroom!

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Want To Join The “Mile High Club”? 3 Ways to “Land” a Date With Your Hot Airplane Seatmate

we met on a plane

1) Use Your Environment to Your Advantage

What’s great about traveling is you likely already have something in common with your fellow travelers: you’re traveling!

That makes striking up a conversation much simpler than in other venues.

Plus, if it’s the holidays, that makes it even easier.

Most people are traveling to see friends or family for the holiday, so you can easily strike up a conversation with a hot girl by asking what her holiday plans are.

This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions she’ll care about, like who she’s visiting and how close she is with her family (most women love talking about their family).

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The best part about picking up a girl seated next to you while traveling is you also get to learn more about her than you would at a bar.

She’ll also likely be less guarded, because you two are basically stuck together for the duration of the flight, so she’ll want the interaction to be as positive as possible.

Plus: Because the two of you might not ever see each other again, the likelihood that she’ll be interested in some casual fun skyrockets. (Hello, Mile High Club!)

2) Mix it Up (Remember: You Only Have One Shot!)

Of course, when traveling, many people like to multitask and work while on the plane.

The key here is not to give up if the woman you’re interested in looks “busy.”

Most women are willing to make polite conversation, but if you feel her trailing off or not wanting to continue the conversation, try mixing it up a little.

What do I mean by that?

Try making some jokes…

Complimenting her style or hair…

Or even better, find a common interested, and talk about that!

For instance, if she seems uneasy during takeoff, ask her if flying makes her nervous.

This can generally open the door to her no only talking to you, but trusting you with a deep fear that you can then comfort her over.

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I actually had one of the best conversations of my life with a guy on a plane, after we both noticed we were clutching the armrests during takeoff.

We were both in relationships, but it goes to show that picking up on small hints about a girl during travel can go a long way. 🙂

If she’s busy working, you can ask her what she does for a living and if show interest in her career to get her talking.

Of course, not every woman wants to have a conversation during her flight…

So if she isn’t responding, then you can just turn your attention to another woman seated nearby — or even the flight attendant!

3) Try Out AirDates and Other Travel-Centric Dating Apps

Finding love or fun on a plane has become so popular that an app dedicated to helping you meet women on a plane, AirDates, has emerged.

This app is similar to Tinder and allows you to enter your flight information to see if anyone on your flight is also using the app!

You can then chat with other women on the up before and during your flight to see if any sparks fly — no awkward introductions. No wondering whether or not she’s interested.

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Even better, you can also post a status on the app to see if anyone online is interested in getting drinks before the flight takes off.

Then, even if you aren’t seated with the girl you meet, you can continue flirting throughout the flight (and maybe convince a willing passenger to switch seats with you).

Remember, now is the time to take risks — these are women you might not ever see again!

Plus, it’s the holiday season, when a lot of women are feeling risky and romantic themselves. What do you have to lose?

Speaking of which, here’s a juicy story about me you might enjoy…


That Time I Joined the “Mile High Club”…

He shut the bathroom door behind us… I couldn’t believe it! He was already rock hard.

“I might need some warming up…unlike you!” I giggled…

He pushed me up against the sink and reached up my skirt while I unzipped his jeans…

“Oh God…take me… take me NOW!” I screamed…

I don’t know how long we were going at it (I was too busy to keep track of time… lol), but eventually we heard someone banging on the door… “Hello… hello!!! The plane has landed, you need to get out!”

S–t! The flight was 2 and a half hours… had we really been going that long? I had no idea a guy his age could stay so full and hard for hours. 🙂

Over drinks at the airport bar, my curiosity got the best of me… “Are you on Viagra or some ‘prescription’? I’ve never been with a guy who can last that long…”

“Nope,” he said, smiling…

And then he showed me this:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on September 18, 2019.]

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