The $15,000 “Scarface Secret” Obscenely Rich Guys Use to Get Girls

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How Hamid Castro Transforms the Lives of the Super Rich

“In this country, first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.”


Like Tony Montana, you probably think that one of the major keys to attracting high-quality women is a big bankroll and bigger lifestyle.

Why else would anyone put in all of the long hours and sweat equity it takes to become one of the world’s richest men?

But there’s a dark side to the unbridled ambition many of these men possess and use to climb to the tops of their respective industries:

In reality, these guys have a lot of trouble getting with women.

Why the Titans of Finance and Real Estate Have Trouble With Women

Most of the problems that these men experience with women are a result of their phenomenal success in other areas of life.

Their busy schedules leave them with little time to go out looking to hook up or find a woman to date.

Not only that, but hours parked in a chair behind a computer screen leave most of these men overweight, with pasty, pallid skin. Sometimes they’re so pressed for time that poor hygienic habits start to build up over time.

If these men do get a date with a woman, they too often lean on their money as a crutch. After all, if every pop culture outlet is telling them that “chicks dig money,” then the best way to get women is to show them a lot of cash, right?

This leads to a depressing cycle of droughts and gold-diggers, where these guys will go long stretches without even getting a date, followed by a relationship with a woman who’s naturally attracted to the gifts and lifestyle the guy can provide without much thought given to how the two of them connect on a personal level.

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Too many rich guys attract the wrong kind of woman by flashing their cash around and expecting it to do all of the work for them.

Fortunately for them, there’s hope in the form of a shadowy secret agent of sorts who dedicates his life to improving men just like this, mind, body, and style.

For a price, of course…

Who is this Masked Crusader Helping These Guys?

hamid castro lounging

His name is Hamid Castro, and as we meet in the lobby of a tony midtown apartment building in between training sessions, I immediately notice that he oozes confidence. It practically seeps from his pores in how he carries himself, his rhythmic, deliberate way of speaking, his firm handshake and consistent eye contact…

…well, most of the time, at least.

“I’m sorry, I was getting some eye contact from these girls as they walked by,” Castro explains during a brief break in our interview. I look over my shoulder to catch a fleeting glance of what stole his attention before subtly nodding with approval.

“I may have to hang out in this lobby more often,” he jokes.

Hamid (pronounced Ha-meed) gets clients to pay him upward of $15,000 a month for the privilege of being put through hellish workouts and (for some) even more hellish nights out on the town.

“The truth is, as good as they are in business, most of my prospective clients are scared,” Hamid says. “They might use their success in business to cover up for them, make them seem confident. But they’re not confident, at least in this area, so they’re using this ‘I have money thing’ as a crutch, and they end up attracting the wrong women.”

Castro got into coaching one summer while he was still a business management student at NYU. During an interview for a job at Barclay’s, the conversation turned to fitness.

“This guy was like, ‘This other guy here is into fitness too, but he’s trying to lose weight.’ I said, ‘Well let me talk to him,’ so I did. He was a big guy, so we talked and I said, ‘I’ll come here tomorrow and help you lose weight.’ He said, ‘No, no, no,’ but I convinced him, and he ended up offering me a job.

“I said, ‘Look, why don’t we wait until the summer’s over?’ So I helped this guy lose 60 pounds over the course of that summer. By the end, all of the other brokers there were hitting me up for fitness advice.”

So how’d he increase his offerings from straight-up fitness coaching to helping his clients with women?

“There was another client who wanted help getting a girlfriend. He was very successful, but he couldn’t find one–he had bad skin, he had bad teeth, he was extremely overweight. And I’ve never had an issue with women.

“I’ve learned even more since then, about how women’s minds work, how the menstrual cycle works with their mindset and attraction, how their bodies work, and I really worked on myself in that regard since I love women, and never wanted to get rejected, and I thrive off of when more beautiful women keep approaching me.

“But even back then, for someone with low self-esteem, it was very easy to show him some little things to help him out, and from that point I transformed him. I actually ended up helping him find the woman that he married.”

From there, business has skyrocketed for Castro, who has a waiting list of over 30 people at all times. While he mentions a rate of $15,000 per month for his services, even he acknowledges that can be low at times.

“I’ve had people out-battle each other calling and saying, ‘I’ll double whatever they’re paying. I need to workout with you, I got this coming up,'” Hamid says.

