New Study: Men Who Have Sex THIS Often Live Longer (And Are Nearly 30% Less Likely to Die From Heart Problems)

sex for heart health

Discover How To Have Sex For Heart Health Improvements & A Longer Lifespan (Scientifically Proven)…

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As someone who is passionate about sex and health, there’s nothing I love more than scientific research that tells us they go hand in hand. 

And it’s true–sex offers a huge variety of health benefits. 

It’s so fundamentally good for our bodies, and new research is even saying it can improve your chances of surviving after a heart attack–a major health crisis that 47% of Americans are at risk of. 

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In fact, heart problems are pretty common these days, and a lot of people are looking for simple ways to improve their heart health. 

So, I know you don’t PLAN on having a heart attack, but the truth is that anyone who has a heart is at risk of having one one day! 

So there’s no need to be morbid about it, but we all have good reason to be proactive about our heart health–ESPECIALLY if that means getting down with someone you’re wild about! 

I’m excited to share some awesome research that gives us yet another reason to strip down and jump in bed! 😉

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Doctor's Orders: How Having Sex THIS Often May Extend Your Life & Improve Your Health…

The study in question was published in the American Journal of Medicine

The research tracked 1,120 men and women who were victims of a heart attack before the age of 65. 

The researchers tracked the participants for more than twenty years, collecting information about how often the participants had sex.

The results were pretty interesting! 

Those who had sex more than once a week were 27% less likely to die during the study period.

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Once a week got the participant a scant 12% less likely to die, and those who were not getting rowdy very much were 8% less likely to die. 

So what this means is that after a heart attack victim leaves the hospital, they should incorporate regular sex into their recovery plan (can doctors prescribe this?!). 

This can increase chances of survival by 37%. Yes please! 

Once a week gets you a 33% survival bump, and less than once a week equates to a 28% increased life expectancy compared to those who did not have sex after their heart attack.

Those statistics are compelling… just imagine what daily sex can do for your health!

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It's Not Just Older Men Who Can Benefit From More Between-The-Sheets Action…

By the way, although heart attacks are more common in people over age 60, it is known to happen to people in their 20’s and 30’s too. 

There are many factors at play when it comes to heart health, so you should do everything you can to boost your health to stave off illness. 

By no means do you need to have a heart attack to get in on the fun. 😉

Having sex regularly is a great way to boost your health and decrease your risk of heart issues. If you think about it, sex really gets your body moving.

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Any form of exercise is beneficial for the heart because it strengthens it and increases bloodflow throughout the body. 

(But more on bloodflow in a sec.)

Plus, the emotional connection with your partner promotes a sense of belonging, meaning, and happiness, which are all important for immune health. 

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The Bottom Line? Sex Is Healthy For You!

Health benefits radiate throughout your body and mind when you have sex–the pleasure you feel is somewhat of a hint from nature that you are doing something very good for yourself.

If there’s anything standing in the way of having sex health-wise, make sure you are doing everything you can to keep things functioning well down south. 

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There are so many resources available for you to learn more about sexual health. 

Daily choices like exercise, diet, sleeping well, and taking the right supplements can make a world of difference.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the options, just choose one thing and focus on that for a while, then start incorporating something else.

Like remember when I mentioned bloodflow earlier?

Just check this out:

sex for heart health

The Surprising “Side Benefit” of Having More Sex (As If Preventing a Heart Attack Wasn’t Enough)…

The science says it all… having sex doesn’t just FEEL good… it’s GREAT for your heart! 🙂

Another HUGE reason doctors recommend having sex regularly… is because it’s also crucial for your bloodflow, and circulation ←

This is especially true if you’re over 35… because that’s when most men’s bloodflow begins to decline…

And if you don’t have “good” bloodflow… it’s not just bad for your s*x life and erection quality… (an erection is simply blood flowing into the penis, after all!)

It can spill over into other aspects of your life too:

Like if you ever get really tired during the day… or depend on a few cups of coffee *just* to stay awake…

If you get “brain fog” sometimes…

Have trouble thinking clearly…

Or sometimes have issues getting it up, and/or keeping it up…

Then these may be signs that your bloodflow is less than normal… which can have negative sexual side effects, and other side effects on your health too…

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Personally speaking, I have a high sex drive…

And as a woman I have felt very frustrated… self-conscious… undesired… and even depressed when I’m with a man who has trouble getting hard… (even if it’s only on occasion).

This means having poor bloodflow doesn't only mean putting your health at risk…

But also putting a relationship or future relationship at risk as well:

Click here to see how to boost your bloodflow right now for MAX hardness, and a raging bull libido… 😉

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