This Outrageous “Penis Joke” Makes Hot Girls LOL (All The Way to Your Bedroom)

Why the Best Way to Seduce Women is to Make Them Laugh (They Won’t Be Able to Keep Their Hands Off You…)

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If you want to seduce women, there’s one thing that most women find sexier than a fat wallet, six pack abs, a hot car or an impressive job…

A guy who can make them laugh.

You can have hot girls panties wet in seconds with a well timed joke.

But the idea of trying to tell jokes, or think of funny things to say, is terrifying to most guys.  Me included. I’m no comedian…

That’s why I love this “joke.” 

The best part is, you don’t have to be funny for this to work… 

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You just have to know this one line, that you can work into any conversation, naturally: 

In this video below, I’m going to give you word-for-word what you can say that will get any hot woman laughing…

Because once she’s laughing, she’s halfway to being naked… in your bedroom… looking up at you… and asking you what you want to do to her…

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

In this video, I’m going to share with you a technique where you can have natural conversation with a woman and use that natural conversation to generate sexual tension. 

This is something a lot of men struggle with. 

They can talk and then they get lost in that conversation and forget that they need to generate attraction…. And sexual tension

Or they come on really strong with sexual tension, and it’s awkward from the beginning. 

So I’m going to show you how to find the right balance. 

I will show you how to have a natural normal everyday conversation, and then use that to generate sexual tension. 

So let’s say you meet a woman, you should be asking her normal, everyday questions.

And then based on her answers you will be able to flirt with her the right way…

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Let’s say for example you ask her: “What do you do for a living?”

And she says, “I’m an accountant.”

You can immediately start flirting by saying something like: “Oh, God, show off. Just stop showing off. Yes, yes, we get it. You’re very intelligent. But… I have a big penis.”

Now the reason this big penis joke here isn’t bad is because you gave her a compliment — a sincere compliment. You told her she’s smart. 

And then you throw in a joke by saying, “I may not be as intelligent as you but I have a big dick.”

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You’re not being creepy or sexual or blatantly trying to seduce her.  You’re saying it casually, almost like you’re teasing… And that’s why it works. 

This Outrageous “Penis Joke” Makes Hot Girls LOL (All The Way to Your Bedroom)
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And then you can continue to ask her some more questions. 

You can continue this flirty exchange by asking her where she works and replying with:

“Oh, great. Of course, can you just stop impressing me now? I get it.  You’re beautiful.  You’re brilliant.  You work at a great place… Because I’m telling you, you say one more nice thing about yourself and I will have no choice but to spank you.” 

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So once again, you’re not competing with her. 

You’re not trying to say, “I also work at this company. I’m also a doctor. I’m also this….” 

You’re not talking about your accomplishments. You respond to everything she says by being impressed, or with compliments. 

You give her compliments… And then you make a joke about big dicks. 

Saying the Subtext Out Loud… 

This reminds me of a comedy skit from Dave Chappelle.  In it, he says that everything a man says to a woman, no matter what it is, he’s actually talking about dick.

What he is saying (in his head) is: “You want some dick?” 

“How are you?” really means, “You want some dick?”

“I like your shoes,” is really a guy saying, “You want some dick?”

So basically, that’s the kind of humor we’re trying to bring in here…  

Bring Her Friend into the Action

So now what’s happening is she sees that you are having a normal conversation, you’re appreciating who she is and what she does… 

You broke the ice with a silly joke.

You can bring her friend into the conversation…  You can say to her friend, “Oh, my God, your friend just wants all the attention… How do you deal with her being so amazing?”

So now, a little bit of teasing has come in.

And now you can continue to talk, touch her playfully and escalate the sexual tension

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You can try saying, “But let me ask you, are you also a good kisser?”

And she might say, “Yes I am.”

She might say, “I don’t know.”

No matter what she says… you say, “Let’s find out…”

And you go for the kiss. 

When you kiss her for the first time, make sure it’s a very gentle kiss. 

Then pull back and say, ‘Um not so good. Let’s try again.” 

She will start to laugh because she knows you want to kiss her more, and you’re just making excuses that she is not a good kisser…

And so you can then continue the same path to take her to home…

You can put your arms around her.  Really look her in the eye and say, “Well, okay, well, you know, now you’ve learned how to kiss…. Let me ask you, can you really handle me in bed?”

Now things can become really heated…

Let’s Review the Steps…

So, here’s an overview:

We start by having a normal conversation. 

And we used that normal conversation to generate sexual tension to lead it in the direction of sex. 

When you do this, the whole interaction feels very natural. 

It’s a smooth flow. It doesn’t feel like you’re forcing anything or you’re trying too hard. 

Keep things natural, generate massive sexual tension and create a strong fun connection.

Of course… sometimes, you still need a little something more, to move your conversation to the next level…

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