While it seems like a lot to you and me, keep in mind that these are the kinds of guys who either have more money than time, or who would otherwise spend that kind of cash on expensive cars, drinks, or gifts to try to attract women, absent Hamid’s guidance.

Okay, I admit, it’s still a ton of cash!

What Does $15k a Month Buy These Days?

What Castro’s clients receive in return can best be described as a “drill sergeant/dating coach concierge service,” with some style and fashion advice thrown in for good measure.

“First thing is first, ‘Let’s fix your body, let’s fix yourself, let’s build your confidence. Put all the trust in me,'” Castro says. “I tell him, ‘Trust in me we’ll make this happen.’

“Once he starts felling good, he’s looking good, he’s going to work, people are noticing these things, I say ‘Did you get any compliments there? What did people say?’ Reiterate these things in his head and remind him why he’s working out, remind him of these things.

“Once he changes his clothes, it’s very simple for him to start gaining confidence. Once all these things are implemented–he just needs someone to formulate these things.”

For as relaxed and at ease Hamid is during our interview, he sounds intense and unyielding in his interactions with his clients.

Like a vigilante, he starts his days while it’s still dark at 6:00 am, and ends them long after the sun’s gone down to help clients with their love lives, and otherwise service the 3-5 clients he keeps at a time.

“All of my clients give me a key to their homes,” Hamid says. “Sometimes I’ll just pop in on them. Knock on their door, I’ll text them, ‘Where are you?’ They’re like, ‘I’m home.’ ‘Oh yeah? Because I’m about to pull up, are you really at home or are you out?’

“And I’ll see what they have in the fridge, I’ll toss out whatever it is. I’m guiding you to a point where you don’t want to let me down and we build such a friendship and a bond, we have so much respect for each other,” Castro says.

Step One: “I Try to Break Them”

hamid castro and client 700 px

The workouts Hamid puts these guys through sound like something out of Rocky IV.

“First day, I try to break you, I try to make you quit, I want to see you say, ‘I can’t do this’ and leave,” Castro says. “And I tell them that, because if you make them of the first workout we’ll achieve everything. 99% of my clients puke workout one, 100% of them don’t walk out.”

His workouts are interval-based, minus the downtime. “You’d sweat watching it. I’d put them on a treadmill on an incline, no breaks,” Hamid says. “It’s 75 minutes of non-stop, bust-your-ass work, from pushups–if you can’t even do 5 pushups, you will get one pushup. And if you can’t do pushups anymore, you get right the f— back up and we’re going back on the treadmill.

“We’re going to hit the abs, we’re going to hit the arms, I’m breaking them. They’re sprinting and they’re like, ‘I can’t run that fast. I’ve never run that fast in my life!’

“And I’m like, ‘Well, you’re going to do it now.’ They respond to it, and after they realize they didn’t die, they didn’t hurt themselves, they’re like ,’Oh shit, I can trust this person.’ And that’s just day one–we move on from there.”

Hamid keeps these workouts up daily, and over time, the fat starts to melt away. His clients have easily lost 30, 60, even 100 pounds in a few short months based on both his insane workouts and focus on both diet and willpower.

Step Two: “Then You Get the Power…”

Once Hamid establishes that base level of trust, he works on building up his clients’ most important muscle: their brain.

More specifically, their willpower, especially when it comes to food and drinks.

Many of these guys sit behind a desk all day and are strapped for time. Before they meet Hamid, that usually means a lot of fast food packed with carbs, bad fats, and other processing agents.

So one of Castro’s big things is getting his clients on a healthier diet that is still delivered within the confines of their schedules.

“I have food services, people that deliver food to their offices. I talk to their assistants sometimes more than them saying, ‘Put this on their desk, make sure he gets this…'” Castro says.

“The hardest thing I think is dinner time, especially if they have to go out and entertain. We practice going out to dinners. I’ll order whatever the f— I want: cheeseburger, fries, soda, and he has to order healthy. He’ll be okay after this meal and he’ll be full, and he didn’t have to have the shitty food he normally does.”

Because drinking can be such a big part of dating, Castro forces his clients into a controlled moderation on that front, as well.

