No, Sex Won’t Make You Weaker (But It Can Lower Your Endurance If You Do THIS)…

sex and muscle gains

Discover The Truth About Sex And Muscle Gains…

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If you’re into bodybuilding, working out, or sports, you’ve probably heard a bunch of rumors about sex impacting your gains.

These rumors are so widespread that it’s often recommended to refrain from sexual activities weeks before a big competition or athletic event–just to ensure you’re at peak performance.

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Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there.

You’ve probably heard things like masturbating can make you lose muscle mass or sex will decrease your testosterone levels… but most of this is pure B.S.

Truth Or Myth: Can Sex Really Impact Muscle Gains?

Since sex is a physical activity, many falsely believe it depletes energy and can ruin a competitor’s chances of winning a weight lifting competition or other event.

The general logic focuses on sex burning energy and depleting other important areas needed in competition, like endurance and overall performance.

But sex can actually be beneficial to anyone preparing for a weight lifting event.

Thanks to some scientific studies, it’s been found that many of the popular sex myths regarding muscle gains were plain wrong.

You’ve heard the myths and rumors, so now here’s the truth about sex and how it affects all aspects of strength training and working out:

1) Sex Does Not Lower Your Energy Levels

A popular myth claims that sex before a physical activity can severely deplete your energy levels–whether having sex the day of an event or the night before.

While this seems like it makes sense, it’s not true.

Sex generally burns only 250 calories of energy at most, which isn’t much.

This means it’s perfectly safe to have sex or masturbate before a competition.

Unless you’re having a lot of sex before a competition, your energy levels will be just fine. 😉

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2) Sex Has NO Impact On Muscle Strength

Perhaps linked with the myth about sex reducing energy levels, the myth that having sex before a physical activity leads to lesser muscle strength is also untrue.

In fact, it’s actually been proven that sex has no effect on muscle strength.

So, feel free to celebrate early knowing sex won’t weaken your muscle strength.

3) Sex Has No Impact on Performance

Another popular rumor out there claims that sex before a competition can weaken an athlete’s performance.

A study conducted in October 2018 found sex to have no effect on balance, grip strength, reaction time, and other physical performance measures.

There’s no need to worry about sex impacting your performance; just enjoy!

4) Sex BOOSTS Testosterone Levels

Since testosterone is often linked with sexual activity, a common myth insists that having sex or masturbating before competing in a physical event leads to a reduction in testosterone.

Testosterone directly correlates to aggression, meaning if testosterone levels are low, aggression levels, and the desire to compete, will also be low.

However, sex actually leads to a boost of testosterone…

… while long periods of not having sex can lead to decreased testosterone levels.

So, if you’re looking for a testosterone boost before a match, sex might be the best answer.

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5) Sex Can Boost Your Confidence

A huge aspect of any performance is mental concentration and clarity.

Focusing on the task at hand is just as important as physical preparation and training.

Since sex is generally a mood-boosting activity, it’s been linked to increased levels of confidence, afterwards.

If you’re having trouble focusing or feeling anxious before a weight lifting test, try relaxing and having sex.

It might just be the confidence boost you need to win.

6) BUT…  Sex Can Lower Your Endurance

While sex has no effect on performance or strength, it can impact endurance during a test or competition.

This is true only if it occurs two hours prior to the physical activity, though.

A study found that sex has no impact on endurance if it occurs earlier than this two-hour window.

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Since athletes are generally busy or getting ready two hours leading up to a test or competition, this isn’t a major issue to worry about.

You can still enjoy sex before your activity–just make sure it’s more than two hours beforehand. 😉

sex and muscle gains

There’s a Really Easy Way to Get Your Endurance & Sexual Energy Back…

Even though sex can temporarily lower your endurance… I’m not going to sit here and tell you you should stop having sex because of it.

(I love sex, so that would be hypocritical of me anyway!) 😉

But there are some things you can do before sex, that can preserve your endurance levels…

… and as an added bonus, they give you a nice “boost” in the bedroom too.

For example, watch porn for 15 minutes.

A recent study found that doing this can boost your testosterone by up to 35%…. (yes I’m serious lol)

Not only that, but watching porn will make your heart beat faster, which will increase your bloodflow…

… and like I mentioned above, more bloodflow = harder boners, more energy… and WAY more endurance.

In fact bloodflow is SUPER important when it comes to performing your best in bed…

… and if you don’t have enough blood flowing to your brain, limbs, and yes, *down there*… it can really take a toll on your endurance.

(Even if you have high T-levels… low bloodflow can cause you to get exhausted a lot faster, softer erections and even “dead d!ck”...)

And while hopping on PornHub will give you a temporary bloodflow boost…

… if you want more real and lasting benefits, you should try this:

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