“I’ll tell you your limit and you have to see that,” Hamid says. “I’ll even have women come to our table like, ‘When you guys are done, can you meet us at the bar?’ The guy doesn’t know about it.

“We end up going to the bar and they want to order drinks and I’m like, ‘What are you going to order?’ The guy goes, ‘They want drinks’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t care what they want. What if this happens every night? You’re just going to keep drinking every night?’

“I say ‘No. Let’s get them the drinks and you get half, let’s break it up. One time you get water, and the next time a little tequila. Don’t get any fruity drink or any sugar drinks or anything like that. My go to drink is clear tequila on the rocks and 2 limes, that’s it. I have a water after that and I go back to the tequila, I have a water after that, same thing I always have a glass in my hand.”

Why tequila?

“Tequila is the only drink that’ll keep you on, all the other shit is going to make you depressed and bring out all these other emotions and get you sloppy and hammered. Do it the way I say…and try no more than 3 drinks.”

The self-control Hamid builds is doubly important because many of his clients come in with a compulsive personality. It’s how they’re able to amass such large fortunes in high-pressure arenas in the first place. Learning to moderate some compulsion is a natural part of the transformation he shoots for.

Step Three: Get Rid of The Super-Sized Wardrobe

Faced with an entire wardrobe that no longer fits them, Hamid’s next step is to remake their wardrobe and sense of style. While Castro admits that this can be a matter of personal taste, he has a few guidelines he uses to help his clients remake their wardrobe.

“A lot of these guys look great in a suit, but when they go casual they have some horrible stuff,” Hamid says. “One of my clients is worth $500 million, he came out wearing these ridiculous big True Religion jeans, and I said to him, ‘What the hell is this shit? You can’t wear that, we’re going shopping.’

“I don’t care what it is, things just have to fit! I have stylists that I work with, but typically I’ll handle most of the basics because it’s not that tough for me to gauge on a guy.”

So what does “things just have to fit” mean to Hamid?

It means tailored to fit the body properly. Their jeans, their pants aren’t too baggy or too short. Everything fitted properly, not ‘tight.’ Shirts that don’t sag or look ‘awkward’ on you. If it’s a dress shirt make sure it’s tailored a little to fit your body.

“If you still don’t have an idea, it’s like $20 at your local dry cleaner to have a shirt or pants tailored. They know what they’re doing and it makes all the difference in the world.”

Castro acknowledges that getting guys to change their style is both incredibly challenging and incredibly important. Because a lot of guys don’t even bother with their personal style, while it may feel awkward at first, it’s crucial to set yourself apart from the pack.

“I want to test them out a little bit, make them go beyond their boundaries so they get compliments and they’re like ‘Oh shit, I can wear something like this!’ Just three or four in-between, casual and fancy outfits when you go out.”

The biggest problem? Expensive suits that no longer fit their newly-transformed owners. “Some of them have to be taken in all around, sometimes they’re just too big,” Hamid says with a smile, clearly taking pride in remembering some of his past clients’ transformations.

Step Four: “Then You Get the Women…”

Hamid castro w a girl

Then, and only then are Hamid’s clients ready to go out and meet women. He estimates that a little over 50 percent of his clients have a specific girl in mind before they even hire him: an ex, or a girl the client’s been keeping his eye on.

But regardless of whether his client is pining for one specific girl, wants to find “the one,” or just wants to play the field, Castro puts them all through a pretty regimented routine of going out and becoming as comfortable as possible talking to women, the more attractive the better.”

One of the most important things that Castro focuses on is working with his clients to get girls that they approach laughing. It seems like he almost makes a game out of it for his clients: “See how many you can get to laugh and beat your old high score!”

All of this seems to be tailored to take the nervousness out of approaching women, and put his clients in a laid-back, positive mindset before going out.

“You have to understand that women are emotional, so if you can make them laugh, make them smile, break the ice in a non-awkward way,” Hamid says. “Let’s get away from the traditional ‘Hey! How are you? Can I buy you a drink?’, all that bullshit.

“We need a couple more funny lines, so I’ll run these through, we’ll practice. I’ll bring some beautiful women over. We’ll pretend it’s a bar scenario and we’ll see, we’ll test out what works.”

Castro is reluctant to give out specific lines because so much of how she responds is the comfort and the delivery of the guy giving any given line.

“Some things flow better with different people,” he says. “I’m comfortable with a lot of phrases that some people wouldn’t be. I can pull off something if I just smirk right after it, but a lot of guys can’t. So it’s a learning process to find out what these guys are comfortable with, give them that base, and then move them out to meeting women in the real world.”

Keep in mind, this is all in addition to the grueling workout regiments and nail-biting tests of self-control he puts these guys through each and every day. And yet, Hamid is on call for his clients 24 hours a day.

“Some weekends I’m all weekend taking them out, Friday night, Saturday night and it’s constant. I’m constantly on call because they want to call me ‘What’s going on?’ They want to text me ‘What’s going on?’ And I’m there for them, no question.”

His coaching even delves into specific techniques in the bedroom. “You’ve got to know, you have to be able to sexually satisfy women,” Hamid says. “You need to know where everything is down there, how everything looks, where the clitoris is, what gives her an orgasm.

His cadence builds, clearly enthusiastic about the topic, “It takes a woman at least 15 minutes to have an orgasm. For a guy it’s 30 seconds. You need to have a little foreplay, you’ve got to kiss her, you’ve got to tease her. You’ve got to get that blood flowing down there so that when you do put it in, they are so sensitive that if there’s chemistry,” he claps softly for effect, “It’s going to be lights out!”

I spoke more with Hamid about specific techniques he uses, but that’s an entire article of its own that I’ll write in the coming weeks…

Step Five: Release Them Back Into the Wild

Eventually, once Hamid is satisfied with his client’s progress, he releases him back into the wild. But only after he’s sure that the transformation has taken.

“Usually I realize they’re good when they’re either dating around, they’ve had sex with a girl several times, or even when they’ve gone on vacation together. The client and I know when that point is–it’s usually pretty obvious. It’s an ongoing dialog we have.”

The $15k Action Plan For Absolutely Free

While I may not have pried all of Hamid’s secrets from him over the course of our interview, there were a number of things that you can do, right now, that will get you started on the same path that Hamid uses for his clients:

1) Start working out using intervals daily

Your workout may not be as grueling as the one Hamid puts his clients through, but Hamid is insistent (and science backs him up) that just by working out every day and pushing your body, you’ll start to release more endorphins and feel better about yourself.

Not only that, but you’ll start to notice a difference in how you look, and you’ll start to build more confidence from there.

2) Clean up your diet and find a buddy to keep you in check if needed

Avoid lots of carbs and start eating more lean meats, vegetables, and other whole foods. There are tons of places popping up specializing in delivering these kinds of meals directly to your door, or that otherwise have them available for purchase at their locations.

To take things to Hamid’s level, find a no-nonsense friend who will hold you accountable, and either accompany you to meals, or who will pop in on you unannounced to make sure you’re staying on target.

3) Take your clothes to a tailor or dry cleaners to get them taken in.

hamid castro guy in suit before and after

A lot of guys don’t know what “properly-fitting” clothes look like. Especially if you’re starting to lose weight from step one above, odds are that you’ll have to start altering your clothes anyway, if not donate them and get all new stuff outright.

Even if you get new clothes, though, it’s probably worth taking them to a trusted tailor for alterations to make sure they fit you properly. Don’t know any tailors? Ask your more style-minded friends for recommendations–I’ll guarantee they at least “know a guy who knows a guy.”

4) Start approaching more women with the goal of “making them laugh.” Keep count of how many times you accomplish your goal each time. Try to beat your “best score.”

I think Hamid’s goal of getting girls to laugh when you talk to them is a great idea. But without Hamid there to constantly keep you focused, turning it into a game will make approaching women more competitive and fun, even if you’re only competing with yourself.

As you get more women to laugh, you’ll start to notice more of them getting interested in you. From there, use all of the other great tips and tricks on this site to build attraction, escalate with touch, and otherwise make her wild with desire.

As we end the interview, I start to think that even the short amount of time I’ve spent with Hamid could cost a car payment normally. In fact, 99% of guys probably can’t afford to go “all-in” with a guy like Hamid, who really does take control of his clients’ lives, and mold them like pieces of clay into better men.

“Thanks man,” Hamid Castro ends the conversation with an equally firm handshake as he started it and pushes through the revolving door with urgency, like a superhero changing into his costume, off to save his next fat rich guy in distress.

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